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Anderson announces run for seat in state House

February 17, 2014

Toby Anderson announced Friday that he will seek election as State Representative of the 65th Legislative District....

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Feb-17-14 8:10 AM

Which party's nomination is he seeking?

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Feb-17-14 9:27 AM

Dubedit...I think that was done on purpose but his campaign manager is as democrat as you can get.

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Feb-17-14 10:27 AM

But what about preserving the Pennsylvania fossil collection now in office?

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Feb-17-14 10:50 AM

DARgirl - good one and you are correct about the fossil collection but it's time they gone.

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Feb-17-14 12:09 PM

I'm no expert but I guess it might be nice to have a change of pace in there. Kathy Rapp has some plusses and some minuses but overall she's been in office for such a long time. Maybe it would be good to get some new blood and new ideas. I'm going to wait and see until I hear more about this candidate. Hope they have a debate or two.

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Feb-17-14 5:15 PM

So Kathy will not Win by default. I hope there are debates and kathy has to defend her (almost nonexistent) record of not listening to the REAL concerns of our area.

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Feb-18-14 11:15 AM

"Natural gas is the future of Pennsylvania's economy" Anderson said. No, my friend, they are EXPORTING our gas to elsewhere. Some will go to China to help them produce our goods at a low price. Mr Anderson's statement would only be true IF they kept all the gas produced in Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania. But it will NOT be kept and used here. We will NOT have cheap, abundant gas here. Our gas is sometimes sold in other markets cheaper than what they charge us for it! One day Warren may have to follow the rest of the world into the future and develop solar, wind and hydroelectric power! That will be "the future". Promoting gas and oil is foolishly clinging to the past. It's time to move forward. Warren does get sunshine and wind and has a big****that is not being utilized properly for hydroelectric. We are not in the 19th century any more!

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Feb-18-14 11:21 AM

Dubet, why does it matter if he calls himself a democrat or republican? He will still be a stooge or shill for the same industry! His party shouldn't matter. He seems to want to follow Kathy Rapp down the same old tired, WORN road. He will serve the same masters ... just the packaging will be a little different, that's all.

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Feb-18-14 11:26 AM

Ohmyreally said: "So Kathy will not Win by default".

She most certainly will "win by default". That is the way it is in Warren. Too many sheep follow each other into the voting booth and pull the lever for the Republicans! No matter HOW bad they are, election after election. Just look at the past!

This seat is most certainly Republican by default.

Mr Anderson is just giving up votes by calling himself a Democrat!

Kathy Rapp will hold that seat as long as she wants it.

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Feb-18-14 8:41 PM

Environmentalist, his party matters because in May, only registered Republicans can vote for Republican candidates, and only registered Democrats can vote for Democratic candidates. His party also matters because if he's a Republican, then his election probably means Mike Turzai as the next Speaker of the House; if he's a Democrat, then Frank Dermody or Michael Hanna would be the Speaker. If the GOP stays in control, minimum wage probably won't go up. If Democrats gain control, it probably will. So that's why party matters. In a perfect world, it shouldn't. But we live in the real world -- at least, most of us do -- so party does matter.

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Feb-19-14 8:02 AM

Dubedit, actually I totally agree with your last post! I often preach that same thing. That is why all those people who call themselves *********s and Independents are just fooling themselves. We here in America (including Warren) only have a two party system. And very often All the Democrats or ALL the Republicans vote the party line. You are very much correct about that. I actually have to laugh out loud when somebody tells me "they vote for the person, not the party". Our only choice is party A or party B. We all vote for whom we believe is the lesser of the two evils. And either way we get an evil government!

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Feb-19-14 8:12 AM

Mr Anderson seems to be spewing the oil and gas industry rhetoric on some or most of the environmental issues.

Mr Anderson, you were raised in a town that is allowing the industry to dump poisons and radioactive materials into what was once a beautiful (and clean) river! One that had the potential to attract eco-tourism. It was once determined by "experts" that the only hope of Warren prospering in the future was through tourism.

The oil and gas people are insisting that if the poisons and radioactive materials are not allowed to be dumped into the river, "they would all go out of business". And "everybody will lose their jobs".

"Let us pollute or else" is their mantra. I'm very disappointed that you are not absolutely opposed to what the local producers are doing to our area environmentally. It seems you choose to be part of the problem, not part of the solution. That is too bad.

Good luck getting elected!

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Feb-19-14 11:42 AM

One thing to remember if you are a hunter or gun owner is that Democrats, even NRA members cannot be trusted to uphold the second amendment. We saw that play out last year as Casey claimed to be a gun rights supporter until the Washington leadership told him to switch positions and even WV senator Manchin went from a hard core NRA member and 2nd amendment supporter to an Obama puppy on orders from Washington. Rapp may have her faults as most do but she won't sell out hunters and gun owners on that issue.

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Feb-19-14 9:59 PM

and we all know that the ruination of rural America through an almost 100% Republican representation at both local and state levels is okay because they won't take away your weapons. The rural economic situation is a disaster and people are fleeing rural America in droves but as long as one can have their six dozen semi-automatic weapons all is well in the world.

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Feb-20-14 8:20 AM

Ok, wow. A lot of comments here.

First, Toby is running on the Democratic ticket. Just to clarify.

Secondly, Toby in an environmentalist and will be graduating in a few months with a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Environmental Science. He is very passionate and committed to protecting our natural resources and beauty of the region we live in. That is first.

