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Park fee

July 10, 2013

Dear editor: Warren Powers that be, when I first heard about the plans to charge a fee for the use of parks in Warren, I was really disappointed; you forgot to put in the clause: Services for the......

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Jul-17-13 5:03 PM

This is just another way of telling all those who have served, given their lives, or the lives of their friends and families, that they are looked at as nothing more than a future burden on the City, County, and State. This falls right in with Obama's plans on cutting benefits, pay, and housing for Soldiers and Veterans. It makes me sick to even hear that the city even allowed the Veterans to pay the elecric bill in the first place. If not for those very Veterans, there would be no Warren, no Pennsylvania, and most of all, no United States of America, plain and simple!

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Jul-17-13 12:44 PM

I see they used to pay the annual electric and maintenance.100$ is cheaper for them.Now that they have talked to the city and been offered the deed or to have fee paid by the city they still may want to take their ball and go home.

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Jul-11-13 6:01 PM

Did you just learn of this ?Werent all the groups that use the park each year covered by 1 flat fee for all. The donations were sent in and nobody said anything .Now each group pays their way.I believe they save a whopping 15$ per event in doing it this way.In the past the vets were just covered this year with new city Mgr.etc. they don't know how thing work in our small town.This whole story was in the WTO people only tend to tell part of the story. Next year a real American should just cover it for them as in the past.Then we can worry about something else more important than not Knowing the story.

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Jul-11-13 4:24 PM

I've just been invited to go on Fox News to give my take on this outrageous injustice against America. Wake up weekend warriors: This may be the first step down the slippery slope of revolution! Enough is enough!

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Jul-11-13 1:02 PM

"Actually, it was because the veterans were ticked off and wanted to express it."

And exactly why were the veterans "ticked off"?

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Jul-11-13 12:21 PM

While I don't believe veterans groups should be charged for park use for a patriotic event, the writer seems to suggest that the Memorial Day Service was moved to Youngsville to avoid the fee. Actually, it was because the veterans were ticked off and wanted to express it. The service has always been held on the steps of the courthouse, where there is no city fee.

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Jul-11-13 12:02 PM

I love threatening letters to the editor! I'm sure Glen, Rush and Sean are going to be all over this! Tweet away Tea Party warrior! I can't wait to see the national tin-foil-hat media descend on Warren!

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Jul-11-13 10:03 AM

The city manager maintains a residence within the city. That's all that is required of her by the city and she is complying with it. Think about the type of job she has. It's pretty hard to relocate your family, settle your kids in different schools, and then be on a year to year basis with your employment at the whims of elected officials. Give these people in these high profile and sometimes unpopular positions a break.

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Jul-11-13 8:50 AM

Said it before, I'll say it again. Charge for use of parks when money changes hands, e.g., softball teams pay to play, someone puts on a concert and charges admission. Charging for what amounts to a First Amendment exercise of freedom of speech and possibly religion -- a Memorial Day service -- is unconstitutional, stupid and avaricious. It might have been the manager's idea, or whomever, but the council approved it -- and should change it now.

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Jul-10-13 11:47 PM

Thank you Amy!!!! I couldn't have said it better. As a veteran I too am ashamed at this decision.

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