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February 13, 2014

Dear editor: I am a former resident of Warren who was recently alerted to a homophobic letter to the editor printed in the Warren Times Observer....

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Feb-13-14 8:56 AM

Once again: pro-morality does NOT equate to fear of the immoral. Get it through your heads!!

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Feb-13-14 8:59 AM

"Being gay is not a "choice" any more than being straight is." So, being a child molester is not a choice? You're telling me that he/she is "born that way"? Reality is: EVERYTHING we do is our choice. EVERYTHING!!

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Feb-13-14 9:10 AM

Couldn't agree more with the letter writer. Couldn't disagree more with stonewall. Being a child molester has nothing to do with being gay. When did you choose to be straight, from the other choices? Sexual orientation is born into you. The lack of understanding of the natural world is appalling. Please befriend a gay person so you can develop a true understanding.

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Feb-13-14 9:50 AM

One has no choice in what race they are born into just as they have no choice as to what sex (male/female) they are born. Then as we go through life we are thrust into some situations that we do not have any control over. But most of the paths that we walk are by making a CHOICE. Homosexuality is a CHOICE. There are many people that would rather believe a lie and be dammed than receive the truth and be saved.

Yes, Christianity is about love; it’s about the GREATEST act of love ever committed. “For God so LOVED the world that he gave is only begotten SON to die for US.”

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Feb-13-14 10:07 AM

Mr Neff from youngsville does NOT represent most people from Warren county. He is a cult leader for a small faction of our county.

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Feb-13-14 10:33 AM

While I was not born in Warren, but my children and grandchildren were. I find this a very serious narrow minded view. People in Warren have never wanted to understand.People do not "choose" to be gay. When you were inside your mothers belly DID YOU make the choice to be a man or woman? Or black or white or Hispanic? Did you may the decision to be morally righteous for others? I find fault in the thought process for most of the views expressed here!

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Feb-13-14 10:37 AM

Backwoods, you didn't answer the question. When did you consciously choose to be straight, as opposed to gay, bi, transgender, ********tiy, etc.? You didn't. When you reached puberty, you "just knew" that you were straight. You were naturally attracted to girls. Your orientation was built into you. It wasn't a choice.

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Feb-13-14 10:41 AM

Agreed, rosedrac. I see a severe deficiency in thought process of people who have succummed to religious dogma. They use more logic and reasoning in buying a toaster than they do in learning about the natural world.

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Feb-13-14 2:37 PM

We are all entitled to our opinions. If you feel being gay is great then good for you, but if you don't feel it's ok then you are entitled to feel that way to. I don't want anyone to tell me that I have to feel something is OK because it is now socially acceptable. My feelings are my own and I don't expect the rest of the world to feel the same. The Father is entitled to his opinion as well.

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Feb-13-14 2:54 PM

Backwoods and Stonewall,

You truly believe someone chooses to be gay, really?

I'm not gay, not that it matters, but I find it very hard to believe someone would choose to be ostracized by society. Young people that struggle questioning their sexuality would not choose to have to deal with such a thing. They would much rather be considered "normal" by society I truly believe that and that's why I don't think it's a choice.

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Feb-13-14 2:58 PM

One more question for you two...

What do you do if your grandson our daughter comes to you and tells you they are gay? Are you going to throw a fit tell them to change or else. Or are you going to embrace them and love them for who they are?

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Feb-13-14 3:30 PM

reader, you are correct in that nothing has been demonstrated, YET. There are many studies. Some have shown pattterns in certain chromosome groupings. Sexual orientation is undoubtably a complex trait for which no single gene will be determined. It's more likely that it is a combination of various genes acting together, possibly along with other biological factors. The cool thing is that where there is an answer to be found, science will keep looking, researching for the verifiable evidence on which to form a theory. I believe that if you don't have several gay friends, then you can't possibly have any understanding. Those of us who do quickly know that, for a truly gay peson, it was never a choice.

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Feb-13-14 9:44 PM

Lisa,it appears you have a good head on your shoulders.Thankfully you aren't out there beating it against a "stone wall". How people come up with equating sex crimes with those who are gay is rediculas.THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER.Folks who are gay have a much lower rate of crimes against sex than heterosexuals.I certainly find many gay folks more godlike than backwoods or stoney. Don't you people have Gay friends or relatives or is it a secret. God loves em just as much as you and maybe more... Why did Jesus prefer the sinners to the saints?... Cause the saints were on too high a pedestal and didn't live up to their own billing..... oh And he wasn't a Jerk!

