Hahn, Giambrone punch tickets to states

Warren’s Kayla Giambrone (left) and Naomi Hahn pose with their medals at the District 10 cross country championships on Saturday at Sharon’s Buhl Park.

SHARON – Under rainy conditions at Sharon’s Buhl Park, a pair of Warren runners – sophomore Naomi Hahn and junior Kayla Giambrone turned in performances that will have them advancing to next weeks state championships.

Hahn finished 13th in 20:25 and Giambrone was right behind her in 14th at 20:28 at the District 10 Class 2A cross country championships and both will be making a return trip to Hershey.

As a team, the Lady Dragons finished fourth, with Leah Drake, Bri Ristau and Iris Roberts also turning in strong performances.

“Our girls team put together a strong performance,” said Warren coach Kevin Dustin. “Kayla Giambrone and Naomi Hahn finishing right next to one another punched their tickets to states next weekend. It was a great race by both of them. We had coaches all over the course giving them the information they needed to know exactly where they stood in the race and they executed it perfectly. Although not going to states, the other members of the girls team all ran outstanding. Leah Drake set a huge personal best, Brianne Ristau battling an injury had a big race for us, and Iris Roberts turned in her season best to round out our top 5.”

For the boys, Troy Shattuck finished 23rd in 17:30. And while he just missed a trip to states, he ran over a minute faster than his original personal best.

“On the boys side Troy Shattuck raced out of his mind,” Dustin said. “We gave everyone a race strategy the day before and no one executed it better than him. He had over a minute lifetime personal best and just missed going to states by two people. James Lawson, Dan Lauffenburger, Trenten Dippold, and Elijah Rutenber all turned in their season bests at the right time to round out our boys top 5. As a coaching staff this is exactly what you want, your kids running their best at championship time. We couldn’t be more proud of these two teams and what they were able to accomplish this season. Absolutely an outstanding finish to the year.”

For the 1A boys, Eisenhower’s Tyler Burnell came in 45th (18:19), followed by Ethan Kellogg in 61st and Tyson Morrison 69th.

“Our athletes have made progress through this season and finished strong on Saturday, with many of them running their fastest time of the year” said Eisenhower coach Darlene Beach. “This was the last race for seniors Tyler Burnell, Nathaniel Hoffman and Naomi Haight. All three have been an important part of our team and produced great leadership to the younger runners.”

Aaron Morris led the way for Youngsville coming in 63rd in 18:46, followed by Braden Wilson in 84th.

“It was a cooler rainy day, but definitely not the worst districts,” said Youngsville coach Adam Green. “But with the warm weather we have had this season some of the kids were a little off with the colder temperatures. I am happy with the way we ran. We will miss our seniors Aaron and Braden, but we have some talented younger runners. So as long as they run over the winter we will be ready for track season in the spring.”

Sydney Welker led the way for Eisenhower, finishing 44th (23:10) in the 1A race, followed by Lily Fedorchuk (52nd, 23:36) and Lindsay Finch (75th, 24:31).

– – –


1. Villa 56; 2. General McLane 80; 3. Oil City 120; 4. Warren 148; 5. Titusville 187

1. Gianna Labbiento (Sharon) 18:34; 2. Lexi Seifert (Villa) 19:25; 3. Devyn Bayle (General McLane) 19:35; 4. Grace Brown (Villa) 19:35; 5. Madeline Curtis (Harbor Creek) 19:35; 6. Leah Prischak (Villa) 19:52; 7. Meaera Shannon (Conneaut) 19:58; 8. Anna Alberti (General McLane) 20:04; 9. Cassie Carr (Girard) 20:04; 10. Olivia Mumford (Oil City) 20:09

Warren: 13. Naomi Hahn 20:25; 14. Kayla Giambrone 20:28; 25. Leah Drake 21:10; 36. Bri Ristau 21:47; 60. Iris Roberts 23:06; 124. Lindsey Dippold 32:02


1. Fairview 39; 2. Lakview 74; 3. Union City 113; 4. Saegertown 116; 5. Wilmington 119; 12. Eisenhower 313

1. Maddison Hayes (Fairview) 19:32.0 ; 2. Halle Myers (Fairview) 19:32.1; 3. Grace Mason (Wilmington) 19:39; 4. Ellie Wanner (Kennedy Catholic) 19:41; 5. Claire Oliver (Lakeview) 20:11; 6. Julianna Robinson (Fairview) 20:16; 7. Abby Anaya (Union City) 20:22); 8. Tara Peterson (Commodore Perry) 20:39; 9. Beka McClymonds (Saegertown) 20:41; 10. Danielle Williams (Lakeview) 20:57

Eisenhower: 44. Sydney Welker 23:10; 52. Lily Fedorchuk 23:36; 75. Lindsay Finch 24:31; 79. Naomi Haight 24:57; 93. Mattison Wallin 26:40; 100. Chloe Senz 27:50; 102. Julia Haight 27:58;


1. Harbor Creek 38; 2. Grove City 59; 3. General McLane 65; 4. Fairview 136; 5. Hickory 158; 10. Warren 278

1. Nate Price (General McLane) 15:55; 2. Ryan Starvaggi (Harbor Creek); 3. Aiden Weber (Harbor Creek); 4. Christian Babo (Harbor Creek) 16:03; 5. Erik Andrzejewski (General McLane) 16:09; 6. Jonah Powell (Grove City) 16:17; 7. Cole Frazier (Hickory) 16:57; 8. Zach Buckner (Fairview) 16:58; 9. Nate Dougan (Harbor Creek) 17:00; 10. Jacob Eshelman (Franklin) 17:07

Warren: 23. Troy Shattuck 17:30; 46. James Lawson 18:39; 65. Dan Lauffenburger 19:21; 67. Trenten Dippold 19:33; 77. Elijah Rutenber 20:10 94. Hayden Turner 22:51


1. Cochranton 98; 2. Seneca 117; 3. North East 141; 4. Cambidge Springs 142; 5. Reynolds 159; 15. Eisenhower 359; 20. Youngsville 519

Top Ten: 1. Josh Lewis (North East) 16:38; 2. Noah Bernarding (Cochranton 16:47; 3. Troy Hart (Reynolds) 16:52; 4. Jesse Sands (Maplewood) 16:52; 5. Brock Smith (Seneca) 6. Zachary Tingley (Lakview) 16:57; 7. Stephen Clulow (Cochranton) 17:03; 8. Jac Cokley (Cochranton) 17:05; 9. Luke Mantzell (West Middlesex) 17:08; 10. Jake Schneider 17:09

Youngsville: 63. Aaron Morris 18:46; 84. Braden Wilson 19:14; 119. Phoenix Lindell 20:43; 128. Ryen Sutton 21:43; 132. Brandon Victor

Eisenhower: 45. Tyler Burnell 18:19; 61. Ethan Kellogg 18:42; 69. Tyson Morrison 18:53; 87. Jonathan Abadie 19:19; 97. Nathaniel Hoffman 19:35; 107. Brodie Whitney 20:04; 129. Ian Gillespie 21:59