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February 6, 2014

Gun cartoon Dear editor: The political cartoon that was printed on Monday, Feb. 3, was very offensive....

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Feb-11-14 10:04 PM

Excellent letter. Law-abiding citizens who conceal and carry, from what I'm told, feel at times like second class citizens.

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Feb-06-14 10:03 PM

Liberalism always outweighs Conservatism at the Times Observer. There has not been balanced reporting for years. As stated by the author of the article, a tremendous amount of money is spent in Warren County by gun enthusiasts and hunters. We don't want to drive them away. Twenty-five percent of the income from the Allegheny National Forest comes to the county to support only schools and township roads. The liberal ecofreaks interfere with the management of the forest which cut that source of income by a huge amount and cost jobs and tax revenue. It has hurt our schools and children, but the Times Observer puts their issues on the front page very often.

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Feb-06-14 9:30 PM

"Bring back Dwight Eisenhower!" I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. I'd much rather have his corpse in the White House than what we have there now. It would do far less damage to the nation and to my children's future.

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Feb-06-14 12:41 PM

Rush just called the main stream media Obama's "First Responders" Hahaha!!!

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Feb-06-14 10:59 AM

I am not sure how a so called centrist can call complaining about trying to blame a gun for the actions of a person is bigoted, far right, or crazy. It would seen to embody a centrist position.

Of course that assumes it really is a centrist making that statement.

BTW-- not on of my guns has walked out of my gun cabinet, loaded itself, and fired at anyone in all the years I've owned them.

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Feb-06-14 9:49 AM

And I suggest that bigoted intolerant far-right crazies move to Russia and leave us centrists where we belong, upholding ALL of the Constitution, enjoying poking fun at stuffy, self-important people of the left and the right. This is the CENTRIST part of the country! Bring back Dwight Eisenhower!

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Feb-06-14 9:44 AM

So let me get this straight someone breaks into your house threatens and you , you use your GUN to defend yourself and you NEVER call the police to report the issue.

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Feb-06-14 8:43 AM

This paper has printed many of those anti gun/anti hunter cartoon's in the last couple years and has been taken to task several times for doing so.

The fact that they keep printing them shows their contempt for the lawful gun owner.

They should be reminded they are in the conservative part of the state and not the liberal/progressive east. Most of us know better than to believe that liberal garbage.

Thank god our forefathers saw this coming and gave us the second amendment. If you want to live in a socialist country with those values may I suggest moving to Canada rather than trying to change the US. We have done quite well without the government controlling everything we do.

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Feb-06-14 8:04 AM

Liberal slant? Oh, yes! I just posted a comment to the paper's daily question. I see questions about the Super Bowl, but no mention of the Bill O'Reilly interview with who was that again? Yeah, just the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! Instead, we're suppose to have a debate on clearing snow-covered sidewalks and if we're all ready for Spring. Sigh!

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