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Manure Manners

February 12, 2013

Dear editor: Wake up Sugar Grove! You are a farming community. Where there are farms, animals, et....

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Feb-16-13 1:10 PM

I have spoken to several members of the board. What is not being said here is that the local Amish community (s) have been approached...their elders and deacons. Their response has been that they will not comply with the ordinance if passed and will simply stop coming to town. They have also been approached about putting "bibs" on their buggies. The claim is that their forefathers didn't so why should they?

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Feb-14-13 3:22 PM

Who are you calling "old"?

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Feb-13-13 9:26 PM

You may have a valid point on the "Old Order', I really don't know! Most of the Amish I know are from Spartansburg, they are not as strict as Sugar Grove Amish. However, any Amish working for us "English" get a 1099 or W2 in January, and they do have to pay their income taxes. There are probably lots of people that don't claim cash income.....I will scoop up the poop for some Amish made cookies!

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Feb-13-13 1:25 PM

We live in a community where the bigots are hard pressed to find anyone to hate. Most of us are white main-stream church folks, so let's look around and see who's different and hate on them. The bigotry against the Amish would be laughable if wasn't so sad. What if a Muslim group moved to town and opened a mosque? The bigots would burn it down. A hateful bigot really just hates himself.

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Feb-13-13 1:01 AM

On your tax issue.They do pay property tax . I've never known the "Old Order" Amish to pay income tax. And they do have alot of cash income.

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Feb-12-13 5:18 PM

Reasonsrule, Amish do pay taxes.

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Feb-12-13 2:51 PM

Amish do pay taxes, but can be exempt from social security, which they would never collect on....stay out of their church!

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Feb-12-13 2:43 PM

maybe they should use the manure for traction near their stop signs up there. I don't know what it is with Sugar Grove but their intersections are always very slippery and can be difficult to stop at during the winter. Even after it hasn't snowed in a couple days.

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Feb-12-13 12:39 PM

Maybe if the amish paid taxes like you and me it would make a difference. I think scooping it up and dumping in their church might get their attention.

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Feb-12-13 10:18 AM

Colorado... It makes you chuckle? Aren't you or wouldn't you be thankful they pick up after their pet if it was in your neighborhood? Or would you rather they just left it? To each his own but seem like a weird thing to make you chuckle.

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Feb-12-13 9:51 AM

When you have farm animals you expect and tolerate the mess that comes with them. When you don't have farm animals you have a less tolerant view. The same holds true in Warren with pets. A pet owner stepping in their dogs pile looks at the experience differently than someone who doesn't own the dog. To see some finely dressed man or woman taking fido for a walk while carrying a bag full of it's excrement makes me chuckle. However, it seems to work for Warren and I am confident Sugar Grove will find a way to deal with their own problem.

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Feb-12-13 8:40 AM

Horse diapers.

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Feb-12-13 8:04 AM

I have been in Sugar Grove and surrounding roads on many occasions. Yes I will see a pile now and then. Is it really that bad of a problem?

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Feb-12-13 7:42 AM

I belive the Amish Have lived in The Sugar Grove area since the late 60's. There are about 100 families, so I don't think they are really trying to keep them out of town.They are part of the community. A problem is a problem and who are you to tell them how to take care of it. (And I think someone needs some anger management classes.) And the Dollar General? There is lots of zoned commercial property around Sugar Grove, it's just not sitting on top of the Kwik fill.

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Feb-12-13 7:25 AM

We should not have to put up with that crap.If we wanted to walk through that crap we would have moved on a farm.If the Amish don't lke it they can move,but I hope it's not by me. eieio!

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Feb-12-13 2:26 AM

Don't you know it's Sugar Grove, they don't want people in their town. Keep the Amish away, keep Dollar General away, and drive slow and when somebody tries to pass you speed up as if you own the road. That is Sugar Grove in a nut shell.

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