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October 31, 2013

Music in Park Dear editor: Glad to see that the city has decided to take on the “Music in the Park” program....

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Nov-07-13 1:38 AM

AnotherDay, my apologies. I thought you were responding to my comment.

BW, while you are entitled to your opinion; I think that there is something to be said for staying on topic, otherwise you could simply make a list of things you have a problem with and copy and paste it in every article. That would save you a lot of time and everyone else a lot of frustration.

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Nov-06-13 10:04 PM

Seems to me that if any religious band applies to play, that should be fine. They are requesting a spot on the schedule. The problem would be if the government recruited one religion over another one.

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Nov-02-13 7:49 PM

Rancor, my comment was in reference to the letter and Sam Harvey's comment about a religious band, it had nothing to do with your comments. Just wondering, but if a Christian band applies to play like any of the other groups, what will the reason be for turning them down - content?? LOL Myself, I feel ALL bands should have an equal right to play.

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Nov-02-13 5:55 PM

BW please make a post of things you don't approve of...Should make for good reading.

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Nov-02-13 12:27 PM

Rancor - this letter is about freedom of speech and religion. People of your belief say to keep religion in your home or church so I'm telling you where to keep other things that I do not approve of!!! Exercising my right of free speech

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Nov-02-13 12:57 AM

BW, I do not know who removed your post. It was not me who reported it. I am saying that this particular conversation has nothing to do with homosexuals.

Another Day.... I do not understand how you could so thoroughly misread my remark; so let me put it another way.

FOR THE FOURTH TIME: I do not care if Christians or Muslims or Jews or Celts or ANYONE plays their music at music in the park ... THAT IS A.O.K. with me;

So long as ALL views are given the same opportunity... this includes a view with an anti-god stance. If you are not OK with ANY ONE of those things happening then I am not ok with ANY of them happening.

I never said the word EXCEPT... not once... ALL should be given the same right or none should.

Everyone. Including Christian and Atheist.

How am I being ambiguous here?

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Nov-01-13 7:05 PM

Rancor – I guess you don’t understand what freedom of speech or religion is all about. You want to speak your mind about religion bout you don’t want speak about other issues. I wonder if that why my post was removed, it had to be a progressive complaining.

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Nov-01-13 6:51 PM

Christian discrimination is a joke and a lie. Can't wait for this year's WAR ON CHRISTMAS. Christian discrimination is what people with nothing to worry about, worry about these days. That and gay marriage.

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Nov-01-13 3:52 PM

So, if I am understanding correctly, any music group can play EXECPT a group playing Christian music, hmmmm the word discrimination seems to apply. Maybe the City should say out of the Music in the Park, that way they would avoid any other possible lawsuits. Oh and yes, I mainly listen to Christian music, but I don't criticize others for the choices they make. If you don't like what's playing, stay away - I do.

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Nov-01-13 9:25 AM

BW, this discussion has NOTHING to do with homosexuals. I cannot think of any whatsoever reason you would bring up this particular fixation of yours.

My point is very straight forward... christians are not being persecuted in the US. They are simply being told that they are no better than anyone else and should not have special privileges or endorsements under the law.

You said: "I wish somebody could show me the law where it says religious or Christian music cannot be preformed on public (government) property"

Read my comments, I will say it for the third time:

I do not care if christian music is played at music in the park as long as you are willing to accept anti-theistic music.

Fair and equal under the law.

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Nov-01-13 8:34 AM

Should have read "private letter Jefferson" wrote.


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Oct-31-13 11:50 PM

I am so tired of this "christians are being persecuted" stuff.

70% of this country claims to be christian. All the rest of us want is that the other 30% are treated exactly the same. No special privileges or extra rights. But christians see this as a persecution.

Let put things straight... you want to see christians being persecuted? Take a look at china in the 90s. That is persecution. What you are seeing in first world countries is not persecution but equalization.

As far as music in the park, to me it is first an art program. All music is art, including religious, non-religious and anti-religious.

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Oct-31-13 6:13 PM

On a recent trip in the Canadian wilderness I saw God very clearly. Jesus was not with him..

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Oct-31-13 3:28 PM

I didn't know that the city was involved in that many lawsuits right now.

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Oct-31-13 2:18 PM

Mr. Harvey brought up a very valid point. He's watching out for the City. Now that Music in the Park is a City (government) event, recruiting a religious band (any faith) could be construed as promoting a particular religion, which is unconstitutional. He's just being cautious, as anyone might do with a contentious subject.

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Oct-31-13 12:43 PM

Aren't there MILLIONS of churches where Christian music can be heard on a daily / hourly basis? News flash: Nobody believes the B.S. about the devil's music anymore.

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Oct-31-13 11:18 AM

Thank you, Sam.

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Oct-31-13 11:04 AM

The City is involved in about 10 lawsuits right now. The intent of my comment was to make sure that we don't end up in any more. Now that Music in the Park is officially a City event the organizers need to be aware that there could be a problem if a religious band plays.

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Oct-31-13 10:45 AM

I will lead the charge to vote anyone out saying that a Christian group cant congregate to sing and worship in a public place. Freedom of speech and religion and a violation of their civil rights!

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Oct-31-13 9:52 AM

"No one is persecuting Christians."

Maybe you should catch a little more news programming?

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Oct-31-13 9:32 AM

Why must a discussion about music in the park become a religious one? No one is persecuting christians. As long as you keep your religion in your home and church, it will go on forever. It is when you force your beliefs on others such as prayers in schools is when your religion gets in trouble. And your jesus fetish, it has already been proven that there is no historical factual evidence that jesus ever existed.

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Oct-31-13 9:03 AM

Wish I could upload a facepalm internet meme. Gotta love the Times-Observer letters to the editor.

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Oct-31-13 7:34 AM

Well you got to voice your opinion about the devil and going to hell.What does that have to do with the first 80%of your letter.And how about those heathans who don't believe in Jesus will they all be seeing the Devil..Well I for one am changing my costume for tonight just to be safe... I will now go as Jesus...Now seriously do you think that all non believers are going to hell?

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Oct-31-13 6:29 AM

Oh look this subject again.

All I really have to say is that it doesn't bother me if there are bands with a theistic message as long as it doesn't bother you if there are bands with an anti-theistic message

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