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ANF: We’re Closed

USFS shuts facilities

October 4, 2013

Planning to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather with a trip to the Allegheny National Forest? Think again....

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Oct-04-13 6:44 PM

BREAKING NEWS....people with half a brain are starting to realize that this government has been shut down for a very long time!!!! Stop arguing over which party is to blame. They have all failed us.

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Oct-04-13 5:10 PM

It is laughable. When confronted by the facts, people still cover their eyes and ears to the truth. Amazing that the apparent delusional hate for the President causes a lose of common sense.

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Oct-04-13 4:34 PM

Anybody with half a brain can see that locking these gates, closing national parks and monuments is just an attempt by the current administration to make this shutdown as painful as possible. If it went off without a hitch we as taxpayers would see how much money is truly wasted in Washington. I do agree with the Republicans on one thing, Congress, government officials and staff, and unions should get no special subsidies to pay for their healthcare coverage under Obamacare.

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Oct-04-13 4:33 PM

Riggle--- millions are signing up you say. Care to share your source?

Here is what other media outlets are saying. ----Quote:Three days into the first six months of enrollment on Obamacare's websites, the federal government won't say how many Americans have signed up so far amid widespread technical glitches.

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Oct-04-13 3:27 PM

Republicans, specifically the TeaParty sillies have convinced the rest that the way to somehow change the ACA by stopping the vote to fund the government, thereby using blackmail as the only way to try and stop the ACA which is rolling on. Millions of people, including people of both parties are signing up for health insurance. Get over it--ACA is law, affirmed by the Supremes and supported by people's votes in the last election. Blame Congress for the closures for not funding the government.

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Oct-04-13 2:59 PM

All the republicans want are the illegal parts of Obamacare removed, but I guess that is too much to ask from a king.

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Oct-04-13 12:30 PM

Any body supporting either side of this mess should consider having their head examined.

If we don't quit this nonsense the politicians won't ever.

Every congress-person and representative should be sent a clear message in their next elections. No incumbent in this country should get one vote.

The system is broken, it's need corrected. The jokers in place have proven they have no clue how to correct it. We need to start with a clean slate.

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Oct-04-13 10:56 AM

Yes and this president and his policies have proven that big government is NOT the way to go. I hope you all enjoy paying for Sandra Fluke's contraception.

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Oct-04-13 10:30 AM

This should just prove to us that the bigger the government, the more effect it will have on individuals when something goes wrong.

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Oct-04-13 10:19 AM

utherjorge is back baby!! And you what, I'll blame whomever I want. I start at the top and stay there!

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Oct-04-13 9:07 AM

Lol. What a joke! I took a ride yesterday and took fall pics, he was locking the gate and hanging the sign at Jakes Rocks as I got there. I still got lots of pics all along rt 160 still lots of fall leaves to go see you don't need to do to these developed area! Don't let this stop you from your fall drives! Or just hike in, face it they can close the lots but they can't close the forest!

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Oct-04-13 8:22 AM

This proves someone in the government is trying everything in their power to make the public FEEL this shutdown.

If you simply closed the bath houses at Rimrock and Jakes (probably already are anyway after labor day) what does it take to take as far as funds to keep the gate open for access?

This is a bunch of political crap!

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Oct-04-13 8:08 AM

Oh, please, utherjorge, it takes two to tango. Both partys are equally to blame. The Dems for ramming ACA through in the middle of the night, and the Repubs for not trying to compromise on anything. Now the Dems won't compromise and allow partial reopening of government. So really, whom is to blame??

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Oct-04-13 4:37 AM

I see Camp David is still open for the president's pleasure.

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Oct-04-13 4:19 AM

Ah, thanks President Obama! Love you too!

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