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Your vote

November 23, 2012
The Times Observer
Dear editor, I wrote a letter before the elections that never got published. This letter is about the same subject. That letter was about wasting your vote. That sure did happen a lot this time. I cannot believe the way the presidential election came out. I would see these Obama-Biden signs all around town and wondered what was wrong with these people You have elected one of the most incompetent presidents we have ever had. Now you are going to get what you deserve. Here is the list: Is our debt now going to double? Do you want health care regulated by the government? Do you want to see heavy fines levied on people that do not get health insurance? Do you want to see 12,000 new IRS agents hired to enforce this? Do you want to see us moving right into socialism? Well, that is what you voted for so now you are going to get it. I am not saying the Mitt Romney was any better but at least his health plan proposal was to let the people pick and choose what health converage they wanted. Our vote was wasted either way this time but you idiots who put Obama back in are not going to get what you deserve an d the rest of us are going to pay the price. Thanks a lot for nothing. Barry Keller Warren


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