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Warren native wins honors at Arizona shooting competitions

Times Observer photo by Andy Close Warren native Randy Ent shows off his Arizona Lever Action Silhouette state championship trophy, which he won in February at the Ben Avery Shooting Range in Phoenix.

Another shooting competition has yielded more hardware for Warren County native Randy Ent.

The marksman cleaned up by winning honors in the Southwest National Long Range Shooting Competition at the Ben Avery Shooting facility located just outside of Phoenix in February.

Ent won honors in the Arizona Leveraction Silhouette in pistol cartridge rifle, claiming the Arizona state championship. He was also second master with .30-30 and high senior, which he won in a shoot-off.

“It’s almost like the senior games,” Ent joked about the age of he and his fellow competitors. “There were about 80 competitors per event.”

Ent traveled and competed in the event with other local marksman, Brian Wakefield of Smethport and Al Foust of Mountoursville.

“The targets we shoot at are animals – chicken, pigs, sheep and turkeys,” Ent explained. “The .22 and pistol were shot at 40, 50, 75 and 100 meters and everything was shot off-hand.”

Each competitor has two minutes to shoot five shots at the five targets.

The .30-30, meanwhile, was shot at longer distances of 50, 100, 150 and 200 meters.

“They’re all open sights,” Ent said. “The lever action are the old wild west type guns.”

The trophies Ent won are unique in nature, beautiful wood carvings of a wolf, bear and a ram.

And while he enjoyed being out in Arizona, he says that all the competitions he travels to have their own special features.

“They all have their unique things,” he said. “I like shooting silhouette because they’re reactive. I also enjoy the military stuff.”

It’s a passion that has taken him all over the country, and while you won’t hear him say it, he’s one of the absolute best.

In addition to that, Ent is also interested in getting novice and younger shooters involved.

There are extensive programs and valuable instructors for beginners on up in places like Camp Perry, Ohio. For information, visit