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From The Editor

October 5, 2009
Times Observer
Parenting is a tough job. Parenting on your own is an even tougher job. Being a single parent is probably the most difficult job I can imagine actually. I have just recently had a small taste of what it is like to do it “all” on your own. Because of his job, my husband has to be out of town a couple days at a time. He comes home for a night and heads back out. It is something we are all adjusting to. Thankfully it will only continue for about seven months or so and then we will be back to our usual schedules and routines. As a result, I have a new found respect for anyone that is doing this full time.

As in my situation, single parenting experiences can come in all forms. Sometimes it is a permanent situation and other times it’s for a shorter period of time. Anyway it happens it certainly requires extra planning and patience. Simple tasks just take that much more effort without an extra pair of hands. Finding a way to juggle being on parent duty full time, working and maintaining a household can be crazy!

One of my girlfriends is a mom of three girls. Over the past seven months she has had more than her hands full as her husband has been serving our country as a Marine. During that spell, she gave birth to her third child and received news that her second daughter had a brain tumor. As I have watched her handle a new baby, chemo treatments once a week and preparing to send her first off to school, I have been blown away by her positive attitude. She leans heavily on her faith to get her through but also has a strength that is amazing to me.

She talks frequently about “little moments” that have been helping her cope. We all know what she is talking about. The sweet interactions that she witnesses her girls share. Or the funny things they say. Just when she thinks she has had enough, her two-year-old with the tumor will offer a perspective that can’t help but make her smile.

This month we have added a new writer, Lindsey Staples, who wrote an article, “The Little Moments,” which discusses this very thing. When we think we have had enough and can’t handle much more, children offer such an innocence and vibrancy to life that it can be just what we need to get us through. If you currently find yourself overwhelmed by all that parenting has to offer, I encourage you to read her article this month and seek out those “little moments” in your life.

Until next time,

Kirsten Johnson



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