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Barb Brooker and Bev Tetreault End Up Tied For First Jackpot

December 5, 2008
A tie – how about that? Bev needed a strike and spare on the tenth frame to tie Barb and she did it. Barb could have won all by herself by sparing in the tenth frame, but she didn’t. Nice going, gals!

No one was going to tie “cousin” Vinnie Paternosh for the second jackpot. Vinnie rolled a terrific scratch game of 236 and with his handicap of 30 pins totaled a 266 – Wow!

Would you believe Ray Lewis bowled a scratch 223 and totaled 244. Wrong game, Ray.

Can Baldridge won the third jackpot with a scratch game of 164. Can’s enormous handicap of 79 pins makes him hard to beat. Although “Cousin” Vinnie did beat him for the second jackpot. Can’s jackpot total was 243.

Louise Quick missed out on the first jackpot by three pins (204) and lost the third jackpot by seventeen pins (226). Louise has been bowling great, but bowls the best game at the wrong time.

The team event came down to the tenth frame. Team Two scored better in the tenth and finally beat Team One by 18 pins.

Those sad members of Team One were: Ruth Johnson, Shirley Wolnik, Lou Barresi, Vicky Wright, Claire Post, Vinnie Paternosh, Louise Quick, Quint Leamer and Dan Snow.

The smiling members of Team Two were: Bev Tetreault, Charlie Quick, Ray Lewis, Laura Parment (the game doesn’t suck when you win, Laura), Can Baldridge, Barb Brooker, Dorothy Post, Jack Gambino and Neal Johnson (got it right this week, Neal.)

THE HIGHLIGHTS of the day were a four bagger by Ray Lewis and six strikes in a row by Vinnie Paternosh.

SPLITS were picked up by: Lou Barresi (4-5); Barb Brooker (3-10); Vicky Wright (3-10); Quint Leamer (2-4-10) and (5-7); Neal Johnson (2-7) and Louise Quick (3-10).

HIGH SCORES of the day were: Vinnie Paternosh – 171, 236, 150 (557); Ray Lewis – 152, 223, 173 (545); Dan Snow – 170, 166, 166 (502); Louise Quick – 153, 170; Jack Gambino – 169, 157; Lou Barresi – 165; Can Baldridge – 164’ Bev Tetreault – 147 and Barb Brooker – 144.

ALLEY CHATTER: The Buffalo Bills should come bowling with us. They certainly can’t play football!

Three points at home? Why even Syracuse could beat that bunch of over-paid football players.

Come on Mr. Wilson, fire that whole coaching staff and get a head coach who can show a little emotion. The first thing the coach should do is to draft a quarterback from Pennsylvania, Ohio or Michigan. You know, a quarterback who can play in the cold weather. Trent Edwards, from California, certainly can’t.

How long must we fans suffer with second rate players and coaches?

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