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Gun control

February 5, 2013

Dear editor, It’s been hard to sit back and read all the miss information that has been going around in the public media, including this paper, about gun control....

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Feb-07-13 10:49 AM

Sisyfus, Sorry I may not have been clear. I do agree about Texas really dont like it much myself.Only Town I wish to visit{Austin}.Alamo could be a nice side trip.Too bad Kinky Friedman didnt win the Gov. race in 06, certainly would have been entertaining.

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Feb-06-13 6:13 AM


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Feb-05-13 9:16 PM

Colorado, RE: your Feb-05-13 10:28 AM post. Please leave me out of this.

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Feb-05-13 8:00 PM

How easy it is to blame the gun. I have to compliment the great ones that will not address the issue of an extremely worthless mental health system. keep these people in their group homes, on the streets, no professional help, and keep all the jobs this fiasco creates. Put these psychos back in hospitals where they belong, plain and simple. Just look around this town as an example.

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Feb-05-13 6:52 PM

It is funny that there is no talk of banning automatic weapons though. There are more of them out there than you think, and you don't have to be wealthy to own one. They can be legally found for three to four times the price of an AR.

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Feb-05-13 6:46 PM

The government knows where all of the legal machine guns are (with the exception of the one recently stolen during an ATF sting operation) but no one is talking about those really. It's been over a decade since one has been used in a crime. Bringing them up just muddles up the issue at hand.

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Feb-05-13 6:38 PM

I love that crap of (if one life could be saved). If that was the case you wouldn't play any sports, ride in any vehicle, cross any street, etc, etc. When the politicians use that sentence it simply means whatever law they are proposing doesn't pass the smell test for rational thinking people. You risk dying from the moment you leave the womb regardless of what you do.

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Feb-05-13 6:25 PM

While it's true that you can own or sell a machine gun in most states including Pennsylvania the process is long, invasive and expensive making it not worth the effort for most people. It's mostly wealthy collectors or museums that have them.

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Feb-05-13 6:12 PM

archaeo1: I am not sure that I followed your line of reasoning, but I would be careful in holding up Texas as a measure of sanity. I lived there in the early '80's, and my recollection is that you could go through a drive-through, purchase a weapon, ammunition and alcohol, and legally use all three of them as you were leaving.

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Feb-05-13 5:59 PM

The two sides of this debate will never agree, and in my humble opinion, the question is one of perspective. Those believing in limited government, like the founding fathers, would ask why the government should be entitled to take away semi-automatic weapons. The current administration frames this debate by placing the burden on the public to prove why the public should be permitted to have these weapons. The President stated that these limitations should be approved "if one child can be saved." I recently read in this paper that each week, 55 children are backed over by vehicles. I will skip the "vehicles don't kill children, drivers do" argument, although it appears that the administration adheres to the philosophy that guns are capable of violence without human interaction. Wouldn't the administration be better served by requiring all vehicles to have back-up cameras and collision avoidance capabilities. Wouldn't that requirement save a lot more children?

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Feb-05-13 5:54 PM

Colorado,Please list all the Liberal programs that Obama has created that never existed before.... Not a Pierce Morgan fan at all but did watch last night as he was being shown how to use various guns by a trained instructor and NRA member.The instructor made it clear that no one with mental illness, retardation or felony should have a gun. He went on to say they shouldnt be able to VOTE either.Well I guess Lapierre cant vote or have a gun. Jsaibait03 or whatever you handle is The Instructor also went on to say he could legally sell The machine gun he baught for 12000 in the state of Texas.He said he had sold 1 in Texas for $45000.In my opinion there are alot of people on the street that I would not want to see have an Assult rifle. And should everybody that probably never before wanted a conceal permit have one.Look out at the grocery store on Government check day they could all be "PACKIN HEAT". Reasonrules; thought I might mark disagree by your post just for f

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Feb-05-13 3:50 PM

rthomas1, please stop yelling, you are upsetting the children.

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Feb-05-13 2:48 PM

treehugger: "Our government"!! WHO do you THINK "our government" is?? It's OBAMA!! YOUR GUY!!

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Feb-05-13 1:22 PM

Bob,Your really surprised that the media spreads miss-information??!!!!!

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Feb-05-13 10:46 AM

"The mere fact you don't like something is no reason to take it away from those that do."

“A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” ~ Sigmund Freud

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Feb-05-13 10:41 AM

"It is a fact that 300 million guns are on the ground in America and we can't do anything about that."

Funny, mine are locked in a safe, not laying on the ground.

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Feb-05-13 10:28 AM

Should we discuss Ruby Ridge----A trumped up charge led to the murder of citizens by the government, a finding of not guilty for the citizen defendants and millions awarded to the survivors of the governments illegal attempts to disarm and arrest the citizens. This came after several years of denial and stonewalling by the government and was forced by the courts.

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Feb-05-13 10:11 AM

reasonrules--- you start talking semi-autos and end up talking automatics. I take it you don't know much about guns. If you did you would know that semi-auto shotguns have been legal in Pa for hunting since 1951. Many of these will be illegal under the Feinstein bill simply because of cosmetic features having nothing to do with the function of the firearm. The same holds true with some of the modern rifles. The mere fact you don't like something is no reason to take it away from those that do.

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Feb-05-13 10:09 AM

No one is allowed to buy Automatic weapons, Reason. I am so sick of people throwing their two cents in on the gun debate but 3/4 of them have no clue what the heck they are talking about.

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Feb-05-13 9:57 AM

dubedit---Your not using very good examples to support your claim. We have been in Iraq and fighting the Taliban for how many years with planes and tanks and have yet to defeat either. We are leaving because we are tired of the fight and don't have the will to do what is necessary to win just as we left Vietnam. The Syrian citizens are also doing quite well against their governments tanks and planes.

Also, if the unthinkable did happen what makes you think our military would support the president. What makes you think the soldiers would fight their friends, parents, etc.

We have a country spending 4 billion a day more than it takes in. We are 17 trillion in debt. We have a president who only wants to borrow more money to fund liberal programs, who is not willing to cut expenses. We have a government with a 12% approval rating from the citizens it governs. We have countries all over the world overthrowing their governments because they do not represent the people.

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Feb-05-13 9:48 AM

Typical knee jerk reaction to all the rhetoric about gun control, when it is not gun control that is the threat. There is absoulutely NO REASON for the sale of semi/automatic weapons in our society. It is a fact that 300 million guns are on the ground in America and we can't do anything about that. Just because we have the right to own a gun does not excuse the sale of automatic weapons in this country. Man up and get real.

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Feb-05-13 9:20 AM

YEah, sure, you dolt! I'm gonna trust you with a fully operational tank or a drone? So much for your "as equally armed as they are" claim. NO civilian group stands a chance against the military, never did, going all the way back to the Whiskey Rebellion. The Colonists would have lost the war if the French hadn't supplied artillery, ships, etc. You fools live in a dream world. Ask the Iraqis and the Taliban what it's like to fight a modern army. It's a slaughter. Your guns are good for protection against criminals, mobs and the occasional perverted local police department, nothing more. And for that, a good bolt-action weapon in the hands of a good shooter is more than adequate. You see too many movies. Arnold and Sly Stallone's characters are FICTION! Fool. Why the harsh language? Because you're deluding other people into dying foolishly, in vain.

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Feb-05-13 9:16 AM

Very Good letter Bob, and I believe as you do. Further, the media seems to cause and or stir up trouble and a platform for those who seek publicity,good or bad.

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Feb-05-13 8:56 AM

Saw the other day on the news that the CEO/owner of United Refinery and the stations that sell their gas is thinking of running for mayor of NYC and advocates gun control.

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