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Gasoline prices

July 31, 2013

Dear editor: One time a year I choose to see my doctor and get checked out. Now, I do this knowing that there is something coming that I do not like, the prostate check....

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Aug-05-13 8:36 AM

Jack great article. Your telling it like it is. As for "some" of the other comments that have been made goes to show you what's wrong with this country. Just a bunch of sheep in the pasture playing follow the leader.

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Aug-04-13 7:12 PM

Employers are off the hook because they provided access, that person in the white house can say that all Americans have access to health care, also be able to punish the ones who can not afford to pay for health care.

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Aug-04-13 6:59 PM

Another opinion, I hate to burst your bubble. That person in the white house is not going to give the working class free health care. The thing is that all companies must provide access to health care. It is then up to the employee to purchase it or not. The plan that I was able to afford is basically a wellness plan. As long as I go to a doctor for a check up and have nothing wrong, they will help pay. If the doctor finds something wrong, then I pay through the nose. So why do I pay for this. Because that person in the white house said that by next year if I do not have insurance I will be fined.

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Aug-01-13 1:17 PM

reader, Gulf Coast refineries are operating at far less than optimal capacity. There are abundant reserves to the north with a bottle neck around Cushing, OK so yes it would help. It would also put a lot of people to work building it through private sector companies and reduce our imports from "less than friendly" countries.

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Aug-01-13 9:53 AM

Write10 you know what crap I hate? People complaining endlessly and not doing anything.

Jack can write endless letters whining and it won't change anything. Now that is illogical.

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Jul-31-13 4:19 PM

Then buy some land and drill a well?

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Jul-31-13 4:09 PM

oh yes, we can all just open our own refineries. I hate when people say crap like that, no logic what-so-ever.

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Jul-31-13 9:57 AM

Jack, As I see it you have two choices.

1) You can do nothing and continue to whine about it.

2) You can open your own refinery and sell gas to all of us for much less than URC.

Based on your history I'm sure you'll just continue to whine. How's it been working out for ya?

I'm I happy about gas prices? Of course not, could I whine about it? Of course, but what good does it do?

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Jul-31-13 9:20 AM

st0ne, In keeping with you #1 the government makes more per gallon of gasoline than the producers, refiners, and retailers combined.

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Jul-31-13 9:05 AM

The 6 biggest scams, in order: 1. Taxes (a necessary evil, but VASTLY abused to fund massive fraud, waste and abuse, and to line "public servants' pockets) 2. Healthcare (come on, $5 for a Bandaid and $8 for Tylenol? Who's kidding who?) 3. Social Security (in reality a gov't run Ponzi scheme) 4. Insurance (They're happy to take your money, but you have to fight them tooth and nail when it comes time to file a claim. You NEVER get what you're due.) 5. Gas prices--let's face it, they've got us over an oil-filled barrel, what what part of our anatomy exposed for "drilling"? 6. would have to be (most) lawyers.

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Jul-31-13 8:28 AM

Jack, You may want to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional to discuss your **** fixation.

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Jul-31-13 7:55 AM

Of course insane healthcare prices are not worth writing a letter about. Maybe he likes these visits.

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Jul-31-13 5:27 AM

Very well said,and nothing is closer to the truth.

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Jul-31-13 5:19 AM

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