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Empty Ballots?

Deadline passes; dearth of city and school board filers

March 14, 2013

Community involvement is not at a high level in the governance of the City of Warren and Warren County School Distric....

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Mar-15-13 3:47 PM

BTY---I paid for my social security,and medicare benefits many times over and also paid for the transportation and senior housing although I will never use it. My tax monies also paid for those parks I seldom use. The government takes my money, passes it around as they see fit and skims their take off the top.

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Mar-15-13 3:39 PM

Brazil---The nice thing about a democracy is if you don't like the area where you live you can always leave. Your anti gun, anti conservative, anti rural lifestyle, rhetoric would fit in nicely with Bloombergs nanny city. Have a nice day, I know I will here in rural America.

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Mar-15-13 3:24 PM

Yeah and youth are flocking back to Warren, Bradford, Oil City, Corry, Kane etc. It's a virtual utopia. Yeah folks who live here believe in no government intrusion unless its their social security check, their medicare coverage, their subsidized rural transportation system,their subsidized senior housing,their State and Local parks, their National Forest recreation opportunities, etc. etc. Protect those guns, Colorado, they already outnumber people in Warren County and the differential is growing not shrinking.

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Mar-15-13 2:35 PM

One reason this area is Republican is because it is rural America and most of rural America believes in personal responsibility with as little governmental intrusion in our lives as possible. Typically, Democrats tend to be liberal, live in cities and believe the governments job is to take care of them. They don't mind government controlling most aspects their lives. They typically consider guns "evil" and think the world would be wonderful without them whereas rural Republicans consider some "people" evil and realize the government can't protect them and see guns as a means of enjoyment and protection if needed.

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Mar-15-13 12:39 PM

what a minute, once the elections are over we're suppose to united as one behind our elected officials. At least that's what I've heard said about our current president.

So it's not the republicans that deserve credit, it's ALL the voters.

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Mar-14-13 11:03 PM

You are right about Bowley. Forgot to include him in that 80's Prague Spring when there were 2 County Commissioners and I think quite a few council positions that were Democratic. It ended quickly and Republicans deserve pretty much all the credit for Warren County for the past 25 years.

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Mar-14-13 3:52 PM


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Mar-14-13 12:54 PM

Witness our Congressional seat. Over the past 60 years Republicans have ruled the seat 58 years. And for good reason, Warren and the surrounding rural counties have thrived under Republican leadership. Businesses have flocked to the area, population is up, economic opportunity has abounded, oh wait, maybe not. In the 60's and 70's we had a Congressman named Albert Johnson, universally rated as one of the least effective members. Finally he was so bad that even some Republicans couldn't stomach him and he lost re-election to a Democrat. The Democrat survived ONE term before voters put Bill Clinger into office who consitituency was more shaded to his Summer retreat at Chautauqua Institute then any connection to rural Pennsylvania. And on and on we go. Local County Commissioners have been 2-1 Republican for all but a few years in the 80's if you want to go back 50-60-70 years. Check when the last State Rep or senator was a Democrat. I wonder if never is the right answer?

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Mar-14-13 12:50 PM

Lastly and maybe most importantly for a sub-group in rural America, of which Warren County is part & parcel, there is no real hope of being elected so there is an attitude of "why bother". Rural America has become for the most part nothing more then a Soviet style state when it comes to elections. No Democrats need apply. Democrats who do apply our forced to cross-file and almost disavow their party in order to have a chance at election in Warren County. Even then they are usually outed by faithful Republicans who point out their carpetbaggery. Disagree, look at the history. With the exception of a small pocket of time in the early 80's when Republicans in Warren County were experimenting on whether they could nominate a piece of rock and still win election the Democratic candidates for the most part have been soundly defeated.

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Mar-14-13 12:44 PM

There could be some reasonable explanations: 1) The commitment is considerable and in this day and age where research plainly shows that job demands are at an all time high, many individuals are too stretched. In addition the number of people commuting to work grows every year. 2) Family life isn't what it once was. Many kids are involved in activities which time commitments dwarf those of a bygone era. I'll deal with (3) Separately

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Mar-14-13 12:40 PM

I take that you hold elective office, Dubedit?

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Mar-14-13 11:11 AM

It's hard to sore like a eagle when you have to work with idiots! Hence that's why people won't run!

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Mar-14-13 10:09 AM

So what we have here is a collection of self-important, patronizing critics whose own abilities are so meager that they are incompetent to run for these offices and give us the benefit of the know-it-all attitudes they have displayed here. The next time one of your regulars tells us what council or the school board should do, the only appropriate response is "Dolt!" Crawl back into your holes, vermin.

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Mar-14-13 6:46 AM

Where are all the know-it-all's that always complain here about City issues?

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Mar-14-13 6:39 AM

Where are all the know-it-all's that always complain here about City issues?

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Mar-14-13 5:37 AM

Yet there is a steady increase in the number of people complaining about the elected officials who themselves don't want to be in their shoes.

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