Dragon swimmers earn tie with visiting St. Marys

Paige Johnson

The loss of a key contributor made a big impact in the Warren County YMCA pool Thursday as Warren’s boys ran out of gas late in an 82-82 tie with St. Marys

The Dragons were without Connor Guiffre who fractured a bone in his hand at Meadville Monday.

Warren held a four point lead heading into the final event, the 400m free relay, but couldn’t hold off the Dutch and had to settle for the tie.

“We were trying to pump up the troops (going into the final race),” Warren coach Russ Beyer said. “They wanted it, but their bodies just wouldn’t cooperate. We just ran out of gas.”

Cade Johnson had a big meet for the Dragons, earning season bests in both the 200m and 400m free, and qualifying for the District 10 meet in the 200.

“Cade dropped three-to-four seconds (off his 200 time) and about 12 seconds in the 400,” Beyer said. “He was phenomenal.”

Beyer also praised the performances of Marcus Bonavita (third in the 200 IM and 400 free) and Seth Harrington (third in the 100 free)

“Bonavita does a lot of that unsung hero-type of swimming,” Beyer said. “He can sprint and do distance. He’s diversified. He gutted it out and had a good meet.

“Harrington dropped time in the 100 free and the 100 back,” he continued. “He’s improved miles. He’s gunning for districts and he’s not giving up.”

The girls started strong, but St. Marys saved its best for last and came away with a 102-75 win.

The Dragons had first- and third-place finishes in three of the first four events, but only picked up two wins in the remaining eight events.

“At the diving point I was like, ‘Did they not bring everybody?’,” Beyer said. “They loaded up at the end of the meet. They’re a strong team.”

Lydia Latimer picked up individual wins in the 50 free and 100 backstroke. Cara Anderson (200 free) and Paige Johnson (100 breast) were the other individual winners. Those three teamed with Gabrielle Hahn to take first in the 200 medley relay as well.

“We’ve improved a lot over the year,” Beyer said.

“We’re going to have some hard practices and the girls are going to continue to improve. There’s a handful that are close and we’re hoping they’ll break through and qualify for districts. We’re excited and going to ride that emotional roller coaster with them.”

Warren hosts McDowell Monday for Senior Night.

– – –

Girls: St. Marys 102, Warren 75

200 medley relay: 1. Warren (Lydia Latimer, Paige Johnson, Cara Anderson, Gabrielle Hahn) 2:20.05, 2. St Marys, 3. Warren

200 free: 1. Cara Anderson (W) 2:28.94, 2. Julie Hoffman (S), 3. Emily Savage (W)

200 im: 1. Hannah Lenz (S) 2:47.40, 2. Lucy Anthony (S), 3. Paige Johnson (W)

50 free: 1. Lydia Latimer (W) 29.23, 2. Mandy Geci (S), 3. Gabrielle Hahn (W)

Diving: 1. Gina Schlimm (S) 154.80, 2. Alexis Singer (S), 3. Alana Renwick (S)

100 fly: 1. Lilly McLain (S) 1:20.21, 2. Cara Anderson (W), 3. Sami Geci (S)

100 free: 1. Kaelynn Kuhar (S) 1:05.88, 2. Mandy Geci (S), 3. Gabrielle Hahn (W)

400 free: 1. Hannah Lenz (S) 5:03.66, 2. Julie Hoffman (S), 3. Emily Savage (W)

200 free relay: 1. St Marys (Kuhar, Lenz, Jade Reynolds, M. Geci) 2:01.34, 2. Warren 3. St Marys

100 back: 1. Lydia Latimer (W) 1:14.28, 2. Sara Nugent (W), 3. Jade Reynolds (S)

100 breast: 1. Paige Johnson (W) 1:24.22, 2. Lucy Anthony (S), 3. Riley Yeager (W)

400 free relay: 1. St Marys (Kuhar, Lenz, McLain, M. Geci ) 4:29.34, 2. Warren, 3. St Marys

Boys: Warren 82, St. Marys 82

200 medley relay: 1. Warren (Andrew Beyer, Hunter Smith, Steven Ashbaugh, Cade Johnson) 2:07.21, 2. Warren, 3. St Marys

200 free: 1. Nathan McAnany (S) 2:10.37, 2. Cade Johnson (W), 3. Jarret Ingram (S)

200 im: 1. Andrew Beyer (W) 2:23.57, 2. Jacob Koss (S), 3. Marcus Bonavita (W)

50 free: 1. Kevin Kuhar (S) 26.96, 2. Ben Hampson (W), 3. CJ McGowan (S)

Diving: 1. Tait Bish (S) 107.25

100 fly: 1. Nathan McAnany (S) 1:03.96, 2. Steven Ashbaugh (W), 3. Hunter Smith (W)

100 free: 1. Kevin Kuhar (S) 1:00.42, 2. Ben Hampson (W), 3. Seth Harrington (W)

400 free: 1. Cade Johnson (W) 4:51.97, 2. Jarret Ingram (S), 3. Marcus Bonavita (W)

200 free relay: 1. St Marys (Kuhar, Koss, Noah Reynolds, McAnany) 1:52.96, 2. Warren, 3. St Marys

100 back: 1. Andrew Beyer (W)1:03.99, 2. Tommy Rice (W), 3. Tyler Henry (S)

100 breast: 1. Steven Ashbaugh (W) 1:13.99, 2. Jacob Koss (S), 3. Hunter Smith (W)

400 free relay: 1. St Marys (Kuhar, Koss, Ingram, McAnany) 4:03.39, 2. Warren