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Ill will

March 1, 2014

Ill will Last week, Go....

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Mar-07-14 2:54 PM

(CONT) If you carry an I-phone 5 or have money to burn (smoke tobacco), YOU ARE NOT POOR. You're a scammer! Stupid taxpayers.

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Mar-07-14 2:50 PM

The term "disabled" is as woefully mis-defined as the term "poor" in this country. I'd guess that about 75% are just scammers who have learned how to abuse the system. I saw two 19 year-olds run from their car in the handicapped spot at Wallyworld the other night. Medicaid is so abused. I see the E.R. at WGH used for routine colds and skin rashes. Gimme a break. Schedule an office visit and save the taxpayers thousands of $. They won't because they have no "skin in the game". Until they pay, they don't care. If you can get out of bed in the morning YOU ARE NOT DISABLED.

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Mar-02-14 4:04 PM

I have worked since I was 16. I didn't ask to come done with a autoimmune disease! I am living off the Social Security that I paid into! Now when I need it I find out to get ANY type of medical I would have to pay over 100 a month! I don't have a extra hundred a month! So Obamacare you would think would be cheaper for me right? Umm NO it is actually more! So even though I am considered "poor" at 45 and I have worked till I was 41. That does not qualify me for your pity! So before you judge the people who need help ponder this.. In order for a person to pay for their medical after paying for the monthly bills aka utilities and for gas weither it be for a car they own or for a person to take them shopping and the medicines they need. Plus Food (which the prices are going up) Just how much does that leave for them to pay for ANY type of medical insurance? NOT Enough! Also did you know that must people can't afford to get the "fresh" fruit and vegetables that they n

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Mar-02-14 7:42 AM

NOTHING IS FREE---If your getting free healthcare that simply means someone else is being forced to pay for it along with their own.

The Fed doesn't have any money to pay for healthcare. They either take it from taxpayers or borrow it from China.

MOST illnesses are a direct result of lifestyles which can be altered if the individual wants. Smoking ,excessive drinking, doing drugs, overeating, and risky activities account for most health problems.

This is simply another example of transferring money from those who earned it to those who didn't.

Corbett does have this one right.

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Mar-01-14 10:40 AM

I find it interesting that the WTO printed this in letters to the editor and allowed 514 words when the will trim anybody else down to 400. The reason I mention this is at times it can be difficult to make your point with the words they limit you to.

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Mar-01-14 9:36 AM

So this left leaning liberal rag of a newspaper wants to spend more of our tax dollars, on the terrible law known as Obamacare, from hear to eternity. The cost will continue to rise as the Feds, as they do with every program, decrease the amount they reimburse the states. I think Corbett has it right on this one. Its time for the free rides to stop, if you do not pay a little bit of the cost out of your own pocket, the system will be abused. I know that the poor need a helping hand. We should always help the less fortunate to improve their lives so they can support themselves and not live teir lives collecting off the government.

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