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WAHS students get information on bath salts

January 30, 2013

It’s been nearly two years since the bodies of two Warren County men were found near an abandoned vehicle in the Allegheny National Forest....

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Feb-03-13 11:10 AM

Just to let you know, the training does include how bathsalts affects the family, community and the body. If your child came home and only told you about how to use the drug and where to get it then they only want you to know that part of it. Sometimes our kids only tell us what they want us to know and not actually the whole story. For those that are concerned that the training was not appopriate for their child call or email the Sheriff and request a class be set up for the parents which I think is already in the works.

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Feb-01-13 3:15 PM

Heydrich, maybe you should set up a meeting with the Sheriff and DA to see if any of your time could be of some help with improving the program.

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Feb-01-13 7:47 AM

Kelly14, you obviously did not read my post accurately. I directly quoted "seriouslyalready" and responded to his/her foolish presumptions. I stand by my original post 100%. Everyone who wrote about the "bad" did so because they took issue with it. They were NOT obligated to write a full review for the Washington Post. Most of us have limited time and 1000 characters. I do, however, agree with your point about parents becoming more proactive with their children's knowledge of many things from general education, dangers of drugs, and certainly sex. And, yes, I DO practice what I preach.

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Jan-31-13 10:19 PM

No heydrich, no one said it was all bad. However, no 1 commented on any of the good things the program taught the kids either. I'm 100% against reflecting our DA. I have no knowledge of what the program taught the kids, but by reading this, I would think it was only about buying and manufacturing of the drug. I think current inmates who are now clean and recovering from the drug should be speakers. Kids learn best from hearing actual stories from actual users on how it destroyed their life etc. And parents need to start talking and teaching at home. It's not just up to our schools to educate them on drugs.

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Jan-31-13 6:23 PM

"I have and if how to use this drug is the only thing your children are taking away from the lecture then you need to have a sit down with your kids!!" Did anyone here say that was the ONLY thing our children took from this program??? NO!!! Anyone with a brain would recognize there was good AND bad, necessary AND unnecessary information given out. How to buy the product and how to use the product qualify as bad and unnecessary information to some of us. The detrimental aspects of the drug would be deemed good and necessary information.

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Jan-31-13 5:27 PM

Have any of you went and listened to the Bathsalt program they put on? I have and if how to use this drug is the only thing your children are taking away from the lecture then you need to have a sit down with your kids!! I am sure you can agree that even as adults and going to meetings or trainings, usually the information that we retain is something that is interesting to us or affects us directly, maybe (hopefully not)this is the case with your kids too.

Besides, if the Sheriff or DA (not my favoite person either) didn't put something on then you guys would be complaining about that too. If you feel you can do better by all means do so.

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Jan-31-13 8:20 AM

(This is the completion of my original comment which was cut off because exceeded 1000 characters)

He would give the Task Force a counterfeit white- powdered substance that he himself prepared and was made to resemble cocaine; furthermore he kept the Task Force money for himself. The Task Force filed “felony” drug charges against this victim solely upon the word of an unreliable informant who was a known drug dealer, having a substantial criminal record that includes the crime of “selling fictitious or counterfeit drugs”. The District Attorney is the head of the County Drug task Force and this leaves me wondering whether I would want him sitting in judgment over me. This incident amounted to a very egregious miscarriage of justice. I am going Greene in this upcoming District Attorney’s race. Rob Greene is honest, fair and cares about people.

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Jan-30-13 9:00 PM

Last year an article appeared in Warren Times about a young man arrested by the "Drug Task Force" for selling cocaine to one of their informants. This victim emphatically denied it occurred but no Task Force member would listen or even investigate this allegation of wrong doing, and this case was held up in the legal system for over a year, with the victim not knowing what was to become of his life. The Task Force said they gave the informant $4,800.00 and he purchased cocaine from this victim. The victim realized he would go to prison for a very long time, and out of desperation he used the services of a Private Investigator and Attorney Rob Greene to help him prove his innocence. Mr. Greene and the Detective uncovered a very frightening scenario about the truth in this matter. (I must abbreviate this event because of limited allowable space here). After numerous interrogations the informant finally confessed that he did not purchase any cocaine from the victim. He would

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Jan-30-13 8:27 PM

Oldgran-NO WAY!! Something needs to change drastically in that office and it needs to happen at the top!!

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Jan-30-13 1:14 PM

Do you really want this guy for D.A.?

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Jan-30-13 7:55 AM

ugal62, I'm afraid you are correct. From what my child said, it was more like an instructional session, right down to the benefits of buying online and that no manufacturing is necessary once the shipment arrives. THIS, ALONG WITH HOW TO USE IT, IS WHAT OUR CHILDREN LEARNED AT SCHOOL YESTERDAY??????? ugal62 is correct, WRONG APPROACH!!!

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Jan-30-13 6:29 AM

Talk to the kids that went to this lecture. They can tell you how to make bath salts and inject it. What in the world are they thinking? It was the same thing as the DARE program. Teach kids what device you smoke pot with and all the slang term. Wrong approach people.

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Jan-30-13 5:52 AM

It's funny how a future campaign can make someone start doing things they should have been doing for the last two terms. I hope people see through the smoke screen of Ross trying to get his name in the paper now.

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