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TAWC considers alternative fuels for vehicles

Compressed natural gas one option

August 26, 2013

Gasoline and diesel fuel or natural gas and propane? At its meeting Thursday afternoon, the Transit Authority of Warren County’s board of directors discussed with industry and public officials the......

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Aug-28-13 7:45 AM

Well put. Often i like to play devils advocate on these blogs. I don't do Facebook so its all i got. Have a good day.

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Aug-27-13 11:41 PM

I'm not complaining about those less fortunate. There are some who do work their tails off day in and day out and just can't seem to get ahead. Not everyone feeds off the system. I'm not what I consider "well-off" financially, and I don't turn my nose at those who ride the bus or are less fortunate than me. It's actually the complete opposite. I've gone out of my way many times to make sure children in my neighborhood have new clothes for school, food to eat, etc because they have parents who work but just don't make enough money. I don't expect a thing in return. I just don't like when people group everyone who makes a decent living together as a group of snobs. If that wasn't your intent, I apologize. We all need to be less quick to judge. There's money being cut from the budget everywhere. Costs for everything seem to sky rocket. I don't have all the answers, nor will I ever. But in tough times, we have too look at ways to become efficient and save.

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Aug-27-13 7:53 AM

How about if i just walk to work. Are you going to complain about the path i take to work ? " Those darn useless sidewalks are nothing but socialistic paths for bums, i pay for those darn useless sidewalks, we should limit them to just post offices" !

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Aug-27-13 7:45 AM

Kelly14, I am just pointing out those who complain something like this. " Oh, well if you really wanted to work like the rest of us you would find a way to work. Gee, the bus is a great idea. Now it's all of a sudden not feasible to get people to one area or another because of costs. So now as a contributor to society instead of a taker, your looking at the feasibility of my means of getting to work? Simply put, you can't satisfy some folks no matter what you do. They simply feed good feelings into themselves by somehow complaining about the less fortunate, which in some sick twisted way probably makes them feel better for whatever reasons. I congratulate you on your hard work, college, and good credit score sincerely. But there are still too many folks out there that just like to act like they the sole tax payer in this society. News flash, this is warren county, there are not that many people making the kind of money who really have a say on that except maybe executives etc..

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Aug-27-13 6:04 AM

Running a 40 or so passenger bus from Warren to Youngsville carrying 4-6 passengers is not efficient. If they were spending their own money to do it that would stop instantly.

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Aug-26-13 10:30 PM

Pirate, not one on here belittled or took a sjot at anyone for riding the bus. They simply offered a suggestion and if it wasn't a suggestion that would help with the issue, so be it. Your remark about owning a car, good credit etc is ridiculous. Don't condemn those who work their butts off to be able to own a home, car, etc. There are many people who put themselves through college, are paying on high student loans consistently to maintain "their good credit score" and hold good jobs because of the efforts made to 1 day be able to have a good-paying job. Owning a car, having a good driving record to keep insurance costs down, and having good credit doesn't make a person a snob who looks down on those who can't like you're implying. Your cost to ride that bus may increase. Just as our cost of gas increases sometimes to operate our cars. Deal with it. Fact of life. Prices will increase.

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Aug-26-13 8:53 AM

Yeah go ahead, eliminate the routes for what is to some the only way to get to their job. Then later on you can sit back and hoot and holler " why don't them bums get a job someplace". The bus i was on this morning had a good amount of people on it and it seems like there are more and more people each time. Probably this is why you see this place in the news allot lately, because its actually becoming relevant now that people are using it in this economy.Let me guess, you guys have a nice little car in the driveway, good credit score with low insurance, the whole nine right? And now that they(THE BUSES) are in the news, you can bet the price will go up with it. Isn't that just how it works anymore. Low prices until its being used then once it becomes popular, all of a sudden, lets talk costs and pricing?

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Aug-26-13 8:28 AM

Good idea, Kinzua. They should also consider downsizing some of the grossly oversized vehicles. Why not use something like a smaller van, which would use only a small fraction of the fuel?

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Aug-26-13 4:43 AM

Would'nt eliminating some of the runs with so many empty seats solve the problem without converting anything? Take a look at that option.;

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