Ike, Youngsville wrestlers ready for postseason

Eisenhower's Spencer Head will take his 27-4 record to the Section I tournament at Union City High School today.

The District 10 wrestling Section I Tournament kicks off the official start of the individual postseason wrestling season.

Wrestlers from Eisenhower and Youngsville will look to keep their seasons going with a top four finish and advance to the D-10 championships next weekend in Sharon.

The Eagles Austin Spear earned a top four finish and a trip to districts last season and will look to do so again, with a number of other strong contenders.

Let’s start with Eisenhower’s Spencer Head at 152. Of course, one can’t mention the name ‘Head’ in District 10 wrestling circles without thinking of the run Louie went on last season to the state final.

That being said, Spencer, as well as Garrett have a chance to carve out their own postseason success this season. Spencer comes in with a record of 27-4 in 152 and should be considered among the favorites in what is arguably the top weight class in Section I.

Other contenders at 152 include North East’s Sam Svetz (20-5), Harbor Creek’s Shane Watkins (28-6) and Saegertown’s Zach Posego (27-12).

Garrett, meanwhile, will take his 15-12 record against Corry’s Logan Warren in the quarterfinals. Also at 152 is Saegertown’s Jude Mattocks (26-7) and Fort LeBoeuf’s Trenton Pace (21-11).

As a whole, Eisenhower was peaking at the end of the regular season and that includes Logan Jacquay at 106, Sam Holt at 132, Alex Barnett at 170 and Matt Huling at 195.

Jacquay, who comes in with a record of 21-8 is one of the top contenders at 106, a bracket that also includes Union City’s William Burgess (22-4), North East’s Caiden Eastman (21-8) and Fort LeBoeuf’s Steven McGarvie (27-5).

Holt, meanwhile, will matchup with Youngsville standout Aaron Morris in the quarterfinals. Morris has been one of the Eagles’ top wrestlers each of the last two seasons and comes into today’s action with a record of 17-8.

At 126, Youngsville’s Nathan Lehman (19-6) receives a first round bye and will meet the winner of Saegertown’s Dawson Bartholomew and Union City’s Austin Dolan in the quarterfinals. That weight class also includes Harbor Creek’s Nick Oosterkamp (29-6) and North East’s Josh Lewis (22-8).

Action today gets underway at 5:30 p.m.

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Williams Burgess (Union City, 22-4) vs. Dustin Phelps (Youngsville, 5-12)

Joe Gabler (Harbor Creek, 17-12) vs. Logan Jacquay (Eisenhower, 21-8)

Caiden Eastman (North East, 21-8) vs. Alex Kightlinger (Saegertown, 16-13)

Derrick Hurd (Corry, 6-7) vs. Steven McGarvie (Fort LeBoeuf, 27-5)


Edward Schwartz (Seneca, 2-10) or Matt Posego (Saegertown, 6-20) vs. Isaac Crowell (Fort LeBoeuf, 29-7)

Andy Dalton (Harbor Creek, 19-15) vs. Devin Muscarella (North East, 10-5) BYE

Judah Gardner (Union City, 12-8) vs. Gauge Ferguson (Iroquois, 13-12)

John Bortz (Eisenhower, 12-13) vs. Logan Munsee (Corry, 23-6)


Jacob Knisley (Eisenhower, 1-0) vs. Shad Haskins (Union City, 5-15) vs. Kenny Kiser (Saegertown, 32-6) BYE in semifinals

JT Ploss (Fort LeBoeuf) will face Dilon Schnars (North East, 16-10) in semifinals


Nick Oosterkamp (Harbor Creek, 29-6) vs. Michael Jackula (Iroquois, 5-10) or ElijahEckernan (Corry, 3-8)

Noah Rose (Fort LeBoeuf, 17-16) vs. Owen Jefferson (Seneca, 12-9)

Josh Lewis (North East, 22-8) vs. Nate Holt (Eisenhower, 11-12)

