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Our Opinion: So very inappropriate

August 12, 2015 Context. Webster’s Dictionary defines context as, the situation in which something happens; the group of conditions that exist where and when something happens. more »»

Our Opinion: It became very clear

August 11, 2015 If it was not obvious previously that President Barack Obama’s administration has been attempting to protect Democrat candidate for president Hillary Clinton, it became very clear last week. more »»

Our Opinion: Lessons of the past

August 10, 2015 No human being with an ounce of compassion in his or her soul would deny that what happened 70 years ago this week — the only hostile use of atomic bombs in history — was a horrible event. more »»

Our Opinion: Keeping it positive

August 7, 2015 “I’d like a Q & A with the author...,” one Facebook poster wrote about the post, “Best Places to Start a Business in Pennsylvania. more »»

Our Opinion: Another bait and switch

August 6, 2015 During the past couple of years, Americans worried about how they will pay their electric bills in the future have had one consolation: natural gas. more »»

Our Opinion: Damage has been done

August 5, 2015 President Barack Obama must have gotten a good laugh out of a federal court decision less than two months ago. Timing is everything, Obama may have chuckle. more »»

Our Opinion: Don’t be an idiot

July 31, 2015 Joshua Newell is lucky his stupidity cost him only $200, and not an arm. A certain percentage of idiots like Newell, 35, of Gahanna, Ohio, always have been part of the human rac. more »»

Our Opinion: Time is running short

July 30, 2015 An ongoing environmental disaster has not received appropriate attention from world leaders, including both Republican and Democrat presidents and members of Congress in the United States. more »»

Our Opinion: Right to be leery

July 29, 2015 White House political aides are doing an excellent job of fear-mongering to convince members of Congress to support the proposed nuclear arms deal with Iran. more »»

Our Opinion: Ominous preview

July 28, 2015 A preview of one potential scenario for a Middle East including a nuclear-armed Iran is being provided just a few time zones away, in North Korea. There, U.. more »»

Our Opinion: ‘Be careful what you wish for’

July 27, 2015 It is likely that soon, thousands of fast-food restaurant workers in New York will have a personal understanding of the warning, “Be careful what you wish for. You may get i. more »»

SitComm: Blazing a trail

July 23, 2015 It’s been a long journey. Seemingly well worth it for a passionate, purely volunteer group called Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways. more »»

Our Opinion: Not in the real world

July 10, 2015 Former Maryland Gov. more »»

Our Opinion: A rule is a rule

July 3, 2015 Federal officials are required by law to use government email accounts and servers for their official correspondenc. more »»

Our Opinion: Power by executive order

July 2, 2015 Situations in which the Environmental Protection Agency harasses Americans, often individuals and small business owners, are numerou. more »»

Our Opinion: Connecting the dots

July 1, 2015 If preventing a terrorist attack in the United States is a matter of connecting the dots, Americans have plenty to fear with the Independence Day holiday just days away. more »»

Our Opinion: Scare tactics

June 30, 2015 Scare tactics have been an integral part of the liberal strategy for attempting to foist the deeply flawed Obamacare scheme on the American people. more »»

Our Opinion: What’s worse?

June 29, 2015 No wonder it took government officials so long to admit the gravity of a computer security breach a few weeks ago. It may be the most significant intelligence failure of all time. more »»

Our Opinion: Our history

June 26, 2015 Our history is in the details. An artist may look at the reproduction of the mural installed on the side of the building at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and Market St. more »»

Our Opinion: A mess to clean up

June 25, 2015 It turns out that more than $54 million worth of prosthetic arms and legs purchased one at a time by Department of Veterans Affairs employees — charged on purchasing cards at $24,999 apiece — may be... more »»



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