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October 17, 2013

Student survey Dear editor: If you are a parent of a 6th, 8th, 10th, or 12th grader, please take note of the pink form that recently came home from school with your child regarding the Pennsylvania......

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Oct-17-13 1:29 AM

Ok, so... this is bad how?

Is there a problem with trying to get a handle on the availability of illicit drugs to teens.

I do not see the issue, could someone please explain it to me?

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Oct-17-13 3:08 AM

Wow. God forbid research be done on illicit drug use amongst our youth to develop better programs in the future and get a better idea of how prevalent the problem is in our schools. If rather know than not. It's not scarring them forever by asking these questions. Yesterday's letter complained about people not taking advantage of the fact they can protect themselves and today when something's being done to enhance knowledge of drug use amongst teens to develop better programs to try to protect and deter drug abuse, its a major issue. Give me a break.

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Oct-17-13 8:23 AM

The problem for me is that if you are raising your children in a drug free household while explaining that they are bod for them, it seems that the schools decide that they are going to educate them about drugs.

Mr. Smiley? Pink Pandora? I have no idea what these are and hope that my children and I never have the need to find out.

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Oct-17-13 9:07 AM

And that will go straight to the Govenment and will come back to haunt that child later in life! We already know drugs run wild in this town and my bet every kid in school could get them or a gun if they so wanted! How stupid do you think we or our kids are! This is a no brainier to sign and not have your kid take this survey ! And even if they took it how honest do you think these kids will be! Yea man I do meth, coke, etc! Stupid stupid stupid!

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Oct-17-13 9:37 AM

Went to the site and actually read the questions. This should be renamed to the narc exam! Before you disagree I suggest you actually read the questions!

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Oct-17-13 10:16 AM

MTOMTO, I could not have said it better myself. As usual, thank you for your insight. It is desperately needed in this county. It is a shame common sense is not more plentiful.

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Oct-17-13 4:01 PM

Naive and paranoid. 1.) Your children are way smarter than you likely realize. Knowing what "Mr. Smiley" is does NOT mean your child is a bad kid or is doing drugs. To stick your parental head in the sand and/or try to "protect" your children from this information is not only foolish, it is dangerous. 2.) The surveys are anonymous, so no data collected by the government to haunt your poor child down the road.


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Oct-17-13 4:31 PM

fivealive, It is not the schools place to teach drug education.

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Oct-17-13 4:42 PM

MTOMTO, it is not necessarily intended for the schools to teach drug education. The info on the website says the survey will be used to help community groups plan how to meet the challenges of these tough issues.

The survey is given in the schools because that is a logical place to gather information from a large sampling of youth.

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Oct-17-13 8:59 PM

why wouldn't it be their job to teach drug education. Aren't schools there to educate? I'm sure many parents don't provide any education in that area. Do you think the schools curriculum would advocate addiction. Jeez we received anti-drug education in the late 80's when I was in School

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Oct-17-13 10:02 PM

"Darned" if we do and "darned" if we don't. If we teach students about the dangers of these drugs we're exposing students to this information unnecessarily, if we don't teach them and some kid dies of an overdose, one of the first things that will be asked is "Why weren't the schools addressing this??!". No win situation.

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Oct-18-13 1:15 AM

Not all the questions are about drugs. How about the question of how often you attend a religious service. How is that anyones business? This questionaire is a waste of time & money....

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Oct-18-13 5:09 AM

The first time (years ago) that I saw a “Drug Free Zone” sign posted at the edge of a school property I thought to myself, so what are you telling the kids, that outside of this “Drug Free Zone” it’s OK to use them??? It didn’t make any sense to me, why not tell the truth??? That certain drugs are illegal and if you mess with them you can end up dead or in prison!!! That there are consequences for making bad decisions.

I also couldn’t help but wonder if the individual or individuals the came up with the “Drug Free Zone” idea were smoking some left-handed tobacco or ingesting some form of hallucinogenic???

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Oct-18-13 5:26 AM

I would like to know why our school ratings are this low:

“The three-yearly OECD Programmer for International Student Assessment (PISA) report, which compares the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds in 70 countries around the world, ranked the United States 14th out of 34 OECD countries for reading skills, 17th for science and a below-average 25th for mathematics.”

I wonder if it has something to do with the curriculum??? Yep, maybe we better get back to the basics???

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Oct-18-13 12:14 PM

Backwoods, one thing we all need to consider is that many countries do not require the same number of years of education that the US does. In fact in many instances the percentage of children still in school at age 17 is very low. Those that are determined to not have potential are released from school to go to work at very early ages. Therefore, the students that are still in school at age 17 are the "cream of the crop", hardly fair to compare them to our kids that are required to attent until 18, or graduation from high school. If you removed the bottom two thirds of our students from the comparison, our averages would blow other countries out of the water.

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Oct-18-13 12:20 PM

I find it fascinatingly curious that those who have no problem with this survey are the same people who want the gov't to be involved in (and control) EVERY facet of individuals' lives. Are they incapable of running their own lives, so they NEED someone else to "parent" them to their graves? What ever happened to out Constitution and freedom? I firmly believe in family (ONE Dad, ONE Mom and their kids), BUT NO BIG BROTHER watching our every move.

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Oct-18-13 12:22 PM

...OUR Constitution... (proof-read before send!)

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Oct-18-13 3:20 PM

"Jeez we received anti-drug education in the late 80's when I was in School"

Yeah, and look how well the "War on Drugs" has turned out....

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Oct-23-13 9:59 AM

War on drugs? I, personally, witnessed a drug dealer beheaded in Saudi Arabia. Not that I approve of this drastic measure, but it is probably more effective than sending drug users monthly checks and calling them "disabled". Something to think about.

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