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Feb-14-14 1:25 AM

While I love my children and grandchildren. If they were to come to us (my husband and myself) I would love no less than I love them today! What I find fault with is the lack of understanding in this city and country. People are so afraid to allow others to be as happy as they are. So they would rather ridicule and shame the people they find different. I am not as stupid as others may think. I know all about DNA and chromosomes. I also know that one does not just wake up one morning and say.. Today, I think I will be gay"... I raised my children to see a person NOT a color, nor sexual preference!! I have friends who are black, Asian, and Mexican. Some who are gay and some who are not! But never once did they make a gesture that made me feel uncomfortable. So I pose this question to all: What gives you the right to look at what someone else is doing in their home! What business is it of yours to be worried about everyone else instead of your own self?

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Feb-14-14 8:29 AM

Homosexuality has been practiced since before the great flood, which was a judgement brought on the earth because of sin. It became prominent again after the flood and brought judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah and the evidence is there to see.

The point is when we as individuals and as a nation endorse what the Lord calls an ABOMINATION we are asking for and may I add will receive a harsh judgement. There is a price to pay for our transgressions and all those of us who speak out against against homosexuality are doing is sounding a warning of what is to come.

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Feb-14-14 9:37 AM

It truly saddens mm heart that so many people believe that there are no consequences for there actions or endorsements. This nation is turning away from all of the core values that were the foundation upon which this nation formed.

Adding to my sadness is the fact that this regression into darkness is being done in the name of progress.

I miss my parents very much but I'm glad that they are not witnessing our decline into the obis of immorality because it would break there hearts.

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Feb-14-14 11:47 AM

Bear in mind that the word "homophobic" that the letter writer uses is a fake agenda-driven word, a loaded term, an overtly political neologism.

Cultural Marxists, or if you prefer, "progressives," always think that they can tack the suffix "phobe" or "phobic" onto the end of a word that is their issue-of-the-day and think that they've "won" the argument. In fact, it amounts to little more than a rhetorical method of trying to shout your opponent down.

Any time I see someone consciously use a word like "homophobe," "islamophobe," etc. I know that that person is intellectually dishonest and their opinion is without value.

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Feb-14-14 11:49 AM

I prefer the word "bigot." It cuts right to the heart of the matter and right to the center of the gay-hate mindset.

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Feb-14-14 1:59 PM

How did the word “sodomy” come about? It comes from the Bible and the story in Genesis about Sodom and Gomorrah and describes there sex-ual practices.

How does the dictionary define the word (Sodomy), it says, “Sodomy is unnatural or abnormal sex-ual inter-course.”

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Feb-14-14 2:05 PM

If I was 9 feet tall I'd be abnormal. Does that make it a crime? Abnormal to who by the way?

Honestly I think you're abnormally closed minded.

So Backwoods, your 14 year old grand daughter comes to you and tells you she's gay. What do you do?

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Feb-14-14 2:46 PM

LLR - you say, "Abnormal to who by the way?" To the God of Abraham, the Creator of the Heavens, the Earth and all there in. That's who but you probably do not believe his word but one day you will find out. I feel sad for all of those who are going to spend eternity without him. But that is your choice.

The bible says, "do not cast your pearls before swine," so I'm done talking!!! Have a NICE day.

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Feb-14-14 3:13 PM

God wrote the dictionary?

Sure run off without answering my tough question that you simply can't face.

My god is tolerant and loves everyone.

It's me that feels sorry for you!

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Feb-14-14 4:22 PM

LLR - what tough questions???

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Feb-15-14 8:10 AM

It's about sin and how our country is sliding down the slippery slope of immorality by endorsing sin. Many like you Gary do not want to believe that it will bring judgement.

But Gary there is a remnant of Bible believers that are willing stand on God's word, to take the abuse of those in the world to sound a warning. That if we do not repent as a nation for our sins that a swift and harsh judgement is coming.

There is no longer any "fear of the Lord" in the country, not even from many of those that stand behind a pulpit.

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Feb-15-14 8:23 AM

Gary, I also want to thank you for berating me. Jesus said that it would happen. True believers in this country are not really suffering any percussion but many around the world are giving up their life for Christ. But the news does not report on that they are to busy putting the progressives views out there.

Sadly this nation has "progressed" to the point it is calling, "good evil and evil good."

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