Drug awareness event scheduled for March 27

A drug awareness night will be held on March 27 for community members.

Amanda Englert, who’s been a SADD advocate since 2006 and teaches preschool at the Jefferson Defrees Family Center, said that the idea for the event came up at the last SADD conference. While discussing drug-related issues in Warren County at the conference with Youngsville’s police chief, said Englert, the idea to renew the drug awareness program that used to be a part of SADD’s efforts. “He said that he was on board and for me to organize it,” said Englert, adding that with both Chief Mineweaser and Chief Deppen she’s undertaken to bring the event back.

The event, planned for 6 p.m. at the Jefferson Defrees Family Center, will feature a panel of service providers as well as individuals in recovery speaking about their experience of drug and alcohol dependence. “Even though all of the panel may not be speaking, they will be there to answer all of the community’s questions.” Englert said that her goal was “to have a panel that could answer any question about recovery, addiction, and the opiate epidemic.” In organizing the event, Englert said, “I have received a lot of community support and a lot of positive feedback. I am excited, and I hope that the community will come out and have their questions answered.”

The panel includes: Chief Todd Mineweaser of Youngsville Borough police; Officer Foriska of City of Warren police; District Attorney Rob Greene; Betsy Miller of Forest Warren Human Services; Kari Swanson of Beacon Light Behavioral Health; Dr. John John of Beacon Light Behavioral Health; Jessica Uber, drug and alcohol counselor; Dr. Mason Tootell; Family Services of Warren County Director Mike Philhower; and Deerfield Center for Addictions Treatment Program Director Jake Boston.