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November 18, 2013

Compassion Dear editor: Do the nation and our state seem off-kilter? Have we all become so numb and out-of-touch with realism that the following scenarios are common? -Elderly senior citizens are......

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Nov-21-13 8:05 AM

Take the money. A typical reply. Instead, let's not take the money, let's not spend it somewhere else foolishly. Let's reduce the tax overburdon, and people will be able to take care of themselves, with the exception of those who truely need help. Few, if any, object to helping them.

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Nov-21-13 12:48 AM

Reading Karens letter Made me stop and think about her position on the social issues she addressed.I can really see how peoples opinions can differ as much as they do. Heck my view on things has changed 180 degrees in the last 20 years...Some brief opinions/observations...Folks talk about "The Weak economy" It seems like a 'Different' economy, Some businesses Have had to change a great deal.many companies have down sized, becoming leaner and more profitable.The economy isn't so bad it has just changed and Displacing workers....Talking with a pastor from a large local church. he made me aware that all the help and donations that churchs provide around 3% of the need nationally. As for the state not taking Fed. $ to increase Medicaid I personally would have taken the money ..If the federal gov. wants to use Fed. dollars to help the states I'd take it or they will waste it some place else.As for families taking care of their own thats great for those of us who can..Many ca

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Nov-19-13 11:06 PM

When I read this letter, I was fired up to defend PRIVATE empathy and compassion vs gov't forced "empathy and compassion". The comments already posted took care of this stance. There is nothing morally correct about stealing from those who earn it to give it to those who don't. It IS morally correct for private citizens to take care of the needy. Gov't sponsored "empathy" too frequently leads to an expectation and an attitude of "I deserve", as well as rampant fraud and laziness. That is NOT to say that all who receive "help" fit this category, but too many do.

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Nov-19-13 8:58 AM

Does that mean you want me to buy more cell phones for intercity contact to illegal drug sales. No thanks. I offer support monetarily and physically to a couple people that will be back on their feet as soon as they are able. Don't redistribute the result of my labor for your self satisfaction.

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Nov-18-13 1:55 PM

I am confused. Karen lists all of these fine examples of how charitable organizations and community outreach are taking care of the needy. This compassion is from the citizens and the organizations that they belong to. She then states that it should then be the government's job to do so.

Wouldn't that be forcing compassion through the implementation of additional taxes? Would it not also then be possible to see more in need of these services because you raised the taxes to where they cannot afford to live on their own means?

How efficient do you think that the government run "compassion" will be in comparison to the charitable organization run "compassion"? I am willing to bet that the local food drive operates with a lot less overhead than a government run agency.

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Nov-18-13 8:05 AM

The answer to many of your woes is a healthy economy. Stop the burensome regulations put on business so they can grow. Get the government out of trying to control every aspect of business and they will grow, hire more employees and the economy will rebound. This current administration has enacted numorous laws through the EPA, executive order, and Obamacare that are all stifling this country. Healthcare can NEVER be free. It will always cost SOMEONE something. The attitude of someone else is paying so its free must stop.

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Nov-18-13 7:48 AM

OK Karen, you say, “-Refusal of Pennsylvania leadership to accept hundreds of millions of dollars in federal aid to offer Medicaid expansion and blockades to setting up healthcare exchanges.”

Question, where does all of these aid dollars come from??? I’m sure you know but I guess you want more taxes or a much larger deficit, which one do you prefer???

What ever happened to the idea of people taking care of themselves and their families??? Sure, we should give people a helping hand but not keep them forever, as we seem to be doing. That’s not compassion but an exercise in futility.

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