Setting the record straight on D-10 football playoffs

There has been plenty of complaining from some of the self-righteous ‘gurus’ in District 10 about not only the move to six classes, but also about teams choosing to opt out of the playoffs.

It’s time to set some things straight.

The biggest complaint I hear about teams opting out is that it’s going to cost the district money with fewer playoff games.

Two points here. First, these teams likely would have opted out if they were still operating under the old classification system, so in reality District 10 really isn’t going to lose any more money than they would have if the PIAA didn’t approve the new class format that began this season.

Second, if D-10 didn’t want to lose money, they should leave the option out of the schools’ hands. In other words, you HAVE to go to the playoffs if you qualify under their format.

For the record, I’m perfectly OK with leaving it up to the schools. Every team that has chose to opt out of the playoffs so far has made the right decision based on their record.

The district has essentially told the schools with the new open-hybrid playoff format in other sports that it will be up to them, so I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Eisenhower needs some help to get in the playoffs.

They would need Seneca to lose to Northwestern and Iroquois to beat North East. The second scenario is entirely plausible, the first one not so much, however. If that were to happen and if Eisenhower beats Saegertown, that would create a three-way tie for third place in Region 3, with the top two teams going to the playoffs.

Seneca beat North East, Eisenhower beat Seneca and North East beat Eisenhower, so it would likely come down to overall record should that happen. In that case, Seneca and Eisenhower would get the nods. But again, the Knights need a lot of help.

Nevertheless, the only thing they can do is go out and complete the task at hand against Saegertown and that’s what I expect them to do.

It’s good to see Youngsville playing again tonight. I’m sure it’s been tough on the coaches and players and I hope they get a tremendous amount of satisfaction taking the home field against Cambridge Springs.

They have earned the right to enjoy it.

Both Warren and Sheffield stand at 1-7, and while they won’t be going to the postseason, they do have winnable games against Oil City and Cameron County respectively.

I think they both come out ready to play and each notch win No. 2.