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State Department of Agriculture kennel inspections

February 14, 2014

The following Warren County dog kennels were inspected by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Dog Law Enforcement officials between Jan. 1 and Feb. 12, 2014....

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Feb-18-14 3:30 PM

to: 1955ps We are not "quick to judge". The Warren County Humane Society has a long history of not serving this community as it should. The anger comes from how good intentioned people are treated when they try to deal with Karen Kolos and her staff. They can be rude and condescending and I have called them in reference to neglected animals and they don't respond. That, I have experienced myself. There is obviously a problem at Paws Along the River and as I said before if the Board does not open its eyes and try to do what is right for animals, then the dogs, the cats, the horses and other animals are the ones who will suffer.

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Feb-18-14 10:55 AM

I have been reading everyone's comments on kennel inspections. I am amazed how quickly you judge the humane society and want to find fault with what they do. Do any of you ever go there, have any idea how hard they work and for what. You think they make great money, have benefits, paid holidays? How do you think the shelter survives, off a money tree. Do you think the shelter is state funded? Donations is what they survive off of. It is a bunch of hard working people trying to save the stray and unwanted animals in Warren County that no one else is going to help. The ones that people no longer want, can afford,drop off in the middle of nowhere,or can care take of. In case you didn't notice the other kennels are for profit kennels and don't house the same type of pets that the shelter does. People know what you are talking about before passing judgement. Find out for yourselves what the shelter does, I did. Shame on you, I didn't see you at the shelter to see what they do there

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Feb-17-14 1:52 AM

Jimmy1, the violations were for broken platforms, doors and exposed sharp edges on these items that pose a cutting and safety risk to the animals. It didn't say they lacked food or water. I'm sure you were more interested in looking at the animals when you were there than looking for sharp edges on items in the kennels. These were documented violations by the Dept of Ag on their inspection of the kennel. You may not have noticed them, but they sure did! So what you are basically saying is, these violations are ok because you had a good experience there, liked the staff and never noticed the issues personally?! They have definite safety violations which put the pets in danger. They need held accountable and fixed and not to occur again. End of story.

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Feb-16-14 4:33 PM

I agree the dogs will be dogs and dogs get messy but when the cruelty officer charges organizations and people for animal cruelty in the same cases there should be no quarter all are equal I feel some of the laws are too strict and they need to be reexamined but until then everyone should be held to the same standard NO EXCEPTIONS every dog owner knows they are not going to be cleaned everyday all day 24 hours a day dogs are going to be dogs

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Feb-16-14 11:30 AM

Ok I wasn't going to comment but feel I have to, Mindy Sue Loomis we have adopted 3 dogs from. You guys, TIFFANY, LUKE AND LADY. Never any issues whats so ever. With that said, I feel abording kennel and a human society are 2 different things. Yes in a sense you are both bording dogs, but one is taking care of your dog while you go on vacation. The other is saving the life of a dog that was abused. I for one see a Big difference in the two. Every time I have been there the pens are clean, there is food and water, sure there may have been poop or urine in a pen or 2 they are dogs for heaven sakes! It is going to happen. I have never seen anything out of sorts and we have always been treated very well. Never have we experienced the things in this article or the things people say. GOD BLESS each and every one of you that work there!

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Feb-15-14 4:24 PM

I looked at the Kennel inspection from the Humane Society, my question is why have 11 dogs been put down just this year. I thought the Humane society was a no-kill shelter. last year they put down over 100 dogs, wow that is alot. it makes me sad. Also i find it weird that they would rather place dogs out of state than let people in the local community have them, whats up with that?

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Feb-15-14 9:22 AM

The Board of Directors of Paws Along the River need to wake up, stop defending Karen Kolos, and hire someone to take her place. This is kind of report is unacceptable. Do you think financial supporters want to hear this kind of thing? Im sure Karen will come back with "our funding was cut" blah blah blah

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Feb-14-14 7:40 PM

Ms. Kolos needs to be held accountable. I find it ironic that charges were placed against New Hope Assistance that required them to use money to defend themselves. Their deficiencies were way less than the ones listed for her very own agency. This woman has some 'splaining to do.

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Feb-14-14 5:25 PM

I find it funny that the animal cruelty officer can be given a warning for failing a kennel inspection and other organizations get threatened with shut down and even taken to court. The animal cruelty officer needs to either step down or get her act together because she is not setting a good example for other organizations, dog businesses, or even the community.

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Feb-14-14 3:43 PM

Glass House Hypocrites!

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Feb-14-14 12:02 PM

LOL! Yeah, it's about time Paws Along the River gets white-gloved like they do everyone else! LOL!

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Feb-14-14 4:50 AM

Wow, so every kennel was in compliance......except for our local humane society. How ironic to read that after the director goes after all these other kennels for not being "up to par" and threatening the safety of animals, while the kennel she runs has multiple violations. Shouldn't she have charges pressed against her for animal cruelty and threatening the safety of shelter dogs? I guess I don't get how she can't be brought up on charges for all these violations when she goes bringing up charges against other pet owners and facilities for the very same violations she commits! And no, I've never been charged in my life by her. I just found this to be very ironic!

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