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October 29, 2013

Liquor sales Dear editor: Thankfully, Governor Corbett’s attempt to provatize liquor sales in Pennsylvania stalled in the state legislature back in June, weighed down by fears that it will cause job......

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Nov-06-13 9:07 AM

And, isn't is truly sad that some people feel the need to have alcohol in their lives. I guess they can't face reality. Alcohol actually creates many more problems than it temporarily seems to diminish. Life is full of challenges and disappointments. It is far better to face them than to soak them in alcohol, wake up with a hangover, kill someone in a DUI crash, and have taxpayers buy your groceries with SNAP so you have more money to buy more beer. Hyperbole, you say? Hey, it works for the liberals so I thought I'd give it a try.

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Oct-30-13 1:07 PM

Thanks, AB, that explains a lot. Maybe one of the many unions exempt from the ACA?

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Oct-30-13 12:34 PM

I would like to be able to go to Sheetz or other convenience stores and buy alcohol. I can do it in Ohio, why not PA?

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Oct-30-13 11:01 AM

MTOMTO - Yes they are. Even if you don't want to belong to the union you still have to pay dues.

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Oct-30-13 9:07 AM

Are the liquor store employees unionized?

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Oct-29-13 10:59 PM

One would think that a liquor store clerk might have this opinion, I wonder why he doesn't tell us that up front? However, the rest of us know that employment has gone up every place that has privatized any part of their liquor system, that Washington's revenues have gone up and that DUI and DUI crashes have decreased. The PLCB can't compete in convenience, there were 692 stores in 2000 and 600 now. The can't compete in selection, the new remodeled stores carry less items then the old Premium collection stores. The PLCB does not have any public health benefit,*****they aren't even checked for underage sales.

Privatization IS Modernization

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Oct-29-13 11:34 AM

Why should a few individuals in Harrisburg control what I, a resident of Warren County, buy at my local liquor store?

Why should my tax dollars be used to fund the pensions and health plans of liquor store workers? Beer is more commonly consumed than liquor and wine, but beer distributor workers don't receive exorbitant benefits at the expense of the taxpayers.

Why should Pennsylvania small businesses suffer under the whims of bureaucrats in Harrisburg? The PLCB competes against Pennsylvania family owned wineries, but controls how those wineries can and cannot sell their product. Why should Pennsylvania wineries be forced to fund their competition through taxes?

Why doesn't the PLCB control ALL aspects of alcohol creation, distribution, and consumption. PLCB run bars, breweries, beer distributors, etc. If alcohol is as dangerous as they claim, it's only the logical thing to do.

I'm sure these questions won't ever be answered.

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Oct-29-13 10:05 AM

With respect, I disagree. The state should license booze stores, but quit operating them. Does the state sell ammunition? Gasoline? Dynamite? All dangerous -- all private-sector businesses. Regulated, sure; inspected, OK. The writer is correct in one respect. Gov. Corbett's plan does NOT privatize. It just moves the goal posts. Close the state stores.

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