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Opening with a whisper

October 20, 2016 Twas a time when the start of small game season was nearly as exciting as the start of deer season. more »»

Birds of prey

October 20, 2016 One of the most frequent questions I am asked when out in public representing Audubon is “How’s the Bald Eagle, Liberty?” Since being housed at Audubon in 2002 after an injury, Liberty provides... more »»

A view of fall

October 17, 2016 There is a smell in the air that is special to fall. It is an obscure mix of rotting leaves, mushrooms, and cold. The smell works its way into my nose as soon as I walk outsid. more »»

A brush with poverty

October 15, 2016 Those of you who have followed this column for years know that there were numerous periods in my life when there were hard times. more »»

Meaningful words

October 15, 2016 Many of the old-time church hymns create their own drama, stir the emotions, and sometimes take me back to another place in my life . . . early childhoo. more »»

Parenting — the ultimate balancing act

October 15, 2016 I don’t like this column. I don’t like that I feel compelled to write it. more »»

Don’t get to say that

October 15, 2016 Donald Trump’s latest tapes are sickening. He is exulting that he is powerful enough to do whatever he wants to a woman. I’ll spare you the exact wording. It is crude. You’ve probably heard it anyway. more »»


October 15, 2016 Jack be... We’ve heard a lot of things said about our school board. A recent reference to “fiscal nimbleness” was a first. more »»

Solemn oath

October 14, 2016 William started kindergarten and he likes school a lot. He likes riding the bus. He likes his teacher. He likes his new friends. He likes the playground. more »»

The Americas before Columbus

October 13, 2016 The Western European-centric education we received in school, and what we may have read, seen on television and at the movies portrays the inhabitants of the Americas before the arrival of... more »»

A note...

October 13, 2016 A note… …to the air of October 11 in the mid-afternoon. You are here. Finally. I forget that I miss you, that you fill me with gratitude. more »»

My favorite season

October 13, 2016 I love fall. It is my favorite season. Spring and summer have their beauty but the romance of autumn, the beginning of a new year is to me irresistible. more »»

A change for the better

October 8, 2016 What do you think of when you hear the term metamorphosis? My mind immediately goes to the change that a moth undergoes to become a butterfly although Webster’s defines it merely as a change in... more »»

Mostly — bowhunting season

October 8, 2016 A large maple up the street from my home is a large maple that has the most beautiful fall colors in the neighborhood. Every day the increase in red is evident. more »»

They’re creepy and uncanny

October 8, 2016 So there are certain creepypasta ( that stick with you. more »»

Strike 2

October 8, 2016 It’s bowling night. I’m about to bowl seriously (that may not be the right term) for the first time. I’m about to bowl and keep score for the first time in maybe a dozen years. more »»


October 8, 2016 Patting backs The school board regularly thanks those around it — the superintendent, administrators, staff, students. It should recognize the efforts of those peopl. more »»

Student perspective: Flannel as a resource

October 7, 2016 As many of you know, I am a junior at Warren Area High School. Warren Area High School has this amazing thing linked to it — the Flannel Panel, our student cheering sectio. more »»


October 1, 2016 Most of the young people today have no concept of hand-me-downs because we live in a throwaway society. They do not think about preserving things and passing them on to someone else. more »»

Just call me Miss Cleo

October 1, 2016 So I’m driving down Conewango Avenue, just after St. Paul Lutheran Church headed north. It’s that block just after Division Street. The leaves are changing. more »»



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