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On the art of bonsai

September 10, 2016 It’s been a long time coming, but my inevitable journey to the art of bonsai has been, to me, well worth the wait. As a young boy I remember spending time in my father’s “plant room. more »»

Missing the best part of dove season

September 8, 2016 On, or about, the first of September local hunters head to Erie County, Clarion County of Crawford County to hunt doves. more »»

How much wood could...

September 5, 2016 “I made my kids stack wood last weekend. Everybody just chill out. Yes, they’re only four. That’s why I only made them stack twenty-some-odd pieces each. They wanted to camp in the yar. more »»


September 3, 2016 Everyone needs inspiration. People often ask how I decide what to write about. Often it is by inspiration. I read. I observe. I listen. All of these things lead to what I write about. more »»

Lit up at midnight

September 3, 2016 After a recent doctor’s visit it was determined that I was to have a stress test. I suppose such exploration is a reasonable indicator of a certain age and shouldn’t have been a complete surprise. more »»


September 3, 2016 Ever have a brainstorm? Seems like an odd term. Storms are generally bad things but “brainstorm” suggests a good thing. Seems a migraine could accurately be called a brainstorm. more »»

‘Not throwing away my shot’

September 3, 2016 I’ve been thinking about how to write this for a while — “Hamilton” lyrics? “Harry Potter” quotes? Something from “The Lord of the Rings?” None of them really fit, though. more »»

I am not a farmer

September 3, 2016 I am not a farmer. I don’t feel guilty about it. But, I like to eat, so I’m glad there are farmers. I certainly don’t want to be a full-time hunter/gatherer. more »»


September 3, 2016 Semi-ambulatory Some idioms don’t fit in certain places. And, most don’t seem quite right if you change the words. more »»

Adding insult (and newspaper work) to injury

August 22, 2016 For most of a week, two of the plants around my front porch were badly trimmed lumps. more »»

Ready or not, here comes school

August 20, 2016 The opening of school is up in the air where I live. There is an ongoing contract impasse and the teachers have authorized a strike. They have worked under their old contract for two extra yea. more »»

Teeth are like nails on a chalkboard

August 20, 2016 Dude, teeth are gross. I hate everything about them. More than anything, I dread the day that my kids start losing their teeth. more »»

A study of (a lack of) common sense

August 20, 2016 “Erie County WCO Michael J. Stutts Jr. reports that a woman at Presque Isle State Park was reportedly sitting on the beach putting peanut butter on her toes in an attempt to feed a coyote. more »»

Don’t expect to me to win any fudge

August 20, 2016 It’s time for the Rock in River. On Saturday, I will gather up my eldest son, Alex, and head for Franklin’s Riverfront Park to throw rocks in the Allegheny River. more »»

Brick by brick

August 20, 2016 The long-awaited project began, finally, today. The Struthers Library Theatre, where I spend my workdays, is beginning an improvement project – its first new construction since 1919. more »»

Special support for seriously-ill children

August 20, 2016 Hospice and Palliative Care professionals face an everyday challenge – breaking through the perception that accepting help from this specialty is “giving up” or giving in to death. more »»


August 6, 2016 Many young people today probably do not even know what the term unplugged really means. When I refer to being unplugged I mean disconnecting from everything that requires electricity. more »»

‘Well, are you an idiot?’

August 6, 2016 “Momma,” Harper wails at me one morning as I wrestle soggy slices of bread out of their egg bath and slap them onto a nice hot griddle. “June called me an idiot. more »»

Harry Potter — really, the best thing ever

August 6, 2016 I’ve been going to Harry Potter releases basically for as long as there have been Harry Potter releases. more »»

I’d slept on the floor long enough

August 6, 2016 Some people get paid to travel the world, sampling exotic foods on a television show. That sounds like a good gig. I get to write about how I get hurt. Not as good. more »»



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