Knights finish 3rd, Dragons 8th at STOWA

DUNKIRK, NY – The Eisenhower and Warren wrestling teams traveled to Dunkirk on Friday and Saturday for the 32nd Annual STOWA Holiday Classic, with very positive results.

The Knights’ Logan Jaquay earned the 113-pound title as the Knights finished third in the team standings (193), just behind Falconer (205) and Niagara Wheatfield (199).

“I thought our guys wrestled well,” said Eisenhower coach Kris Black. “We were able to walk out of there with a trophy, which in the grand scheme doesn’t mean a lot, but it lets you know where you’re at. Third is nice, second or first would have been better. We still work to do, but it’s nice to be relevant in a tournament like that.”

The Dragons, meanwhile, got a third-place finish from Ryan Madigan at 113 as they finished eighth as a team.

Jaquay pinned Southwestern’s Garrett Swan in the first period at 1:54, capping a terrific tournament, but he was far from the only Knight to have an impressive showing.

Spencer Head (152) and Joey Bauer (220) both advanced to the finals before dropping decision, earning second lace finishes. Winning their third place matches were Easton Hedman (106), Garrett Head (145) and Matt Huling (195).

“It was good to see them really competing and battling with the other schools,” Black said. “It’s a nice early season tournament for a couple reasons. Most of the New York schools have more matches at that point, but it still gives you a pretty good idea. It gives you confidence, especially the younger kids. It really made our guys believe that they can be competitive in the region we’re in. We just have to keep working and buying into what we’re doing. The biggest thing is just the belief in themselves.”

Spencer Head dropped a 4-2 decision in the finals to Dylan Ingrao of Falconer, while Bauer lost a 11-4 decision to Ben Szymanowski of Chautauqua Lake.

Garrett Head, meanwhile earned a 7-0 decision over Chautauqua Lake’s Derek Ecklund, while Hedman pinned Hunter Harris of Chautauqua Lake in just 31 seconds and Huling also earned a first period pin over Jacob Zachar of Randolph in 57 seconds.

Besides Madigan, three other Dragons – Owen Balas (152), Liam Stevenson (170) and Alex Anderson (126) all had bouts for third place.

They all finished fourth, as Balas was pinned, Stevenson dropped a 4-1 decision to Omar Assaf of Niagara Wheatfield and Anderson an 8-1 decision to Bredan Ramsey of Chautauqua Lake.

Earning fifth place finishes were Warren’s Dominic Caprino (182) and Eisenhower’s Sam Holt (138), while Ike’s Jake Williams (120) and Justin Hagberg (182), as well as Warren’s Joey Arnold (195) finished sixth.

Eisenhower has its home opener Tuesday against Corry, as do the Dragons vs. Meadville.

“We’re excited about it,” Black said. “Corry’s a local team too – not in our county but pretty close. A lot of the kids know each other. There should be some good matchups. On a week like this before Christmas, you have to stay focused.”

– – –

Team Results

1. Falconer 205; 2. Niagara Wheatfield 199; 3. Eisenhower 193; 4. Newfane 157; 5. Chautauqua Lake 135; 6. Randolph 131.5; 7. Southwestern 128.5; 8. Fredonia 10.35; 9. Warren 100.5; 10. Maple Grove 95; 11. Cattaraugus-Little Valley 90; 12. Canisius 83; 13. Franklinville 60; 14. Dunkirk/Silver Creek 55; 15. Gowanda 49.5; 16. Portville 40.5; 17. Salamanca 26

– – –

Championship Finals

99 lbs: Andrew Lucinski (Newfane [NY]) > Luke Tomlinson (Maple Grove [NY]), MD 13-2

106 lbs: Logan Hasely (Niagara Wheatfield [NY]) > Nick Carro (Portville [NY]), MD 16-6

113 lbs: Logan Jaquay (Eisenhower [PA]) > Garrett Swan (Southwestern [NY]), FALL 1:54

120 lbs: Shane Hetrick (Maple Grove [NY]) > Ryan Nugent (Newfane [NY]), DEC 6-0

126 lbs: Justin McDougald (Niagara Wheatfield [NY]) > Dalton Gardner (Fredonia [NY]), DEC 8-2

132 lbs: Matt Evans (Randolph [NY]) > Nick Voelker (Newfane [NY]), FALL 0:32

138 lbs: Giovani Russo (Fredonia [NY]) > Jacob Dewolf (Niagara Wheatfield [NY]), DEC 9-7

145 lbs: Warren McDougald (Niagara Wheatfield [NY]) > Sam Grey (Cattaraugus-Little Valley [NY]), MD 14-5

152 lbs: Dylan Ingrao (Falconer [NY]) > Spencer Head (Eisenhower [PA]), DEC 4-2

160 lbs: Brendon Rowe (Chautauqua Lake [NY]) > Dan Torres (Falconer [NY]), DEC 6-1

