Warren County veterans lost in last year

The following Warren County veterans passed away between Memorial Day 2020 and Memorial Day 2021. Each name is followed by the war involved, branch and date of death:

Coffaro, Frank P. WW II US Navy F2 1/27/2021

Vicini Sr., Donald C. WW II US Army PFC 6/25/2020

Frontera, Joseph L. WW II US Navy EM 1st Cl. 8/13/2020

Bona, Savino WW II US Army Private 1st Cl. 7/21/2020

Robertson, Eugene E. WW II US Navy Seaman 1st Cl. 7/16/2020

Hoy, Max M. WW II US Army Corporal 11/8/2020

Wozneak, Theodore A. WW II US Army Corporal 11/19/2020

Howell, Mearl R. WW II US Navy Radioman 2CL. 10/29/2020

Maze, Virgil S. WW II US Navy SKT 3 11/28/2020

Bartges, Richard L. WW II US Navy RM 3 12/16/2020

Snyder, Gerald F. WW II US Army Corporal 1/3/2021

Nelson, Christy O. WW II US Army S-Sgt 1/20/2021

Inter, Richard J. WW II US Navy 11/10/2020

Wieliczko, William WW II Polish Army 12/15/2020

Forstrom Pastor, Ray L. WW II US Air Force 12/21/2020

Bennett, Charles R. WW II US Army Air Corp 11/9/2020

Nuhfer, Roger S. WW II US Army 12/5/2020

Kirsch, Theodore J. Korean US Army SP 3 1/26/2021

Marg, Leonard A. Korean US Marines Cpl 1/22/2021

Hill Jr., William M. Korean US Army SP3 (T) 3/7/2021

Scalise, Richard A. Korean US Army PFC (T) 4/12/2021

Juul, Robert D. Korean US Air Force S/Sgt 2/22/2021

Smith, Norman A. Korean US Army Sgt 3/7/2021

Heeter, Marvin L. Korean US Army Private 1st Cl. 5/18/2020

Wilson, Henry E. Korean US Army Cpl. 6/7/2020

Conquer, George M. Korean US Air Force Airman 1st Cl. 7/21/2020

Davidson, Raymond D. Korean US Air Force Airman 2nd Cl. 7/17/2020

Anderson, LeRoy A. Korean US Army PFC 3/7/2021

Blair, Robert W. Korean US Army SP3 8/27/2020

Viola Jr., Frank Korean US Army Private 1st Cl. 9/4/2020

Budziak, Robert E. Korean US Navy 9/12/2020

Head Sr., George W. Korean US Army Corporal 10/14/2020

Edwards, Thomas H. Korean US Marines 9/8/2020

Beers, Donald L. Korean US Army Sergeant 6/7/2020

Brittain, James A. Korean US Navy ETRSN 10/9/2020

Tannler, William E. Korean US Army Corporal 10/20/2020

Gray, James A. Korean US Army Corporal 7/4/2020

Chambers, Robert W. Korean US Air Force A/B 12/24/2020

Carlson, Richard E. Korean US Air Force Airman 1st Cl. 12/24/2020

Vavala, James J. Korean US Navy SR 12/21/2020

Fasenmyer, Bernard F. Korean US Army Corporal 1/18/2021

Suppa, Jaures A. Korean US Air Force 12/13/2020

Brooks, Chester M. Korean US Air Force 9/13/2020

Giodano, Joseph L. Korean US Army 10/21/2020

Johnson, Robert V. Korean US Army 1/2/2021

Knox, Robert J. Korean US Navy 8/17/2020

Marshall, Theodore W, Korean US Army 4/15/2021

Morelli, Paul Korean Merchant Marines 1/31/2021

Phillips, Willis M. Korean US Army 3/31/2021

Probst, Richard G. (Dick) Korean 10/12/2020

Shettler Jr., James A. Korean US Army 2/10/2021

Stapfer, Edwin Korean US Army 7/23/2020

Thompson, Alan Korean US Navy Reserves 2/8/2021

Turner, David E. Vietnam US Marines LCP1 12/14/2020

Loomis, Richard L. Vietnam US Marines LCpl 1/13/2021

Cataldo, Gerald R. Vietnam US Marines Cpl 1/23/2021

Sarver, Richard A. Vietnam US Navy FA 12/24/2020

Wentz, Barry L. Vietnam US Army SP4 2/7/2021

Buerkle, Edward W. Vietnam US Air Force MGST 12/24/202

Larson, Glenn D. Vietnam US Air Force SGT 3/5/2021

Hanisak Jr., John E. Vietnam US Marines CPL 3/10/2021

Gourley, John R. Vietnam US Marines CPL 3/29/2021

Mintzer, Thomas J. Vietnam US Marines Corporal 6/8/2020

