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Remind yourself of life’s blessings

November 19, 2011 Question: I really struggle to have a positive outlook, and always seem to dwell on the negative aspects of lif. more »»

Pondering a man and his dog

November 19, 2011 “A man and his dog is a sacred relationship. What nature hath put together, let no woman put asunder.” — A.R. more »»

Wash days past and present

November 18, 2011 This morning as I faced my overflowing hamper I realized just how fortunate I am at this point in my lif. more »»

A vision of Heaven

November 18, 2011 Being a Hospice volunteer will give you a whole new perspective on life. Oddly, it comes from folks near the end of it. more »»


November 18, 2011 Good timing On the silver screen, a good speech can be enhanced with some well timed thunder. more »»

Preparing for Turkey Day

November 18, 2011 They’re arriving tomorrow for Thanksgiving, they’re bringing a guest, and they’re staying for eight days. more »»

Daylight Savings Time

November 12, 2011 Why do we insist on keeping this antiquated system that most of the world has abandoned or never had in the first place? As I viewed a map showing countries that have Daylight Saving Time, I found... more »»

Learning by experience

November 12, 2011 A glance at my calendar this afternoon made me aware of how many exciting opportunities for service my youth group has scheduled these final weeks of the year. more »»


November 12, 2011 Part of the team A discussion of the future role of students in school district government eventually turned to the young man who had served as student representative during the previous year. more »»

Speeding up, slowing down

November 12, 2011 The day started at 3:30 AM. I hate days that start at 3:30 AM. I was awake before the alarm, kind of awake, anyhow, in that cozy half awake dreaming place. The alarm pulls me away from that place. more »»

Yeast treats are so good!

November 5, 2011 With the change in the weather, I begin to make different things. Yeast products come to the top of the list since we have not enjoyed homemade anything since the weather warmed up. more »»

Good things come

November 5, 2011 “Good things come to those that wait.” It is an interesting statement to ponder. On one level it can help us define our goals and get us started toward meeting them. more »»


November 5, 2011 Eeny, meeny... A defendant became confused when asked by a judge if he had any comments in regards to sentencing. Trying to be helpful, his attorney said, “If you want probation, tell her that. more »»

Halloween 2011

November 5, 2011 The spooks are gone but my memory of them is not haunting. Halloween was a big disappointment for me this year. more »»

Leaf Peepers Cruise

October 29, 2011 Two weeks ago 36 people from this area left home to enjoy a relaxing cruise. What I love about cruises is that you unpack your suitcase and stay put. more »»


October 29, 2011 Football fans have the Super Bowl, while their baseball counterparts have the World Series. Movie buffs anticipate the Academy Awards and music fans eagerly await the Grammys. more »»

Will Europeans stick with sticks?

October 29, 2011 Dear Tom and Ray: My fiancee is European, and they all drive stick shifts over there! When I visited, I had to pay more to rent a car with an automatic. It seems to be true everywhere in Europe. more »»


October 29, 2011 Wednesday at school, we were studying ‘ethics’, and to supplement that lesson, we went to hear a presentation by a man who calls himself “The Ethics Guy”. more »»

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

October 22, 2011 I never had to worry about the amount that the children ate. Our family loved all kinds of fruit. There were lots of apple trees on the farm. Grandma Swanson made pies with the Greenings. more »»

A day of writing

October 22, 2011 Ray Bradbury, one of my favorite authors, was so dedicated to his craft that he would rent a typewriter in the basement of a college library everyday to keep himself free from everyday distractions. more »»



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