Warren Manor responds to virus cases

The Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Tuesday statistics for long-term care facilities show 18 cases of COVID-19 in Warren County among residents and seven among employees.

Warren Manor has the majority of both of those numbers and is taking steps to prevent spread.

According to a Wednesday release from Regional Director of Business Development Kerstin Wyman, there are eight positive cases among residents and another five among the staff.

During the most recent mandated testing, five residents and three staff tested positive, according to Wyman. Following receipt of those results, the facility conducted additional testing on Monday, Nov. 16.

“Warren Manor is required to conduct routine mass testing,” she said. “This testing was done above and beyond the requirement and out of further precaution to protect the residents.”

That additional testing brought five additional positives — two staff and three residents — to light.

“We have created a separate COVID unit to provide the safest recommended environment possible for our residents following strict isolation protocols,” Wyman said. “We are closely monitoring resident and staff symptoms, along with doing weekly testing of all residents and staff.”

Staff who tested positive “will continue to be off work until they are cleared by our facility and their treating medical professionals to resume their duties,” she said.

Other than personal protective equipment and precautions, there is nothing that makes a front-line worker inherently more resistant to COVID-19 than anyone else. They are working under trying conditions despite knowing they could be exposed to the virus, Wyman said.

“As COVID-19 numbers in our state and in our community continue to grow, we want to thank our heroic staff, brave residents, patient family members, and the Warren community for their support during the pandemic,” Wyman said. “Many businesses and family members have inquired about how to treat our staff and residents to lunch or other treats. Thank you for thinking of our heroes during this time.”

“The health, safety, and well-being of our residents is our priority,” Susanna Hummel, Administrator at Warren Manor, said. “Our goal is to prevent any further spread within our care community to our residents, staff, and partners. We have notified all residents, staff, and providers, and will continue to update all family members with our weekly calls. We are working with our physicians to make sure we are treating each resident appropriately if they develop any respiratory signs or symptoms. We are also working with the local department of health.”

Wyman shared guidelines to help help prevent the spread of COVID:

¯ When wearing a face mask, be sure it fits properly, extending from the bridge of the nose to the chin, with no gaps along the sides;

¯ Wear a mask whenever you visit a public indoor space;

¯ When outdoors and unable to maintain a safe physical distance of at least six feet from other people, be sure to wear a mask; and

¯ Wash hands frequently and thoroughly.

“By combining frequent hand washing and physical distancing with the use of a face mask, you are proactively safeguarding yourself, your family, friends and neighbors from the virus,” she said. “These are important steps that should be shared with those you know, including children ages two and older.”


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