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November 9, 2013

Doctors Dear editor: A recent series of incidents has alerted me that I, my family, and thousands of other people in the Warren area, will soon face unanticipated changes in the delivery of their......

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Nov-15-13 8:07 AM

you can look up salaries at guidestar as well as all the charity care the hospital has given out. You can't keep functioning if the amount of money that you get for services is on the constant decrease while your costs keep rising.Thank thee government for that!

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Nov-13-13 2:15 PM

It's the big picture folks. Medical care is a business, like any other, but with a lot more regulation. I recall seeing numerous comments on this site demanding that the hospital pay taxes and bemoaning the huge amounts of money made by doctors and hospital executives. But the market sets the compensation level for these individuals and you get what you pay for. (If you don't believe me, look at the continuing School District mess.) And when the hospital lowers costs -- presumably so that it can pay taxes or pay for adherence to even more regulation -- the community is up in arms because the high-priced doctors are replaced with alternate staffing solutions. Don't get me wrong, I NEVER believed that the doctors or executives were overpaid and I don't like the changes revealed in these comments. But there is simply no such thing as a free lunch. Some one must pay for the added cost of adding millions to the health care rolls and demanding that the hospital pay taxes.

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Nov-13-13 7:50 AM

Brazil says, "who cares, if you work for a big corporation you can't choose anyway". Hey Brazil, what about the tens of millions who DON'T work for a big corporation? What about the millions who have lost their coverage of choice and have had their premiums double or triple? What about THEM, Brazil?

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Nov-13-13 7:41 AM

Meanwhile, peeon says "pick a doctor not associated with the Warren Medical Group". DO YOU REALLY NOT UNDERSTAND? Your days of picking and having a choice are, for all intents and purposes, GONE!

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Nov-13-13 7:35 AM

So many people want to have that old, small town feel, the freedom, the life- long family doctor, the community-friendly hospitals who know them personally like a member of the family, AND YET, you vote for big government, want cradle to grave care, beg for Obamacare, and cannot figure out why those two ideas cannot coexist.

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Nov-12-13 5:03 PM

It is about profits and would happen without AHA.some Dr.s don't want to see a new patient every 8 min.More work will be done by P.A.s. Policies prior to 2010 may be kept even if they don't meet the new criteria. source Blue cross of W Pa. 5-8% increase. (personal communication).

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Nov-12-13 4:39 PM

Justobserving is correct. It's what I've also been stating. Like it or not, Obamacare is now woven into each and every one of these discussions. So BrookP, we ARE on topic, you just don't like it and won't admit the reality of the whole picture.

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Nov-12-13 3:15 PM

Long ago i warned you all that UPMC was coming. Soon there will be no LPN's. As soon as Obamacare kicks in fully there will be no full time nurses at all.Every doctor will float in and out between all their facilities. No more family doctors. It will all become an assembly line. You'll see.

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Nov-12-13 2:40 PM

Please, please stay on topic and put pressure on Warren General Hospital to stop this ridiculous action.

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Nov-12-13 10:19 AM

"You all need to get your heads out of your ***@$ quit blaming every thing on Obama." We all KNOW it is Bush's fault!

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Nov-11-13 5:44 PM

These are not just Doctors in our community, they ARE our community Doctors and we need to put pressure on the Board of Directors of WGH to hire them back. The Doctors they hire are on a revolving door and will not be long term, as seen in the past.

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Nov-11-13 5:52 AM

As much as I hate Obamacare and what it will do to this country The situation with WGH has little or nothing to do with it. The hospital leaders want the doctors to run an assembly line with the patients, spending as little time as possible with them to increase revenue and the doctors have declined to do so. If in doubt watch how their replacements work.

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Nov-10-13 11:43 PM

My gosh, you people get off topic. The writer is alerting you to a sneaky maneuver that the hospital is doing, it has nothing to do with the affordable care act. They are terminating their employment with the Warren Medical Group. These are doctors that have been with us for decades and deserve better. I hope these doctors are able to regroup and compete with the new doctors that the hospital has brought in. These new doctors were brought in to be the servants of the hospital. You'll be lucky to see them for five minutes on a visit. Tell the hospital that we want our doctors kept on duty, because they are the ones who actually care about us.

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Nov-10-13 9:56 PM

Heydrich that's about as good as all the nonsense about people not having the ability to choose their health care coverage. How many people choose their health care coverage now? Certainly not those covered by their workplace. They are told we offer health coverage through this plan. That's your choice, take it or leave it. Kudos for your retraction thought that this situation had absolutely nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act.

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Nov-10-13 12:34 PM

Though this situation may have originated locally, say what you will, but according to Obamacare, ANY CHANGE IN POLICY will forfeit your ability to choose who your provider is. If you do not believe me, ask any of the 15,000,000 people who have already lost their freedom to choose.

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Nov-10-13 8:02 AM

Brazil,,I quite often disagree with your opinions, but you nailed this one!!

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Nov-09-13 10:30 PM

some of the writers might have made as much sense if they had blamed the doctor dismissal situation on a reduction in coal imports to Bangladesh. It had about equal effect as Obamacare did to this situation. Fact of the matter it is one of many clues in my opinion of the soon to be sale of WGH to UPMC. I predict there will be some real winners in this sale, namely those executives who will receive enormous golden parachutes. When that comes you can blame Obama as well. It won't be the correct assignment of the blame but what the heck it fits a particular political rant so I'm we'll hear it. Oh by the way, Kiplingers had a very interesting editorial piece on Hospitals and the inappropriateness of them receiving tax exempt status. Wonder if all those in Warren County will be against taxes for WGH when it is no longer a community controlled hospital. Stay tuned, I predict its coming soon.

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Nov-09-13 5:51 PM

As for WGH I was hospitalized there for three days in March and have no complaints. From the food, to the staff, nurses, doctors and all of the people I encountered there were wonderful to me. For a small town on the decline I think we a blessed to have a facility like WGH. That's one mans opinion!!!

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Nov-09-13 5:42 PM

I'm sure that you who have faith in president Obama and what he says regardless of the evidence other wise would have believed that the Titanic was un-sinkable as the builders advertised it to be.

Even now that some of those who drafted the 'obamacare" bill are seeing and saying that IT'S a TRAIN WRECK waiting to happening, oops, its already happing.

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Nov-09-13 3:00 PM

Obamacare had nothing to do with this. It was a decision by the all mighty millionaires that run Warren Gen. Hospital. If it was because of Obamacare they wouldn't have replaced the Drs two months ago. You all need to get your heads out of your ***@$ quit blaming every thing on Obama.

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Nov-09-13 2:18 PM

A blogger, Liar In Chief, summed it up well: "Okay, we lied about you being able to keep your present coverage, and we lied about you being able to choose your own doctor, and we lied about you being able to see specialists without referrals, and we lied about premiums not going up, and we lied about not imposing taxes, and we lied about the act paying for itself, and we lied about the website being ready, and we lied about instituting mandates, and we lied about the penalties, and we lied about the deadlines, and we lied about...well, just about everything. Now, what are you going to do about it? Not much, after all, the law is the law and we can't just change it...well, we could but that would prove the Republicans were right, so shut up, drink the kool-aid and trust to us how best to manage your lives."

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Nov-09-13 11:44 AM

OOPS 2014 sorry

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Nov-09-13 11:43 AM

Let's see how much people remember this when they vote in 2914!!!!

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Nov-09-13 9:38 AM

As Jessy would say, Follow the money ! Obamacare is a train wreck! Don't think so? Just wait! Things will only get worse!

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Nov-09-13 9:10 AM

And go somewhere else besides Warren General Hospital.

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