Hill & Dale Garden Club meets for Christmas luncheon

The Hill & Dale Garden Club met for their Christmas luncheon on December 18 at 12:30 at Perkins Restaurant in Warren with 22 in attendance. The tables were beautifully decorated with pretty tablecloths, super cute table decorations made by Carol Eckert and cute little deer cups with candy and trail mix were put in front of every place setting. Eleanor Johnson, president opened the meeting at 12:35 and asked Yvonne Lee to do devotions and prayer. After our lunch orders were taken, Eleanor opened the meeting.

Secretary Peg Stino read the minutes from the October meeting and handed out Tentative program sheets for 2018, asked if anyone couldn’t serve on their months committee please let her know. Treasurer, Carol Eckert gave the balance for the year.

No report on Sunshine committee, and Ruth Ann DeVore asked Yvonne Lee to take over that committee next year as Ruth Ann will be President. Discussion on directors — two previous presidents are normally directors and for 2018/2019 it will be Eleanor Johnson and Yvonne Lee.

Everyone enjoyed their meal and afterward, Yvonne Lee auctioned off the Kissing Ball that Carol Eckert had made and Donna Pierce was the lucky winner.

Eleanor Johnson announced the incoming officers for 2018/2019 and Yvonne Lee did the installation. President – RuthAnn DeVore, 1st Vice President – Peg Stino, 2nd Vice President – Sally Asbury, Secretary – Muriel Redick and Treasurer – Carol Eckert. The outgoing officers were thanked.

Carol Eckert gave a brief explanation on how to make the Kissing Balls, suggested using 3” or 4″ foam balls, with wire and a pretty ribbon, and pine.

Everyone had brought a gift for exchange and numbers were handed out and each person got to pick a gift unless they decided to steal one that someone else had gotten, was fun as everyone checked out the opened gifts and then decided what to take.

Afterward Linda Feather and some on the committee handed out Christmas Bingo cards and we played Bingo for 5-6 games.