Classes start at new-look WAHS

Warren Area High School students move from class to class in a bright and finished hallway on the first day of school.

On the first day of school, there is always a certain percentage of students that are new and maybe need a little extra help.

Due to extensive renovations, much has changed at Warren Area High School over the summer, and more than the usual number of students were thrown off their routine.

“Every year, about 25 percent of the kids walk in and they’re not really sure where to go,” WAHS Principal Jeff Flickner said. “This year, 100 percent of the population walked in and weren’t really sure.”

There are generally classrooms in the same locations as before, but there is an additional hallway. And, with some portions of the building unfinished, some students are spending their tech ed periods in the library, gym time in the cafeteria, and extra time looking around or asking for help.

“First thing, it was a little interesting,” Flickner said.

But the students quickly adapted. “Since then, it’s been smooth,” he said.

Changes to the building have been happening quickly.

On Aug. 29, in the new downstairs large group instruction area, neither the floor nor ceiling had any tiles. On Tuesday, both were finished.

An art room that was a clutter of cabinets with an unfinished floor a week ago was a clean and orderly space on the first day.

Students in tech ed met in the library and media center. Their room is not ready and won’t be for another week or two.

The gymnasium and auditorium still have a more than a month to go.

The staff is handling the changes and disruptions very well, he said. “We’re very fortunate at Warren Area High School. We have some super people that work here.”

While touring the building, Flickner assured one worker, “It’s going to get better every day.”

But, in general, “it’s awesome,” he said.