City files complaint against Geiger property sewer fees

The City of Warren has taken legal action against a property owner in the city for unpaid sewer costs.

The plaintiff is identified as “The Mayor and Council of the City of Warren” and the action is against Franklyn Geiger and Joyce Miles.

A civil complaint was filed with District Justice Raymond Zydonik on October 24 in the matter.

The city, through City Solicitor Andrea Stapleford, allege in the filing that Geiger and Miles “owe the amount of $4,497.21, plus costs” for the period October 23, 2012 through July 23, 2019 regarding the property at 413 Hazel Street.

The city also requests that the defendants “be ordered not to evict tenants or reduce the amounts of rent paid until the debt has been paid in full.”

Geiger, 50, currently SCI Albion, was sentenced in 2016 to 92 to 184 months in state prison on two counts of possession with intent to deliver, criminal use of a communications facility, corrupt organizations, buying/exchanging federal food stamps and cruelty to animals.

Among many charges alleged in the affidavit of probable cause, Geiger had tenants and employees who bought and sold drugs for him, his tenants paid rent in part or in full through selling drugs, Geiger bought Pennsylvania Access cards from people, and, on two occasions, he sold drugs to confidential informants.

His properties have been a thorny problem for both the City of Warren and Warren County.

The City demolished a property that once was Geiger’s along Pennsylvania Ave. W. while three additional parcels are currently tied up in a dispute between the city and the county, which owns them, as the result of a drug forfeiture.