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Team Harp Takes Summer Basketball League Title With 10-2 Season Record

August 14, 2008
By Elias Manzella and Andrew Webster


Team Kyser vs.

Team Bernet

In the first consolation semi-final of the night it was 6th seeded Team Kyser vs. 7th seeded Team Bernet. Both teams, especially Team Bernet lacked depth, but that didn’t seem to bother either team as it was a good game throughout. However Team Kyser (5-6) had just a little more left in the tank and prevailed 69-60 over Team Bernet (3-8). Team Kyser who was led by Kathy Baum’s 25 points will now play for 5th place. Also contributing for the winners was Omar “Mucho Amor” Laboy with 16 and Jack Ellis with 15. The losers were led by Doug Hawley’s 16 points and Ray “Never Say Die” Houser with 14.

Team Causebrook vs.

Team North

Tempers flared in the 5 seed/8 seed semi-final game as Team Causebrook (6-5) earned a spot in the consolation finals against Team Kyser, by defeating a rowdy Team North (2-9) by the score of 83-69. Matt Eggleston was the leading scorer with 25 points while Captain Alanna Causebrook chipped in with 15 points total, including her first career 3-pointer. Team North was led again by Mike Bova and Tyler North with 19 and 18 points respectively.

Team Cuevas vs.

Team Manzella

The first semi-final of the evening turned out to be a let down as only five players showed up to play for the undermanned Team Manzella (6-5). The final score was a 62-34 point trouncing by Team Cuevas (8-3) as they were missing Captain Cuevas himself. It was a reasonably close game until stamina took its toll on Team Manzella right before halftime. Nate Sanzo was again the leader for the victors as he put up a 29 point performance while John “Skip to my Lou” Wells added 14. The losers were paced by Marc Kapples 12 points, Gabe Sheilds 6 and Tom Manzellas 6.

Team Harp vs.

Team Barber

In the second semi-final of the night it was the highly anticipated matchup of top seeded Team Harp squaring off against the 4th seeded yet highly dangerous Team Barber. The first half did not disappoint as the two teams battled back and forth with Team Harp leading at the half 39-35. The second half was entirely different as Team Harp (9-2) knocked Team Barber (5-6) right in the jaw, and Team Barber was down for the count. The suffocating 3-2 zone of Team Harp foiled any chances Team Barber had of getting back in the game. The winners were led by Jeff “No Mercy” Beadle’s game high 26 points, with “Big” Mac Hotchkiss chipping in for 12. The losers were paced by Chevy Latta’s 22 points and Carl Swan’s 11. Team Harp will now square off against Team Cuevas for the first ever Westfield Summer League title.


Team Bernet vs.

Team North

In the extreme battle for 7th place it was Team North (2-10) challenging Team Bernet (4-8) to a gentleman’s duel. Because both teams were lacking depth it made for a very entertaining game. However the story of the night was none other than Ray “I am a Man” Hauser who finished with career numbers as he led his team to an 84-73 victory. Hauser tied Jeff Beadle for the single game scoring record by totaling 40 points. Hauser had this to say about his performance “Hey man that was fun!” Also chipping in for the winners was Chris “Baby Shaq” Westin with 12 points. The losers were led by the North brothers Tyler and Trey with 23 and 21 points respectively.

Team Causebrook vs.

Team Kyser

A phenomenal battle was in place for the rights to 5th place. Team Kyser (6-6) finished the season on a good note as they defeated a depleted Team Causebrook (6-6) 63-53. The game was more physical than expected as elbows were flying and emotions were running rampant. The leaders for Team Kyser included Corbin “Iron Man” Meleen with 26 hard earned points while Kathy “Shoot the Lights Out” Baum added 13. Steve “Chicks Dig the Long Ball” Hout led the losers with 21 as Captain Alanna Causebrook put 8 on the board.

Team Manzella vs.

Team Barber

It was another intense game as bronze medals were on the line in the 3rd place showdown between Teams Manzella and Barber. Team Barber was missing most of their big guns, and in their absence unsung hero Austin “Scoop” Alonge played a swell game by totaling 18 points. However it wasn’t enough as Team Manzella (7-5) defeated Team Barber (5-7) 59-53. Leading Team Manzella in a very balanced effort was Gabe “Sweet Stroking” Shields with 13 points and Jay “I do this all day” Burnett with 12 points. Also chipping in for the winners was Tom “Take it to the Hoop” Manzella with 6 points.

Team Harp vs.

Team Cuevas

The first ever overtime game was a game for the ages as both teams Harp and Cuevas were dead set on earning the first ever Westfield Summer League Basketball Title. With the first place trophy gleaming in the eyes of everyone, including spectators, the game was set to go down in history. Team Cuevas scored first as the teams battled back and forth with great beauty and awe.

The first half concluded with Team Cuevas holding a slim 4 point lead as they held the never ending scorer Jeff Beadle to a 2 point first half. Both Captains Jake Harp and Marcus Cuevas could be heard on the sidelines inspiring their respective teams at half trying to spark even more energy into the already intense game.

Team Harp took to the floor in the second half a changed team as Jeff Beadle exploded for 22 second half points, but lazy defense kept Team Cuevas in the game as they eventually led by two with less than a minute to go. Jake Harp drew up a play that was unstoppable as Mac Hotchkiss tied the game with seven seconds left to send it into overtime. Mike “The Hulk” Putney scored the first two points hard earned as it was sole determination that put the ball in the hoop. Marcus Cuevas showed why he is called “cold as ice” as he hit two key free throws tying the game. As the game looked like it was going into sudden death, Jeff “You Can’t Touch This” Beadle drove down the lane to lay the ball in the hoop with four seconds left, sealing the deal 54-52 for Team Harp (10-2). Leading Team Harp was Jeff Beadle himself with 26, Mike Putney with 13 and Captain Jake Harp with 7.

The second place Team Cuevas (8-4) was led by Nate Sanzo with 17 points and Marcus Cuevas with 14. Members of the 1st place Team Harp included Jeff Beadle, Amy Bertrando, Nick Bertrando, Captain Jake Harp, Mac Hotchkiss, Anthony Leone, Justin Luther, Mike Putney, Tesla Wright.


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