Trio of Knights advance to D-10 semifinals

Garrett Head and the EIsenhower Knights earned a 7th place finish at the Tool City Tournament on Saturday in Meadville.

SHARON – The Eisenhower trio of Logan Jaquay, Garrett Head and Spencer Head took care of business on Friday at the District 10 Class 2A wrestling championships.

All three standouts are moving on to the semifinals in their respective weight classes, with Garrett winning two matches in the process.

In the first round, Head (28-7), earned a hard-fought 3-1 win over Sharon’s Luke Gaston (18-7) in the 145-pound weight class.

He then turned his attention to Kalob Brown of Cochranton, who received a first-round bye. Head got the best of Brown with a 10-6 decision, punching his ticket to the semis.

Brother Spencer, meanwhile, received a first round bye at 152 and awaited the winner of Sharpsville’s Cameron Prebble (24-8) and Jamestown’s Nick Calloway (6-16).

Prebble made quick work of Calloway in the first round with a 16-1 tech fall.

Head, who finished second at Section I last week, was locked in and ready to go, notching a third-period pin over the talented Blue Devil senior.

Jaquay (106), like Spencer, received a first round bye, and like his teammate was impressive.

He faced Commodore Perry’s Ashten Armagost who got a first period fall against Sharpsville’s Zac Hermann in the first round.

Jaquay turned the tide on Armagost, notching a fall in 2:52.

It wasn’t an ideal start for Youngsville’s Aaron Morris, the Section I champion at 145. He was defeated via tech fall by Slippery Rock’s Michael Doerflinger in the third period, not long after Doerflinger earned a first period pin in the first round against Jamestown’s Hunter Cowher.

Morris’ teammate, Mason Benjamin, won his first round matchup via pin fall against Northwestern’s Drew Baxter at 285 before being pinned by Mercer’s Bobby Gregory in the quarterfinals.

Eisenhower’s Matt Huling also won his first round match, 9-8 over Lakeview’s Sawyer Daugherty and lost via pin against Brendan Calvin of Greenville in the quarterfinals.

Each wrestler that didn’t advance to the semifinals is still alive, with the top four in each weight class advancing to the Northwest Regional.

Action gets underway at 9:30 a.m. today with the consolation pigtails, followed by semifinals, consolation quarterfinals and consolation semifinals. The consolation finals begin at 4 p.m., followed by the Parade of Champions and finals, beginning at 5:30.