170 lbs: Robbie Penhollow (Falconer [NY]) > Thomas Blackwell (Canisius [NY]), FALL 1:01

182 lbs: Giuseppe Hoose (Southwestern [NY]) > Julian Nixon (Newfane [NY]), MD 10-1

195 lbs: Zak Trim (Maple Grove [NY]) > Corey Keefe (Falconer [NY]), DEC 5-2

220 lbs: Ben Szymanowski (Chautauqua Lake [NY]) > Joe Bauer (Eisenhower [PA]), DEC 11-4

285 lbs: Nick Becker (Randolph [NY]) > Ty Casinelli (Newfane [NY]), FALL 3:30

– – –

Consolation Final (3rd)

99 lbs: Collin Coughenour (Niagara Wheatfield [NY]) > Brayden Newman (Falconer [NY]), FALL 1:41

106 lbs: Easton Hedman (Eisenhower [PA]) > Hunter Harris (Chautauqua Lake [NY]), FALL 0:31

113 lbs: Ryan Madigan (Warren [PA]) > Mark Lindquist (Randolph [NY]), DEC 2-1

120 lbs: Michael Carnes (Southwestern [NY]) > Brendon Rowe (Chautauqua Lake [NY]), DEC 9-6

126 lbs: Brendan Ramsey (Chautauqua Lake [NY]) > Alex Anderson (Warren [PA]), DEC 8-1

132 lbs: Bradley Yochum (Dunkirk/Silver Creek [NY]) > Nate Holt (Eisenhower [PA]), DEC 6-2

138 lbs: Nick Saeger (Falconer [NY]) > Tim Abate (Canisius [NY]), FALL 3:55

145 lbs: Garrett Head (Eisenhower [PA]) > Derek Ecklund (Chautauqua Lake [NY]), DEC 7-0

152 lbs: Joshua Thibeault (Niagara Wheatfield [NY]) > Owen Balas (Warren [PA]), FALL 1:35

160 lbs: Dakota Crawford (Cattaraugus-Little Valley [NY]) > Ceric Kristan (Fredonia [NY]), DEC 4-3

170 lbs: Omar Assaf (Niagara Wheatfield [NY]) > Liam Stevenson (Warren [PA]), DEC 4-1

182 lbs: Angel Caraballo (Dunkirk/Silver Creek [NY]) > Dakota Olson (Franklinville [NY]), FALL 3:10

195 lbs: Matt Huling (Eisenhower [PA]) > Jacob Zachar (Randolph [NY]), FALL 0:57

220 lbs: Jake Skinner (Fredonia [NY]) > Collin Monteleone (Canisius [NY]), FALL 4:20

285 lbs: Vinny Pascarella (Cattaraugus-Little Valley [NY]) > Collin Mower (Falconer [NY]), DEC 3-0

– – –

Consolation Final (5th)

99 lbs: David Ball (Gowanda [NY]) > Adam Huntington (Newfane [NY]), DFLT 2:44

106 lbs: Kyle Keefe (Falconer [NY]) > Carson Redeye (Salamanca [NY]), FALL 4:22

113 lbs: Zachary Lloyd (Niagara Wheatfield [NY]) > Clayton Frentz (Cattaraugus-Little Valley [NY]), FALL 2:24

120 lbs: Wyatt Sluga (Randolph [NY]) > Jake Williams (Eisenhower [PA]), FALL 2:30

126 lbs: Ethan Fort (Gowanda [NY]) > Jacob Payne (Falconer [NY]), DEC 6-4

132 lbs: Mack Mikula (Falconer [NY]) > Tony Fiasco (Falconer [NY]), DEC 8-4

138 lbs: Sam Holt (Eisenhower [PA]) > Dagon Bryant (Southwestern [NY]), MD 10-1

145 lbs: Justin Gill (Canisius [NY]) > Jacob Peters (Franklinville [NY]), DEC 6-4

152 lbs: Bryce Baglia (Falconer [NY]) > Matt Baldwin (Canisius [NY]), DEC 9-7

160 lbs: James Essenburg (Newfane [NY]) > Brock Johnson (Falconer [NY]), MD 18-9

170 lbs: Cleon Lawton (Franklinville [NY]) > Jacob Tomlinson (Maple Grove [NY]), FALL 4:48

182 lbs: Dominic Caprino (Warren [PA]) > Justin Hagberg (Eisenhower [PA]), FALL 4:19

195 lbs: Dontae Hoose (Southwestern [NY]) > Joey Arnold (Warren [PA]), DEC 3-2

220 lbs: Seth Bennett (Southwestern [NY]) > Jayden Heers (Newfane [NY]), DEC 7-2