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Roper Hollow

July 1, 2008
Times Observer

Dear editor:

I am writing this letter in regards to the Forest Service closing Roper Hollow boat launch. Why in the world would they even think of closing this launch?

There is absolutely no maintenance there, other than the restrooms. If that's the problem, take them out and leave the launch open. They have no clue how many fishermen from Warren use that launch in the fall and winter months before ice comes on. It gives us access to the middle of the lake so we don't have to travel far to fish which makes it convenient and safe. Roper launch is also protected from south winds unlike Webb's launch which can be like launching, or loading at the Berring Sea. They have no clue but yet they say Webb's is a better launch.

Thousands of taxpayers' dollars were spent to build that launch, but now they want to close it. Could it actually be that the people who collect the parking fees don't want to drive down to Roper launch? Webb's Ferry launch has had a lot of property damage done to vehicles and trailers. Just ask me. Back window broken out with items stolen.

Roper usually doesn't have any problems. Maybe some drinking and a few small incidents but nothing like Webb's Ferry. That long drive down and one long way out is usually a deterrent to criminal mischief. I think other sportsman and or clubs get involved in this and write to your senators, etc.

The Forest Service doesn't have the last say in their decision. What in the world happened to "public relations"?

Jerry Cataldo




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