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Budget cuts

March 5, 2013

Dear editor: Our representatives in Washington contemplate daily where to cut spending and recommend cutting many programs....

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Mar-05-13 10:55 PM

So Round Up can I infer from your remarks that there aren't any white people who voted and are receiving unemployment. Black folks voting 6 times and unemployed. Somebody's true colors are showing and that tells us story.

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Mar-05-13 9:25 PM

make that, NOT the latter. OOPS (See, I can admit it when I make a mistake!)

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Mar-05-13 9:23 PM

There's a part of me that can't wait until the blinders eventually come off of all those delighting in the current socialist trend realize (which they will) that they've been lock-step rooting for a man whose life goal is the total destruction of our Constitution and our nation. Will they deny following/supporting him, or will they man-up and take responsibility for their "fair share" of the destruction? My guess is, probably the latter. They don't have a clue what RESPONSIBILITY is.

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Mar-05-13 8:24 PM

Brazil, There's no talking to 'em. They just don't know when to quit. They didn't get Mitt (guy who knows how to MAKE $$) so it's onward and upward. So just enjoy the comedy. Ann Romney, "The media is to blame."

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Mar-05-13 4:16 PM

Just Observing. Keep burying your head in the sand and thinking the same thing. That Republican philosophy has led to popular vote losses in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections. With the continuing changing demographics the next time your number might be 45 or 46.

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Mar-05-13 3:04 PM

justobserving, trust me. The other 47% of voters aren't high information voters, either. People tend to believe what they've been trained to believe instead of analyzing each issue, separate from other issues.

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Mar-05-13 2:50 PM

So I wonder does the President feel at all bad about misleading (lying) to the American people about what would happen if the sequester deal didn't get resolved?

Dow just hit record high, I don't remember BO telling us that would happen?

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Mar-05-13 1:37 PM

53% of low information voters that believe everything the media tells them!

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Mar-05-13 1:16 PM

Oh and I did vote. My guy was the one with 53% Of the vote. Your guy got, what was the famous percentage, oh yeah, 47% :)

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Mar-05-13 1:14 PM

Oops Medicare not Medicaid.

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Mar-05-13 1:13 PM

Hey Round UP -What President took the lead on saddling us with an unfunded 540 billion dollar per year prescription drug plan for Medicaid recipeients? Hint: Geor_e Bu_h. See if you can fill in the blanks. He was Republican by the way.

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Mar-05-13 12:02 PM

Wow, you Libs just can't stick to the script. Who was talking about Warren Buffet and Bill Gates? Their names weren't on the ballot. You would know that if you had voted. Why don't YOU tell ME how Mr. President has created jobs? Who likes paying for the 99 weeks of UNEMPLOYMENT?

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Mar-05-13 11:07 AM

Round Up -Last I looked, John Boehner was Speaker of the House and the Republicans had a majority. Please provide me with the bills the House has passed in the past 2 plus years cutting House member's salaries and benefits. Pennsylvania is completely dominated by Republicans. Please provide me with bills passed to cut salaries and benefits of House & Senate members or for that matter the Governor. So if you're going to quote let's quote from both sides as they are equally guilty. As far as Romney, he knew how to make money, he didn't know how to create jobs. If that's your qualification for President wouldn't you have been supporting Bill Gates or Warren Buffet?

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Mar-05-13 10:17 AM

Is that a fiddle I hear warming up in the background?

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Mar-05-13 8:35 AM

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr P, but it will NEVER happen. Even as our nation goes under for the third time, they will continue to receive their pay/benefits (and the country be damned).

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