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Boy Scouts

February 11, 2013

Dear editor: As usual, when a newspaper discusses an issue where the common sense and more traditional elements of our society come under fire from an increasingly powerful elite and their so-called......

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Feb-13-13 3:10 PM

reality, you are out of touch with reality. Homosexuality has been observed in many animal species. You also seem to be uneducated in human sexuality or have never actually had a conversation with a gay person. Homosexuality is not a choice. People are born with same-sex attraction, the same way you always knew that you were heterosexual. Free will has nothing to do with it.

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Feb-13-13 1:35 PM

Well said, gary. I have seen reports of same sex relations in nature within some species. Might I recommend watching a little more Animal Planet channel, reality?

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Feb-13-13 1:29 PM

If God intends to condemn ANYONE, that's between them and God. Be careful when you judge on behalf of God. That puts YOU on Biblical thin ice.

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Feb-13-13 2:25 AM

In nature you will observe the natural order of things as they were intended to be. In order to procreate, and continue a species, that process involves both a male and female. If nature intended that the species could procreate with either sex then what is the purpose for having separate sexes? The very unique factor of a human being is that we all posses a God given FREE WILL. To subvert that will to accommodate a personal sexual desire or an agenda that is not based on natural behavior simply WAY beyond the order of natural order that God created...but that is free will..isn't it? IMO. Maybe we should be thankful that the animals in nature don't exhibit this tendency! Imagine a trip to the zoo.."Grandpa..why are those two boy monkeys doing that???".. Thankfully I have never seen that in nature. God loves all..despite our free will,sins, and our perversions, find Him and you find Life.

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Feb-12-13 11:34 PM

An excellent, well thought out letter

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Feb-12-13 10:52 PM

Well, fortunately, I don't believe a word of it, but stonewall, you really set yourself up. The so called “God” of the Bible makes Osama Bin Laden look like a Boy Scout. This God, according to the Bible, is directly responsible for many mass-murders, rapes, pillage, plunder, slavery, child abuse and killing, not to mention the killing of unborn children. So, pardon me if I'm not impressed about the homosexual part. Stonewall, IF you believe that the Bible is God's holy word, then you MUST believe that all the aforementioned acts are ok. How sad for you.

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Feb-12-13 10:18 PM

IF you believe that the Bible is God's holy word, then you MUST believe that h0m05exual1ty is wrong. Old Testament, Lev. 18:22."“‘Do not have sexua1 relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable." New Testament, Romans 1:26-27 "Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with*****for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error." Believe what YOU like, and be prepared to defend your stance before God Almighty one day. Nuff said.

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Feb-12-13 5:45 PM

My uncle John had a special friend They dressed alike his name was Ben I've never seen two friends like them They were very, very friendly men


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Feb-12-13 4:51 PM

Proud, the bible also clearly states that god would have you stone to death your disobedient child. Have you done that, yet? Sorry, you can't pick and choose from the bible stories. God also says you shouldn't judge. Hmmm. More over, scouts do not pledge the bible. The phrase is "duty to god," not the bible. Check the Boy Scout web page. Islam is a valid religion for "duty to god." Also, many religious people disagree about god being against homosexuality.

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Feb-12-13 12:04 PM

Brook: The boy Scout pledge and mission also mention God and they pledge to the Bible. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is not pleasing to God. They are supposed to fulfill all of the pledge, not just parts.

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Feb-12-13 11:00 AM

Stonewall, pro-straight groups would include most churches and educational organizations associated with conservative religion, so called "pro-family" organizations, and, oh, the Boy Scouts at present.

As to your second question, not at all. I have no problem with private organizations setting their own membership rules. I believe I just stated that in a previous post. If your rules don't fit me, then I won't join. However, when your practices are hypocritical to your stated mission, expect to be called out on it. The Boy Scouts profess to build nice, civic-minded citizens and leaders. Nice, civic-minded citizens and leaders don't discriminate against their fellow man based on something that they can't change and that doesn't harm anyone.

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Feb-12-13 10:35 AM

But, are lesbians allowed to be Girl Scout Leaders?

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Feb-12-13 10:32 AM

Oh and I'm pretty sure boys aren't alowed to join the Girls Scouts

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Feb-12-13 10:27 AM

Girls have their own club. GIRL SCOUTS. They aren't alowed in the Boy Scouts. They have their own scout club. So why not Gay Scouts? Are they ashamed?

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Feb-12-13 10:24 AM

Brook, please name a "pro-straight organization". I can't think of any that go out of their way to throw their stance in your face. Also, I deduce that you advoctae open clubs for all. No standards, no restritions. Come one, come all!

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Feb-12-13 7:11 AM

do not let them in

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Feb-12-13 12:35 AM

Stonewall, then I guess you can't quote any studies that are from known pro-straight organizations. Fair is fair.

No one disagrees that they are a private organization and can choose their own rules. We're saying that it's a shame that they discriminate against perfectly nice men and boys. It's a blemish on an otherwise good program. They profess to build good citizens and civic-minded leaders, while hypocritically judging a segment of the population for something they can't change.

The Boy Scouts is a United Way organization. Perhaps some of us should rethink our donation dollars.

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Feb-11-13 8:44 PM

My dad-gum "C" key is sticking. Anyway, the BSA is a PRIVATE CLUB. It is sponsored by members and through private donations, NOT tax dollars. NOBODY has the right to tell them who can join and who can't. If their oath/pledge contains an allegiance to God claus, so what. If you don't like it, DON'T JOIN. But don't tell them how to run THEIR club.

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Feb-11-13 8:40 PM

"...Study, University of California, Davis." I can't believe that someone actually quoted statistis from a state university that is know for being so pro-gay. Their stats could in no way be biased, could they? Unbelievable.

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Feb-11-13 5:25 PM

But there is another, far more serious concern: back in the late 80s and 90s, a series of lawsuits over child molestation nearly destroyed the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Fix that, and then we talk about the scouts.

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Feb-11-13 4:34 PM

So Heydrich we should fire all the gay teachers in Warren County? If you don't think we have some you are sadly misinformed.

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Feb-11-13 2:57 PM

So much hate and prejudice in this letter. If churches cut out their boy scout programs because of them allowing gays, well that about sums up why so many have left the Christian religion. It is a religion of finger pointing and yes hate. A gay person does not harm anyone and yet people feel they should be shunned. I guess that is what you get in a society where who ever is the most full of themselves get to be prom king or queen.

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Feb-11-13 2:37 PM

The writer's argument is ludicrous, of course. By his own logic, there can be no women coaches of boys teams and no men coaches of girls teams, and girls should only have women teachers and boys should only have men teacher. Oh, but wait, that means we can't have any coaches and teachers at all because straight or gay, they might be attracted to fully developed teenagers. Mr. Cole, heydrich, and others, why should we believe that straight leaders will not find physically mature teens of the opposite sex attractive? A gay person is no more likely to be a pedophile than a straight person. Also, number of partners has nothing to do with attraction to minors. Honestly, some people sound like they have no education at all.

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Feb-11-13 2:34 PM

Sorry to have failed meeting my normally exceptionally high standards. Lesson learned.

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Feb-11-13 12:09 PM

As Groucho Marks said"I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member".

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