Nathan Lehman (Youngsville, 19-6) vs. Dawson Barthlomew (Saegertown, 14-18) or Austin Dolan (Union City, 3-21)


Sam Salfot (Harbor Creek, 33-1) vs. Colten Beck (Saegertown, 13-20)

Sam Holt (Eisenhower, 17-11) vs. Aaron Morris (Youngsville, 17-8)

Josh Farmer (Senca, 15-8) vs. Justin Cornelius (Fort LeBoeuf, 16-16)

Nick Lapinski (Corry, 6-9) vs. Garrett Kopp (North East, 22-5)


Austin Jaquith (Union City, 11-12) or Klayton Rick (Harbor Creek, 5-5) vs. Josh Perry (Corry, 23-5)

Dylen Muscarella (North East, 22-7) vs. Clayton Barr (Fairview, 7-14)

Andrew Schwartz (Seneca, 0-2) vs. Daytona English (Saegertown, 21-14)


Jude Mattocks (Saegertown, 26-7) vs. Joey Douglas (Iroquois, 1-3)

Riley Plyler (Harbor Creek, 5-9) vs. Wyatt Scott (Youngsville, 11-11)

Garrett Head (Eisenhower, 15-12) vs. Logan Warren (Corry, 5-17)

Esteban Weidman (Union City, 5-4) vs. Trenton Pace (Fort LeBoeuf, 21-11)


Brandon Tomcho (Union City, 11-6) or Zach Posego (Saegertown, 27-12) vs. Spencer Head (Eisenhower, 27-4)

Sam Svetz (North East, 20-5) vs. Brent Surbules (Fort LeBoeuf, 18-15)

Tye Hannon (Corry, 6-11) vs. Shane Watkins (Harbor Creek, 28-6)


Austin Eastman (North East, 12-11) or Brent Elizon (Saegertown, 22-16) vs. Joe Galvin (Iroquois, 22-3)

Gavin Henry (Union City, 19-5) vs. Mike McCurdy (Seneca, 11-15)

Aaron Melquist (Youngsville, 6-16) vs. Tyler Burlew (Corry, 23-4)


Zach Cassidy (Harbor Creek, 27-7) vs. Hunter Hill (North East, 11-15)

Matt Petrulia (Union City, 11-11) vs. Alex Barnett (Eisenhower, 16-13)

Jarrot Ruhl (Saegertown (22-15) vs. Nick Gourley (Corry, 9-9)

Ben Kightlinger (Iroquois, 7-7) vs. Jared Kula (Fort LeBoeuf, 12-7)


John Hummel (Eisenhower, 6-6) or Draven Douglas (Iroquois, 16-10) vs. Cody Mulligan (Saegertown, 34-3)

Lucas Folmar (Harbor Creek, 23-13) vs. Trevor Winters (Union City, 3-0)

Dylon Tucci (Corry, 1-5) vs. Julian Goring (Fort LeBouef, 31-4)


Robby Brown (Corry, 14-10) or Matt Huling (Eisenhower, 20-10) vs. Lane Reinwald (Fort LeBoeuf, 25-8)

Tyler Brooks (Saegertown, 24-12) vs. Kyle Woinelowicz (Seneca, 5-11)

Brandon Richardson (Union City, 5-13) vs. Dom Viscuso (Harbor Creek, 24-11)


Justin Hagberg (Eisenhower, 8-8) or Austin Spear (Youngsville, 11-9) vs. Jack Gill (Corry, 19-6)

Colin Askins (Harbor Creek, 21-13) vs. Sam Berry (Seneca, 7-16)

Mike Whiopo (Saegertown, 3-10) vs. Matt Long (Union City, 20-8)


Tyler Hedderick (Union City, 8-13) or John Bortz (Eisenhower, 5-8) vs. Jeffrey Kraemer (North East, 24-2)

Megan Gourley (Corry, 12-7) or Drake Hazlett (Saegertown, 8-10) vs. Joe Newara (Harbor Creek, 28-7)