City DPW looks to plant trees

Times Observer file photo A City of Warren Department of Public Works employee plants a tree in the city in 2019.

The snow was melting in Warren County on Wednesday, but that’s not why City of Warren officials were thinking about spring.

City residents interested in having a tree planted on their property may contact the Department of Public Works over the next few weeks.

“We want to let people know if they were interested in a tree in their city right of way between the curb and the sidewalk, we would be more than willing to give them one and plant it for them,” DPW Superintendent Joe Reinke said. “They can call the public works department and we’ll get back to them.” City offices can be reached at 723-6300.

“They are allowed to select the species of tree they want, as long as I believe it’s a good tree for the space they have,” Reinke said.

In some situations, residents may request a location other than the right of way.

“It will probably go between the street and the sidewalk,” Reinke said. “If you have a good space behind the sidewalk, I’d be happy to look at it.”

Reinke will visit and evaluate all of the sites where trees are requested and put in an order for trees next month. “I typically put our spring planting order in by mid-March,” he said. “We typically plant in the last week in April.”

During his annual tree report, Reinke told the city street landscape committee that the city planted 113 trees — 35 more than it removed — during 2020.

“The idea every year is to plant more than we remove,” he said. “Since 2018, in city rights of way, we are plus 147 trees.”

That number reflects a rebound from a difficult time for city trees. Emerald ash borer caused ash trees all over to die and have to be removed.

“The idea is to beautify the street landscape,” Reinke said.


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