Fehlman, Ronnie L. Vietnam US Army SP4 6/2/2020

Christensen Jr., John I. Vietnam US Army SP4 6/15/2020

Scuteri, Anthony J. Vietnam US Army SP4 7/21/2020

Depto, James A. Vietnam US Air Force Airman 2nd Cl. 8/3/2020

Fadale, Thomas A. Vietnam US Army 1st Lieutenant 8/6/2020

Rosenburgh Jr., Archie L. Vietnam US Army Private 1st Cl. 8/19/2020

Shaffer, Harvey D. Vietnam US Air Force Airman 2nd Cl. 9/6/2020

Fralick, Samuel I. Vietnam US Army SP 4 9/14/2020

Bliss, Bert M. Vietnam US Army SP 5 9/29/2020

Mason, Dennis W. Vietnam US Air Force Sgt 1/30/2021

Montgomery, James B. Vietnam US Air Force Airman 1st Cl. 10/9/2020

Long, Michael R. Vietnam US Army SP 4 10/17/2020

Kiser Sr., Kit A. Vietnam US Army SP 4 9/8/2020

Cerra, James A. Vietnam US Army Sergeant 10/26/2020

Federman, David S. Vietnam US Army Private 8/30/2020

Campbell, Darcy E. Vietnam US Army Private 1st Cl. 11/21/2020

Weaver, Daniel M. Vietnam US Army SP 5 11/24/2020

Inter, Joseph Vietnam US Army 8/24/2020

Lindell, Warner E. Vietnam US Air Force 8/4/2020

Fuller, Alan D. Vietnam US Air Force 11/1/2020

Johnson, Daniel S. Vietnam US Navy 12/25/2020

Parker, Richard A. Vietnam US Navy 10/26/2020

Sederburg, Loren “Butch” Vietnam US Army 2/10/2021

Wingert, William C. Vietnam US Army 6/28/2020

Harrington, John L. Peace Time US Air Force Captain 2/3/2021

Brothers, Floyd M. Peace Time US Navy BT2 8/2/2020

Lehmann, Delbert W. Peace Time US Army SP 4 9/1/2020

Logren Sr., James A. Peace Time US Army Private 9/19/2020

Vanderhoof, Bart D. Peace Time US Navy EM 1 10/3/2020

Cross, Fred J. Peace Time US Navy AN 12/6/2020

Johnson, Burton M. Peace Time US Army SP 4 1/2/2021

Mullen, Stacy L. Peace Time US Navy 12/2/2020

Koech, Gary S. Peace Time US Navy 10/17/2020

Marano, Valentina Peace Time US Army 1/31/2021

Sperry, Kenneth S. Peace Time US Army 8/29/2020

Stewart, Ronald E. Peace Time US Army 1/1/2021

Castro, Shawn P. Persian Gulf US Navy ABH 3 10/3/2020

Broxton Jr., Richard C. Persian Gulf US Marines S-Sgt 4/22/2021

Grinnen IV, Charles A. Gulf War US Navy SN 1/7/2021

Walters, Jeffrey L. Gulf War US Air Force TSGT 3/6/2021

McLachlan, Douglas L. Gulf War US Air Force M Sergeant 1/22/2020

Zdarko Jr., Anthony National Guard 5/25/2020

Ruhlman, James V. US Navy 11/18/2020

Brunner, William L. US Navy 12/28/2020

Chapel, Franklin L. National Guard 3/18/2021

Cisek, Robert J. US Army Reserves 3/6/2021

DeVore Sr., Lyle E US Army Reserves 10/21/2020

Ettinger, Steven J. US Air Force 8/11/2020

Freeborough, Boyd M. 22 yr-retired US Navy 2/14/2021

Fritz, Thomas A. US Army 2/13/2021

Howe Jr., Willard L. US Army 4/19/2021

Irwin, Russell L. National Guard 5/1/2021

Landin Dr., Melburn E. US Air Force 2/27/2021

Massa Jr., Stephen J. US Army E5 9/3/2020

Raybuck, Howard L. US Army 1/8/2021

Repasky, William US Navy 6/11/2020

Rockwell, Brenda J. US Navy 5/285/2020

Smith, Harold L. US Army 8/13/2020

Streeter Jr., Donald M. US Navy 4/25/2021

Swanson, David T. US Army 12/30/2020

Tremblay, Joseph A. US Army Reserves 9/29/2020

Walchli, Richard US Air Force 3/29/2021

Wells, Robert US Army 7/21/2020

The Warren County Veterans Affairs Department expresses its apologies to the families of any veterans who passed away over the past year and are not represented on this list.

Veterans may be added to the 2022 Memorial Day list by contacting the Veterans Affairs department at the Warren County Courthouse.


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