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Help with stuck vehicle

February 14, 2015 Dear editor: I was stuck on 4th ave. this past week. A nice couple of people tracked down a shovel helped me try to shovel out. No matter what we did the car wouldn’t go. more »»

Our decline

February 13, 2015 Dear editor, A few weeks ago President Obama gave his “State of the Union” address praising the progress of his administration. more »»

Pentagon budget

February 10, 2015 Dear editor: President Obama’s budget proposals make some provisions to meet the needs of the nation. more »»


February 10, 2015 Dear Editor, After reading letter Feb. 2, 2015 about the Wounded Warrior Program to help out veterans, perhaps a noble program. more »»


February 5, 2015 Dear editor: I feel caution should be raised apropos of the letter of February 2 urging contributions to the Wounded Warrior Project. more »»

Hooktown Holidays

January 31, 2015 Dear editor: We would like to thank and acknowledge this local neighborhood charity group, Hooktown Holidays. St. more »»

Winterfest thanks

January 31, 2015 Dear editor: Congratulations and thank you to everyone who helped make 2015 Warren County Winterfest and the Jim Lobdell Memorial Sled Dog Races great successes and a memorable time for everyone. more »»

Waste treatment

January 30, 2015 Dear editor: I thought people were allowed to have a choice. There are other ways other than Waste treatment plant hookups. more »»

Offensive ads

January 29, 2015 Dear editor: Has anyone noticed the new urine protection commercials? Telling women of all ages to recycle their menstrual pads? Showing women everywhere how to make a puppet out of them? Are you as... more »»

Sports Mailbag...

January 24, 2015 Penn State is back! Sports Editor: Penn State is back! The NCAA has finally decided that the Sandusky scandal was a matter for the criminal justice system, not the NCAA. more »»

All the same...?

January 23, 2015 Dear editor: The Jan. 14th article “On Terror” ended.. to study or not to study. This type of studying was an attempt at gathering just enough information to substantiate a preconceived idea. more »»

How many toes?

January 21, 2015 Dear editor: How many toes can a county (city) shoot off Before it can no longer stand? (apology to B. more »»

The Civics Test

January 20, 2015 Dear editor: By this time Arizona has probably approved its law to require students to pass the U.S. Citizenship test in order to graduate from high schoo. more »»

Sports Mailbag

January 17, 2015 Pro football junkie Sports Editor: I am a pro football junkie, having watched as much as I could of four games this past weekend. more »»

Bravo to ambulance, WGH

January 17, 2015 Dear editor: I had an accident at my home early December 2014. We used the emergency services and hospital locally. It was the best decision ever. In a matter of minutes the ambulance was at our home. more »»


January 15, 2015 Dear Editor, Re: Snow plowing by PennDOT. Would the public like to know why the high costs of snow plowing? One thing that contributes to this is first round side wing is up, second trip wing is down. more »»

CDL Licensing

January 15, 2015 Dear editor: Those of you with a CDL license, in case you haven’t got your notice for your medical exam yet, the Pa. Dept. more »»

On terror

January 14, 2015 On terror Dear Editor: International terrorists are not Islamic. more »»

Islamic immigration

January 13, 2015 Dear Editor, An AP article that ran on the World News page of the January 6 Times Observer titled “Thousands of Germans protest against anti-Islam rallies” was misleading — an obvious attempt to... more »»

John Boehner

January 9, 2015 Dear editor: At the moment I am feeling somewhat depressed. This afternoon (Tuesday – January 6th, 2015) I got the news that John Boehner had been re-elected as the “Speaker of the House. more »»



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