Mineweaser has unique experience at Browns game

Halee Mineweaser, age 12 of Youngsville, recently got to be the ‘Browns Kickoff kid’ for the Bears/Browns preseason game on Sept. 1. Her father, Eric, is the President of the Kinzua Country Browns Backers Club for Warren County.

At Browns Backers Weekend, he purchased $20 in raffle tickets for a Chinese Auction that consisted of five items. Of those five items were a chance for a child to be the ‘Browns Kickoff Kid’ for the first half (and second half) of the Browns/Bears game.

After the first two item winners were selected, it was the for the ‘First Half Cleveland Browns Kick Off’ kid raffle. Eric was sitting at his seat with approximately 15 tickets in hand, folded in a way that he was looking directly at a middle ticket in the ‘arm’s length’ collection of tickets. The exact number of the ticket he was staring at was called! The Mineweasers had just won four 50-yard game tickets behind the Browns bench which also included Halee being on the field for the pre- game warm-ups and to be able to grab the tee after the opening kickoff.

What makes this story more satisfying for Eric is that Halee’s older sister, Paige, age 17, had the opportunity to be the coin toss captain at a Browns/Raiders game on Oct. 12, 2003, a 13-7 Browns’ win.

Paige had just turned four at the time. As she walked out onto the field for that game to be the Honorary Coin Toss Captain, she was met by four Hall of Fame athletes from the Raiders. (Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, Rod Woodson, and Charles Woodson – soon to be HOFer). Paige refused to shake their hand after the coin toss. When her father asked why, she replied, “Dad, we don’t like that team.”

At age four, father had daughter loving the Browns so much she didn’t understand a handshake was a simple way of saying ‘good luck.’ It’s something they laugh about now, joking she may be one of the only people to ‘snub’ four Hall of Famers.

Back to Halee. The pre-game warm-ups were exciting for the family to watch as she took her picture with some former players and even the owner, Jimmy Haslam. She also took her picture with Chomps (Browns mascot) right after she grabbed the tee from the football field.

It’s a pretty memorable moment for the Mineweaser family and a proud one to say that father Eric had both children be involved in a game at Cleveland. They keep waiting patiently each year for their team to make a breakthrough.

Mineweaser’s guest during Browns Backers Weekend won the 2nd Half Kickoff Kid raffle. Erik Leamon took his kids to the game and his child Lex Leamon had the opportunity to grab the tee after the 2nd Half Kickoff, an outcome that couldn’t have been better even if planned.