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Roads, bridges

December 3, 2013

Dear editor: Pennsylvania’s job creators and residents will benefit from the recent enactment of a transportation funding plan....

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Dec-03-13 3:40 AM

Mr. Lyskava provides a very compelling argument why we should support Gov. Corbett's increased fuel tax and user fees. I agree that we have a need. I disagree with how it is being met. Log trucks will be paying in spades for the convenience of the occasional improved bridge and so will every driver. Suffocating Pennsylvania's commerce with what will eventually be the highest fuel tax in the nation is hardly a plus. It is delusional to think that rural Pennsylvania will benefit from this. You can rest assured that urban highways and bridges will see repair far quicker than its rural counterparts. While funds from the new taxes will be dedicated to our highway system, you will soon see other revenue streams that had been traditionally dedicated to highway use diverted to other urgent state projects. What happened to the registrations, fines, and taxes that were already in place? To listen to PaDOT officials, one would think that there is no money in the state budget for roads at all.

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Dec-03-13 3:45 AM

Lastly, I know of no part of this bill that assures Pennsylvania workers will have first dibs on the work. There will be no guarantee that out of state contractors won't be under bidding Pennsylvanians.

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Dec-03-13 4:10 AM

There is much that people don't understand about roads and bridges in Pennsylvania.Penna. has more road lane miles than most states.Secondly Penn Dot work force is "maintenance",not "construction". and thirdly,Just because the roads and bridges are in Pennaslvania,does not mean just Pa. companiesw should do the re-construction.Let Pennsylvania construction companies sharpen their pencils and be the most competitive bidder. After all isn't that what we do at home with our personal lives> If I need a roof,I select the more reasonable bid,of the most qualified bidder.Keeping in mind "Cheapest is not always the best"

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Dec-03-13 7:58 AM

It seem that regardless of the best intentions of any tax increase that the original intended usage get lost in the shuffle and the bulk of the funding diverted to areas. Bach during Ronald Reagan’s presidency he wanted and got a $.05 (cent) increase in the federal gas tax to rebuild the nations bridges. Unfortunately by the time this fund was raided (for other things) and misused in (red tape) only 5% or less actually went into the repair/replacement of bridges.

Regardless if it’s local, state or federal government there is a serious lack of accountability on their behalf to handle money. If this goes through we’ll probable get a few new bridges so the politicians can have a photo opt and they can tell us what they are doing for us. But after millions and millions of dollars collected the major needs will more than likely still be there!

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Dec-03-13 1:48 PM

Shall we simply let the public infrastructure of this state (and the nation) crumble beyond repair just because a few "freedom lovers" don't want to pay their taxes? I see the needs and gladly pay my fair share for necessary public improvements. Those that don't want to pay "on principle," kindly stay off my roads, quit drinking my clean water, and don't you dare require any emergency services. Seems like some of you are ready to get off the grid. I wish Atlas would shrug already.

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Dec-03-13 4:32 PM

Do you disagree just because poor people drive the same roads as you? Poor people who pay taxes just like YOU?? I'm starting to wonder if the "greatest generation" isn't a bunch of cry-baby greed-heads who got theirs and don't want to invest in the future.


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Dec-03-13 4:33 PM

P.S. BW - You have no idea what you are talking about.

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Dec-03-13 5:39 PM

GP – you are entitled to your opinion.

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Dec-03-13 6:03 PM

Thank you.

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Dec-04-13 7:25 AM

So if you're not a "freedom lover", you must be its opposite, a "slavery lover". I'm sorry, but too many great men and women have given their lives to secure our freedom. I, for one, will not simply roll over and die. I will continue to fight for freedom...and avoid ending sentences with prepositions.

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Dec-04-13 1:48 PM

What was the last freedom you fought for? (Sentence ended in preposition.) All you do is whine on a web page. If you drive the roads, pay your taxes. Period. Quit complaining.

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Dec-04-13 7:22 PM

"What was the last freedom for which you fought?" That grammatically correct sentence sounds weird now, doesn't it? The dumbing down of America is doing wonders. To answer your question: it was NOT to be forced to buy health insurance if I don't desire it. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.

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Dec-04-13 11:20 PM

GP ..You tell em man. And what is this total fascination with 'The Founding Fathers". Its kinda like Fox news dropping Ronnie Reagans name. These guys were no saints.

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Dec-05-13 7:25 AM

The slippery slope that this nation has been on for years, both financially and morally is going to catch up with us at some point. I can’t say when the crash will come but my heart goes out for those that are going to bear the burden for our gross incompetence to exercise any self-discipline.

In our society we do not like to admit it when we make mistakes. It’s easier to make excuses or blame someone else. So let’s go ahead, tax and spend some more, that we can’t afford. We can always blame it on G.B.

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Dec-05-13 12:32 PM

Every empire in history collapsed. Why would America be any different? Being a conservative must feel like walking around all day in underwear that are too tight. Ouch!

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Dec-05-13 4:57 PM

GP – interesting analogy???

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Dec-05-13 7:50 PM

Moment of genius. Thanks.

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