– – –



Steen (Reynolds) tech fall Peterson (Cochranton) 15-0

Eastman (NE) dec. Donovan (Titsville) 4-0

McLaughlin (Jamestown) pinned Ayres (Slippery Rock) 3:18

Jaquay (Eisenhower) pinned Armagost (Commodore Perry) 2:52


Thompson (Titusville) pinned Johnson Iroquois) 1:53

Kightlinger (Saegertown) dec. Filer (Mercer) 7-0

Bayless (Reynolds) major dec. Miller (Cambridge Springs) 11-0

Burgess (Union City) pinned Pfaff (Jamestown) :35


Ischo (Reynolds) pinned Gabler (HC) 1:34

Gardner (Union City) pinned Grinell (Commodore Perry) 1:42

Crowell (FLB) major dec. Haddon (W. Middlesex) 12-3

Gelvin (Greenville) dec. Reagle (Saegertown) 6-4


Varnell (Cambridge Springs) major dec. Schanrs (NE) 15-4

Oosterkamp (HC) pinned Rodgers (Commodore Perry) 1:09

Berger (Reynolds) dec. Wheeler (Northwestern) 3-0

Kiser (Saegertown) dec. Knauf (Greenville) 8-5


Sallot (HC) pinned Chess (Mercer) 5:35

Helstern (Commodore Perry) dec. Thompson (Hickory) 7-2

Mooney (Northwestern) dec. Kopp (NE) 5-0

Bartolo (Reynolds) major dec. Lapinski (Corry) 10-1


Matthews (Reynolds) major dec. Beck (Saegertown) 18-7

Perry (Corry) dec. Gurnee (Northwestern) 11-8

Salvatore (Sharpsville) tech fall Boozer (Cochranton) 3:15

Muscarella (NE) dec. McCann (Commodore Perry) 3-2


Michaels (Reynolds) major dec. Ellis (Conneaut) 14-2

G. Head (Eisenhower) dec. Brown (Cochranton) 10-6

Doerflinger (Slippery Rock) tech fall Morris (Youngsville) 5:24

Karpinski (Greenville) dec. Whalen (Sharpsville) 8-3


DeRose (Titusville) dec. Ruffo (Hickory) 5-3

S. Head (Eisenhower) pinned Prebble (Sharpsville) 5:10

Hearn (Conneaut) dec. Allen (Sharon) 4-3

Pace (FLB) pinned Musser (Commodore Perry) 3:15


Galvin (Iroquois) pinned Hesselgesser (Mercer) 3:34

Thompson (Reynolds) major dec. Goodlin (Jamestown) 13-2

Greer (Grove City) dec. Burbules (FLB) 6-5

Christner (Greenville) dec. Bratt (HC) 3-1


Burlew (Corry) major dec. Proper (Maplewood) 15-7

Watkins (HC) dec. Chess (Mercer) 6-3

Henry (Union City) major dec. Schell (Sharpsville) 10-1

McCloskey (Reynolds) dec. Lloyd (FLB) 3-2


Mulligan (Saegertown) pinned McClinton (Greenville) :48

McFadden (Maplewood) dec. Cook (Franklin) 8-2

Gorring (FLB) pinned Tursky (Conneaut) 1:38

Kamerer (Slippery Rock) pinned Friend (Girard) 4:44


Folmar (Harbor Creek) pinned Blake (Maplewood) 2:32

Verbanac (Cambridge Springs) dec. Hilliard (Slippery Rock) 3-0

Miller (Reynolds) dec. Douglas (Iroquois) 4-3

Calvin (Greenville) pinned Huling (Eisenhower) 1:44


McMaster (Greenville) pinned Baughman (Franklin) 1:03

Zebrovious (Lakeview) dec. Viscuso (HC) 9-3

Messai (Jamestown) dec. Owen (Reynolds) 3-1

Boozer (Cochranton) dec. Bauer (Eisenhower) 9-8


Wills (Lakeview) dec. Long (Union City) 3-0

Skeehan (Reynolds) dec. Wilt (Greenville) 2-1

Askins (HC) pinned Nesevich (Jamestown) 3:03

Gregory (Mercer) pinned Benjamin (Youngsville) 3:53

First Round


Peterson (Cochranton) pinned Gabler (HC) 2:14

Donovan (Titusville) pinned Humphries (Sharon) :25

Ayres (Slippery Rock) pinned Munsee (Corry) 1:42

Armagost (Commodore Perry) pinned Hermann (Sharpsville) 1:43


Johnson (Iroquois) dec. O’Neill (W. Middlesex) 7-5

Filer (Mercer) major dec. Piatt (Conneaut) 10-1

Miller (Cambridge Springs) pinned Hedman (Eisenhower) 1:06

Pfaff (Jamestown) major dec. Sebrovious (Lakeview) 8-0


Gabler (HC) dec. Herman (Girard) 6-5

Haddon (W. Middlesex) pinned Headley (Jamestown) 1:46

Reagle (Saegertown) major dec. O’Polka (Lakeview) 9-0


Schanrs (NE) dec. Mcfeaters (Sharpsville) 5-3

Rodgers (Commodore Perry) pinned Breese (Grove City) 2:43

Wheeler (Northwestern ) pinned Bortz (Eisenhower) 1:22

Knauf (Greenville) pinned Rodgers (Hickory) 1:20


Chess (Mercer) major dec. Marfinetz (Girard) 13-4

Helstern (Commodore Perry) dec. Bartholomew (Saegertown) 7-1

Kopp (NE) pinned Petry (Grove City) 1:19

Lapinski (Corry) dec. Ace (Cochranton) 5-2


Beck (Saegertown) dec. Laird (Conneaut) 3-1

Gurnee (Northwestern) dec. Meals (Grove City) 8-6

Salvatore (Sharpsville) pinned S. Holt (Eisenhower) 2:26

McCann (Commodore Perry) pinned Stewart (Hickory) 3:43


Jaquith (Union City) dec. Ellis (Conneaut) 3-1

G. Head (Eisenhower) dec. Gaston (Sharon) 3-1

Doerflinger (Slippery Rock) pinned Cowher (Jamestown) 1:10

Whalen (Sharpsville) dec. McCall (FLB) 7-0


Ruffo (Hickory) dec. Curtis (Corry) 8-2

Prebble (Sharpsville) tech fall Calloway (Jamestown) 16-1

Hearn (Conneaut) pinned Berry (Seneca) 2:33

Musser (Commodore Perry) dec. Antal (Slippery Rock) 6-4


Hesselgesser (Mercer) dec. Hamilton (Commodore Perry) 7-0

Thompson (Reynolds) major dec. Barnett (Eisenhower) 15-5

Burbules (FLB) pinned Jones (Cambridge Springs) 1:33

Bratt (HC) pinned Rubaker (W. Middlesex) 2:19


Burlew (Corry) dec. Pilosi (Slippery Rock) 7-1

Chess (Mercer) pinned Tatter (Cochranton) 2:29

Lloyd (FLB) dec. Gentile (Greenville) 4-3

Schell (Sharpsville) dec. Nosko (Titusville) 5-0


McClinton (Greenville) pinned Ferlin (Lakeview) 5:45

McFadden (Maplewood) dec. McCurdy (Seneca) 4-1

Gorring (FLB) dec. Toy (Reynolds) 11-4

Friend (Girard) dec. VanTassel (Union City) 6-2


Blake (Maplewood) dec. Gioan (W. Middlesex) 11-9

Hillard (Slippery Rock) pinned Kaday (Union City) 3:49

Douglas (Iroquois) dec. Gerber (Conneaut) 9-2

Huling (Eisenhower) dec. Daugherty (Lakeview) 9-8


Baughman (Franklin) dec. Hedderick (Union City) 5-2

Zebrovious (Lakeview) major dec. Schell (Girard) 14-1

Messai (Jamestown) pinned Proctor (Corry) :15

Boozer (Cochranton) pinned Dignall (Sharon) 1:42


Willis (Lakeview) pinned Dunlap (Titusville) 1:13

Wilt (Greenville) pinned Hoyt (NE) 3:21

Askins (HC) dec. Stoner (Sharpsvile) 5-2

Benjamin (Youngsville) pinned Miles (Girard) 2:24