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January 25, 2013

Dear editor: When the word “Entitlements” is uttered by our elected officials in Washington, they make it sound as though the people receiving them are getting something for nothing....

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Jan-25-13 10:48 AM

"Welfare and foodstamps are what must be reformed"

I must admit, I agreed with President Clinton's changes to welfare making it workfare where reciepients were to be moved from welfare to work. This administration has changed that. Have you noticed the advertisements for tehse programs?

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Jan-25-13 10:18 AM

SS should be individual accounts. You get back exactly what you put into it, plus reasonable, market-based interest. But NOBODY wants to make individual responsibility an issue.

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Jan-25-13 10:16 AM

I agree that SS and medicare were paid for by working ppl. Problem is that there are many who receive the benefits not earned. I know of an INFANT who receives SSI because he was born prematurely. Too many able-bodied ppl get SSI just because they don't want to work. The gov't gets over 3000 applications for disability EVERY DAY. Ppl are wimps these days. "I chipped a nail" = disability. "My mommy doesn't love me" = disability. I heard a teenager in a local convenience store on Pa Avenue once brag that he'd "never have to work a day in his life" beacuse he had "issues". He NEVER worked, but will be supported for the rest of his lazy life. Welfare and foodstamps are what must be reformed. They should be short-term help, not lifetime "entitlements", not lifestyles which are taught to recipients' children.

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Jan-25-13 10:14 AM

When I hear "entitlements" I do not think of social security payments. I believe that as a society, we should provide a "safety net" to help those that have fallen on hard times get back on their feet, not to rely on as a way of life. Exception for those that taking care of themselves is not possible by limitations.

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Jan-25-13 10:07 AM

On TV I saw a woman from the storm ravaged north-east coast DEMANDING that Congress pass legislation to give storm victims the millions to which they were "entitled". Made me sick. I wanted to punch the TV. (more)

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Jan-25-13 7:51 AM

Mrs. Leo, I cannot speak for others, but I have never considered Social Security an "entitlement". Social Security is YOUR money, money that you, through no fault of your own, entrusted to a government that mismanaged and misspent it. I would hope that most others would understand this reality and not make you feel self-conscious about receiving your own money which you have paid in throughout the years. As far as the Washington clowns, they appear to have no root in reality whatsoever. Their primary concern in life is pandering to the proper groups which will ensure their reelection so they may continue to receive their undeserved, bloated salaries and benefit packages. And Frugaltaxpayer is correct, the problem lies with BOTH parties. It is time to clean house.

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Jan-25-13 6:31 AM

Well the solution to the Social Security problem has been suggested, done and proven in three Texas communities 30 years ago. But to this day is being blocked and called a radical idea by the government leadership, both parties. They dont want to lose their power and control over you. Search, Texas town opts out of Social Security, for more information.

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