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Jail for YHS vandals

Probation for eight years

October 12, 2013

In addition to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in restitution, the three Youngsville High School graduates who vandalized the school this summer will spend months in the Warren County jail....

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Oct-12-13 7:07 AM

Well done Judge Hammond. I was afraid these kids would get off easy. It's good to hear that they didn't.

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Oct-12-13 7:21 AM

Considering the magnitude of the offense and it's long-term effects, they DID get off easy. Additionally, that money will NEVER be repaid and the taxpayer takes it on the chin again.

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Oct-12-13 7:27 AM

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Oct-12-13 7:30 AM

Their obvious lack of genuine remorse or understanding of their deeds makes me livid as well.

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Oct-12-13 9:57 AM

For goodness sake Heydrich, what do you want to do hang them ? They are kids. All kids do stupid thing. These one did a really stupid thing. But from what i have read in the article, there life is forever going to be affected by this. They did not get off easy by no means. In fact, i would say it is a little on the harsh end.

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Oct-12-13 10:23 AM

Pirate, A. They are NOT KIDS. They are grown adults who must be accountable for their actions. B. They did approximately $1,000,000 worth of damage. This is NOT a small mistake. C. They do not show remorse nor understand the gravity of what they have done, therefore, will be more likely to repeat their offenses. D. The repayment of damages is a joke and EVERYONE knows full repayment will NEVER occur. E. Sentencing should not only serve as punishment, but as a deterrent for anyone who wishes to commit similar crimes in the future. These ADULTS will get no sympathy from me.

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Oct-12-13 12:00 PM

Heytdrich-how do you know that these men were/are unremorsful? Do you know them all personally?

Treehugger1972: I think buring down a house and killing a cat is a bit extreme-these men blew off some fire extinguishers. They didnt kill anyone or anything.

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Oct-12-13 12:09 PM

"At one point, James seemed to play down the magnitude of the offenses. "I get the impression this was a big to-do in this community," James said." Does that sound like remorse? Sounds like an arrogant wise$#% to me.

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Oct-12-13 12:17 PM

Sentencing is appropriate. That Attorney James is an ass. They are not kids. Nobody died, you say? If someone had died, I would have argued for life in prison. They did get off relatively easy, and I think that's appropriate.

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Oct-12-13 12:22 PM

Because WTO feels that James comments about the crime was "played down" that means these men are unremorseful? I think not. They all apologized. What more do you want?

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Oct-12-13 12:44 PM

Your attorney represents you. If you do not agree with what he says, you had better get a new attorney. Apologies? So what? Apologies are not solving Warren County's vandalism problems, destroyed high school, and destroyed bathrooms at playgrounds. Apologies are not solving the drug problem. And apologies are only as good as the actions behind them. Don't apologize, FIX THE PROBLEM, MAKE IT RIGHT. This miserable country is full of repeat offenders. I don't want apologies, I want accountability. I want children who are not brought up to act in such destructive, thoughtless, self-centered ways in the first place. But no, some of you want to give them a pat on the behind, tell them how THEY are the victims of their upbringing, and send them on their way to do it again.

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Oct-12-13 12:52 PM

"They did get off relatively easy, and I think that's appropriate." Are you SERIOUS?

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Oct-12-13 1:00 PM

You want accountability? You got it...READ the article. And for these men and their up bringing...don't be so quick to judge. I am sure you have NO idea. Lots of "criminals" come from a very good up bringing....These men made a stupid decision that will haunt them forever. Does not mean they are monsters and it does not mean their families were horrible. Stop the hate!

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Oct-12-13 1:01 PM

Right on, Heydrich! Without accountability, no lessons are learned from this selfish crime. I also agree with Mr. Hammond that 46 years is not nearly enough and that "it'd be a big deal anywhere." Thank you for listening to the victims and not allowing these crimes to be downplayed.

Morale continues to be adversely affected. But YHS has proven its resiliency before and will do so again.

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Oct-12-13 1:03 PM

I meant days....of course..... :~/

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Oct-12-13 1:42 PM

As little as 9 months in jail and you call that accountability? The money won't be repaid either. "Haunted" for the rest of their lives? GOOD. They should be. A "mistake"? What if everyone in the world made a "mistake" of this magnitude? It would be utter chaos.

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Oct-12-13 2:43 PM

Why not give them some hard labor to do too!

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Oct-12-13 9:20 PM

This sentence is a joke. 9 months minimum, 2 years max for nearly 1 MILLION DOLLARS IN DAMAGE? These are not kids, they are men. This was not some youthful indiscretion. It was not a teenage prank. They broke into a school, discharged chemicals all over the school and caused damages of almost a million dollars that took several weeks to clean up. The "restitution" will take years to repay if it ever gets repaid. What kind of jobs are convicted felons going to get? Garbage jobs that pay minimum wages. That's if these fools don't violate their probation and end up back in jail unable to work at all.

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Oct-14-13 9:44 AM

I always tell my kids "don't say you're sorry, show me you're sorry". It's too easy today to issue and "apology" of words but continue to live the same mistakes. Only time and their actions will tell if these guys are truly sorry.

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Oct-14-13 10:06 AM

I was afraid they would get off with no jail time at all. I was relieved to see they got at least something. And I agree, they are adults, not kids and they probably won't pay much if any of the restitution. Hopefully their years on probation will make life at least uncomfortable for them and keep them out of future trouble.

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