He also believes that we must use our natural gas resources smartly. Right now we're simply filtering mountains of cash out of state or burning the gas up in our houses. We need to invest in industries that work off of natural gas and build a foundation for the future. The natural gas, after all, will not last forever.

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Feb-20-14 8:24 AM

Also, in relation to the 2nd Amendment, Toby is a proud gun owner. And by gun owner, I mean he owns a lot of guns. Some customized and some stock. He is a long time hunter and is 100% committed to the protection of the 2nd Amendment.

He also believes that we need to properly enforce the laws we have on the books. He is certainly a more qualified second amendment advocate than Kathy Rapp (at the very least because of his service as a veteran and use of weapons in the military).

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Feb-20-14 10:16 AM

"Secondly, Toby in an environmentalist".

How in the world can you say that? I speak with, and can speak for, many of the areas environmentalists. A true "environmentalist" would not say that the "new regs" may have gone "too far". Quite the opposite. We are complaining that the regs were written by the industry and certainly did not go nearly far enough. AND both the smaller producers as well as the Marcellus drillers should all be held to the same regs and the same standards.

When they are putting poisons into the water table it don't matter how big the driller is. Poisons are still poisons.

And what makes him "an environmentalists"? Because he took a course at a very pro-oil college like Pitt Bradford? Because he took a course with "environment" in it's name? Oh, please! Perhaps he and you should have taken a course in "rhetoric".

Toby's views are not the views of an "environmentalist", and in my o

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Feb-20-14 10:24 AM

Real Jeff said: "He also believes that we must use our natural gas resources smartly. Right now we're simply filtering mountains of cash out of state or burning the gas up in our houses. We need to invest in industries that work off of natural gas and build a foundation for the future. The natural gas, after all, will not last forever".

Then would Toby author or support a bill to keep our gas that is produced in Pa IN Pa to achieve his above stated premise? Would he propose legislation to prevent our gas from going elsewhere?

What good is "our gas" being drilled by Texans only to be sold cheap on the world market and/or shipped overseas? How will that help bring new businesses to Pa?

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Feb-20-14 10:38 AM

My previous post was cut off.

I started to say: Toby's views are not the views of a real "environmentalist", and in my opinion are not much better than Kathy Rapp's.

I'll give you a few pieces of advice. One, you should know your base (potential voters). If you make too many concessions to get cross-over Republicans to vote for you, you may lose a proportionate number of Democrats who would have voted for you. That is where I believe Toby is right now on the environment.

And two, I think he should spend some time talking with some of the "real" environmentalists in this area IF he wants any of their (much needed) support.

A large percentage of Warrens Democrats are also staunch environmentalists. Toby wont win as a Republican in Democratic clothing.

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Feb-20-14 10:56 AM

Unfortunately Toby’s grandfather passed away and he’s too preoccupied to write his own response to the environmentalism issue you’re bringing up. Toby is not a “Republican in Democrat clothing”. Toby is a moderate, independent thinker who realizes that there has to be a balance between industry and environment. He will not be considered an “environmentalist” by people who flatly dislike the oil and gas industry, strongly oppose fracking and other forms of drilling.

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Feb-20-14 10:57 AM

His position is to strike a balance where industries and businesses that play by the rules have as much opportunity to grow as possible and the players who ignore the rules are punished to the highest extent possible. Toby is not a reactionary or an activist. He is a realist and understands that we need to preserve as much of our wealth of resources as possible and at the same time make sure that good businesses have a chance to grow. Each side needing to compromise to get some of what they want.

Also, Toby is very interested in supporting alternative fuel and energy sources and wants to invest in wind, solar and biofuels as much as possible. Toby certainly believes that fossil fuels are temporary solution to the long term energy problems the state and country have.

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Feb-20-14 10:57 AM

All that said, Kathy Rapp has absolutely no interest in protecting the environment or alternative energy. She is only interested in handing money over to out of state energy companies. If you think that you could get a better deal with Kathy, then my recommendation is to vote for her.

If you care about the environment then your best bet is to show up to the polls and pull the level for Toby. That’s a fact my friend.

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Feb-20-14 11:10 AM

In closing, Toby Anderson’s campaign is happy to talk with anyone who’s passionate about their issue and constituency. The campaign is going to be built on listening and trying to incorporate as many of the district’s voices as possible. Mr. Anderson isn’t interested in representing 45% of the district, he’s interested in 100% so if you have time and would like to talk, go to our website and fill out the contact form and we’ll set up a private meeting to discuss your concerns.

I would post info here but I believe they deleted one of my earlier posts because it had campaign info on it. Again, we thank you for your interest and continuing the discussion about this important issue.

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Feb-20-14 2:23 PM

At least you are open with your bias. Attacking you're opponent even before the primary seems desperate.

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Feb-20-14 2:24 PM

Brazil----Don't blame Repubs for people leaving rural areas. We have all seen how the democratic environmentalists have created jobs and kept people from fleeing the rural areas. They are against logging, mining, and drilling, which are the jobs that support rural America. They can't decide if they are for or against windmills, and want businesses to pay skilled wages for unskilled labor because they chased the high paying jobs overseas with their regulations. This guy sounds ok if you believe his PR guy posting on here but the only thing Democrats seem able to do is raise my taxes, try to take my guns, and ignore economic issues while pushing liberal social issues. I think I will stick with Rapp for awhile longer.

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