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How low?

July 15, 2016 Editor: How low can one get? On Wednesday, July 6 at about 2 p.m. more »»

On the same side

July 13, 2016 After reading your 7/11 editorial presenting the view that any further gun safety measures enacted would be quite useless, a number of questions came to mind. more »»

Health care

July 11, 2016 Dear Editor, With regard to your recent comments concerning the fact that some insurers have been dropping their health care policies because they are “losing too much money” as a result of... more »»


July 11, 2016 Dear Editor, I have held off paying my property tax because Mr. Wolf, who we as a state voted him in big time becaused he wanted to greatly lower or eliminate this unjust ta. more »»

School board

July 11, 2016 Dear Editor, I suppose that the people in Warren County are just going to sit back and let our school board punish you with higher taxes like they usually d. more »»

History of American Racism 101

July 11, 2016 In the early 1860’s, during the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln, founder of the Republican Party, signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves, all the Confederates joined the Democratic... more »»


July 9, 2016 Dear Editor, Collectivists, whether they be communists, socialists, fascists, or progressives, are optimists: the world for them is an end in itself and in terms of its own crude conditions in... more »»

On military equipment

July 9, 2016 Dear Editor, The real question is does the local law enforcement have enough military equipment for the future unrest that is coming? Until it is put away, our local law enforcement needs every piec... more »»

A military coup

July 9, 2016 Dear Editor: What the country (USA) needs is a military coup = a ring around the White House, not letting said residents back in. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. more »»

Class act!

July 6, 2016 Dear Editor, I was so touched when this Warren police officer (see photo at right) made his way through the crowd to come to the front to salute these brave Veterans. more »»

Patriotic pride and respect

July 6, 2016 Dear Editor, Yesterday I had the honor and privilege to be part of the Veterans leading the 69th annual Warren parade. more »»

Thank you

July 6, 2016 Dear Editor, We want to say a thank you for the Warren County parade. Once again Warren has shown its support to the veteran. more »»

Bad news on TV

July 4, 2016 Dear Editor, When England voted to exit the European Union, the stock market went down two days in a row, and the lead story on TV network news was how much money everyone had lost from their... more »»

Deer disaster

July 4, 2016 Dear Editor, I would like to submit the following op-ed article regarding the proposed Pennsylvania House Bill 2083 concerning proposed change in deer management HB 2083 is a deer disaster that... more »»

Supporting McGinty and Obama

July 4, 2016 Dear Editor, Regarding the July 1st headline about US Senatorial candidate, Katie McGinty, “Candidate put on Spot” and US Senator Pat Toomey’s encouragement of a return to 1033 Program where... more »»

Dangerous crossings

July 4, 2016 Dear Editor, Many a time while walking in Warren, I’ve had the to be proactive while crossing the street in a crosswalk. more »»

Black flies

June 21, 2016 The black flies (gnats) are again causing outdoor activities to be miserable in Warren County. Spraying of the streams has been done twice in May and not to be done again until July. more »»


June 21, 2016 Dear Editor, I could not agree more with the recent letter about bullies! Bullies are very skilled at dominating and manipulating conversations and life situations in order to get their way. more »»

Left isn’t right

June 20, 2016 Dear Editor, Again, the left attacks the gun, and ignores the ideology that made the killer. more »»

Burning ordinance

June 14, 2016 Dear Editor: The purpose of this letter is to clear up the misconceptions of my petition submitted to City Council, regarding outdoor burning in the city of Warren. more »»



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