Grunderville landfill gets closer to shutting down

County officials have taken another step in the process that will result in the final closure of the Grunderville landfill.

The landfill, which has been in a state of post-closure for nearly 30 years, is going to require extensive documentation to close.

A closure fund – roughly $700,000 – is established to fund the closure effort but Eggleston said some legal analysis is needed to determine exactly how to proceed.

The ultimate objective of closing the landfill is to release those closure fund dollars, a portion of which could be used to establish a county-wide recycling program at the county’s warehouse in Starbrick.

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said on Monday that a contract with an environmental consulting firm – who will assemble all the necessary closing documentation to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental protection – has been signed.

“They are coming to Warren County Thursday to tour the site,” Eggleston said, noting that Allegheny National Forest officials as well as County Planner Dan Glotz will be part of the session.

“We’ve done several tours of the site already,” Eggleston said. “This is the first with the environmental company.”

He said the firm – Tetra Tech – will “review the remaining well sites and the tank that collects… material from the ground.”

He described this as a “first step in putting the report together to take to DEP to… get the green light to close the landfill.

“Every meeting we’ve had there so far has gone really well.”

Officials have targeted a 2019 opening for such a recycling center.